Brit/pol/ #2671: Back To Bangladesh Edition

Kickin' the Fuckin' Furriners Out

DC cancels comic where Jesus learns from superhero after outcry

Up to 70 claims of libel and harassment are being prepared by Rachel Riley and Tracy Ann Oberman against against Twitter users who responded to their accusations of anti-semitism in Labour

Black and White Minstrel outfit and ‘singled-out’ horrified colleague by singing and dancing at Christmas staff bash is fined £450 over racist offence

Empire actor Jussie Smollett in custody after claim he faked own racist attack

Tucker Carlson calls historian a 'moron' after being criticized in unaired interview

Shamima Begum has right to return to UK - Jeremy Corbyn

Zuckerberg to meet with UK culture secretary

UK rehomes some 100 Syria White Helmets and family members

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xth for based anti-racist Hitler

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my hand was on my crotch when I read this



his spirit lives on through us, his fans

Why is she so upset of the idea of being sent to Bangladesh? I know the lack of bennies, prospects, free health care and a place to shit bit in essence does that really matter when the caliph had non of that anyway and she went under her own steam.


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*but in essence

dumb simian scoobydoo

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Dangerously stupid little commie puppet

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what a fucking waste

i was in the other thread

fucking state

Bigoted logic tbh.
Anyway, there of plenty of legit Islamic states in the world to choose from. She just so happend to choose the the CIA, mossad, MI6 version.

Anyway, fuck her!

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Government weaponising autistic children
politicians should be put on a pacific island and holoroasted with nuclear fire in minecraft

bacon and celery for lunch

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What are they going to do? As in what can they do with that money that will have any noticeable impact on the climate? Plant trees?

God I hate politicians
I want them all gone. ALL of them. IMMEDIATELY!

Literally nothing, the cunts screaming "muh big oil" always ignore that they are just throwing money into big "green".

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Lads, Anna Soubry has shat her knickers and isn't on tonight, thought something like this would happen

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He's right. Blair is a fucking radical in the Saul Alinsky mould

Yeah I saw about that in the replies keeeek

No matter what we fucking say or do these wankers will blame us. They'll go back and start screaming "muh crusades" if you keep trying to get through to them.
Just smack them in the fucking face.

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tbh from what I saw from political youth it seemed like they were very much into it themselves so not sure if we can blame it all on the government tbh. Like that island that Breivik shot up. Why the fuck are kids into politics? Didn't even enter my mind until much later.

Yea wouldnt it be lovely if it was the fault of a British Politician instead of one satanic cult puppeting another satanic cult to landgrab and gain funding from goys in europe

Not disputing that but to say that the Iraq War is why Muslims are violent is retarded.

alri lads

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alri la

Should I go to the gym lads?

Alri lad

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you should read the bacchae

get a home gym lad

To grow my muscles

Can't afford it

Did you not hear what hapened to her on LBC today?
She got proper shoah'd by male callers
*full show is on YT

lads going to write a short story today if I can its an adaption of the bacchae where the women are drawn into the machine (computer god) interface via telephones (frankenstein earphones) and some lad is lamenting and gets destroyed by the panopticon of satan


up 2?

ri la

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If you go don't forget to look predatory in the corner

It's like a bad fucking joke.

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Same tbh. Sniggered for about ten seconds.


will drinking coffee ice cold because i forgot to drink it for an hour make me as 'ard as Phil lads?

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Starting to be convinced that these people are possessed by demons in some manner, do they just have the minds of children?

Being ill

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Heard someone here was saying I'm not 'ard, show yourself

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Nah la, you're soft

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only if you put a ciggie out in the coffee first

smh lad stay ard

What happened to Juncker's face? Cut himself on a wine glass?
notorious bum driller on the loose

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nah he cut himself on the black magic dagger used for the sacrifices and spirit cooking

Fucking ate normies me.

isn't justice done on the street level in Africa though? the gayplex ziodemons have their work cut out if they think that changing the statute book has any effect in Africa

People like the idea of their being actual innocence and goodness in the world lad, don't blame them.

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behind every uplifting mr smith goes to washington underdog story there is a legion of shady lobbyists sipping in wine bars with their top buttons undone.


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Lad, normies - especially boomer normies - are utterly cynical creatures. They lazily cling to a narrative because they just don't give enough of a shit to think about anything.

lads should I write my short story in my book journal or online. now I realize if I write in a book it will only be found when an hero in my 30s after a long stretch of failures and lonliness

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Yeah. I just can't help but feel a twinge of hatred and contempt when the cattle eat it up.

naah mate majority of people hate politicians one way or another

spraypaint it on the walls of a synagogue

Why a short story, lad?

all those billions are wasted until you sort the "shit hole" countries out

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there is if people work at it

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because I don't have the patience for long essays. tried to write an ontology of humor but gave up after like 20 pages and now I can't even find the book I wrote it in

Agreed lad, but not one of these preachy cunts is actually a good person.

umm wow racist much?

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good lad tradfag shite is just more sperg cope from alt shite fags

Disagreed tbh. Most normies ate politicians the same way they ate traffic wardens or solicitors. It's a partial joke: they still give credence to their lies and to the tissue of lies that is our political paradigm.

It's a good pill tbh

yeah but behind every memi is an ounce of honesty tbh

I think what truly stands out is that if there was rubbish in a European river there would be initiatives and demand for it to be cleaned, whilst there they simply add more to it.

Jesus Christ an image hasn't made me physically reel back in disgust in a while

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t. SA and alt shite spergs

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Seems satirical, mind you, whites are taught to hate themselves

But that doesn't matter. On a basic level, normies want to eat up narratives, and they seem to actually want to be deceived. They really aren't innocent. I find them almost calculatingly naive and conveniently never to be held to account (in spite of this infernal democratic pantomime we all have to live according to).

the fuck are you on about

Literally everything wrong in this world is all the white mans fault.

that person didn't even care about anything they just state those facts to assert their submission to state progamming and state religions of science and etc. you don't get angry at peasants for believing the teachings of the preisthood.

exactly!, while sweeden are virtue signalling with kids about climate change and pledgeing billions you'd make a much better mark on the world by spending not even a tenth of that and just clearing that rivver and enforcing it stay clean, i dont even know what the fines are today about dumping waste in rivvers

Ate leftards me.

brit is the last promontory of sanity on the planet and it is populated by purveyors of soft smut, crossdressers, mid-western mentalcases, part time actors, fat cunts and people who pretend to be Welsh. based.

Meant to quote

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we need to knock down all the skyscrapers in the city of london and use the steel to build dreadnoughts

It is lad
We should have nuked the fucking lot of them

Careful, lad. SA is a big guy around these parts