Stop playing video games

Stop playing video games.

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They're not games. They're electronic entertainment media from a dimension superior to ours with deep and intricate plot and interaction that a w1nd0$3 lu$er like you could never understand. Watch for a second:

Stop playing vidya alone and convince the niggas you play with to go commie. I got my old roommate to become a gun-toting ancom after talking about capitalism when we were playing DOS2.

My condolences.


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Make me, cunt.

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Yeah, it really sucks that he's more interested in organizing his workplace than standing against US imperialism from his twitter account or staning for socdems.

Deltarune was literally free, how could I not


I radicalise people on cs:go.

It's hard to organize when you can't read.


You need to centrally plan some new insults.

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You need to learn to read, my negro.

If all you're gonna do is spit stale memes you'd be more at home on /biz/.

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Why is she so shiny?

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Sunblock or sweat reflecting sunlight.

Who would win in a Lesbian sex competition(first one to squirt)?

Whoops, first one to squirt losses


… But that's the goal. Like saying "first one to get the ball in the hoop loses"

…I'd play

The brown one will win, she looks like she has more experience. The white girl looks more innocent, it'll be pretty HOT to see that innocence taken away.

She isn't white, she's jewish.

How do you know? Do you know who she is? I love black/brown haired blue eyed women

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Fuck Jew.

Posting in a gay thread.

I think people who are on "social" media 24/7 trying to max out the attention they get are pretty much identical in their pathology to the most fucked up demographic group within gaming: those known as whales.

That person looks somewhat autistic.

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Jews are quite often white. You forget your Rethuglican flag?

No! She's just a big dork

that only makes her hotter tbh

my dick is bigger than pol pot's death tolls watching this

I'm willing to bet ten of my labor vouchers against five, and I say 'tism.

Wow user your such a faggot

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Make me, nigger

play with MUH EGO DIK instead OP

When you consider the genetic diseases that they often carry, it becomes a turn off.

dey want sum fuk?

I'm gonna make a haram. Allah wills it. blessed be Mohammed.

dis 1 2

She has a lumpy and manish face. I saw a more beautiful woman today who was tall, had sandy blonde hair and blue eyes with a much better face than the one in your photo. She was doing agriculture work, so she wasn't some high maintenance thot either. She was pretty despite not wearing makeup because she had natural beauty. I should have asked her out but I was too much of a pussy so I just browsed Zig Forums on my phone instead.

English may not be your first language, so maybe you are not aware of our customs. We are not so forward with women. If you try to force yourself on them, I will have to beat you up. Maybe then the girls would like me more.

im jim, a sexpat who can't see his dick without a mirror

I made this a quality thread because I'm a fucktard who ran this website into the fucking ground because I'm a Boomer shitwit who can't into technology and probably a CIAnigger as well :DDD, and I want to try to keep this site from dying by frontpaging a thing to rally against and this fits my hamfisted boomer social retard understanding of the 'ebil SJW/leftist/liberal who hates video games' narrative. Post more data here for me to mine lol XD

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internet crapped out, looks like I hit a nerve lol

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Weev is an ugly bastard

Jim thread?
Jim thread.

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its not the same at all to be in social media posting from your phone something in 5 seconds then resuming your real life than playing video games, shitposting in 4chan about how women are ruining video games and watching right wing propaganda in youtube 24/7

the difference is this. One type of person goes out, actually has something to do on their free days, leads a more fulfilling life. The other is shut in to the extent that seems permanent, goes out only to be socially backwards or outright socially retarded with burning hatred for other individuals unlike him, has beliefs of being the protagonist irl but he is the real NPC since barely if anyone gives a shit about "that guy".

Seriously why would anyone want to be "that guy"… I'm aware I sound "normie" but he is the type of retard that thinks "chads" exist, that his life will never improve because he wasn't born beautiful but at the same time believes himself to be the master race. You find these cringeworthy retards in 4chan, in here, in Reddit, YT & in Discord.
The spooked af misanthrope piece of shit exists, is real & alive. Don't compare em to "e-celebs", they're not alike at all.

Too each his fuckin own, pal.

autist "incels" are just as bad as zombie media swine, but in different ways

just because people go out to house parties or to clubs or whatever and gets drunk/high, it doesn't mean their lives are fulfilling. Half of the population in western countries is on anti-depressants and all sorts of mood altering drugs for a reason

And straight up I value more those who are "shut ins" who sit at home reading all the time, discussing online, trying to increase their understanding of the world or whatever, even if they're a fat autist nobody, than some cunt who has thousands of "friends/followers" on zombie media and uploads every two seconds about what they're eating or some other absolute nonsense

You call misanthropes spooked but almost everything you post in the service of social ladder climbing and conforming to common morality/social mores, anyway the NPC-protagonist distinction is about the presence of an internal monologue not popularity or importance in society. Even in video games the player character is not always the most important actor in the gameworld/setting anyway

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also understand what is spook and what isn't. morality & society are useful to me. law can be useful to me too it gives me access to a higher form of freedom where my will isnt violated by the will of an asshole. I'm protected, stronger in collective, I'm still individual but surrounded by power, power that benefits me & my ego.

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then they're not "just as bad" they're clearly different degrees of bad. You say the generality then recognize it's not a generality… why? thats so dumb.

For the record no. They're different, thats it. Zombie media Swine (found the british inbred anglo shitposter btw lol) is less authoritatively autistic.

you know this is just straight up brain washing with shitty ideology. I even been there myself.
Yea but here is the funny ironic thing, "understanding of the world" without wanting to face & meet this outside world ever by themselves & taking advice from those who don't either… yeah your "understanding" is probably going to be super misguided AF. They don't even read books, just echo chamber of the same bitter way of thinking, it's all retarded but they become addicted with it.
fuck that.
Better to seek attention in social media tbh.

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The same can be said of the other camp with social media and partys. What is a social gathering if not a hugbox? Furthermore, much more can be learned from thorough online discussion than small talk and gossip among friends. Those people will never challenge your beliefs and force you to alter your worldview.

Even Plato said this when he said he'd trust his enemy over his friend to actually tell the truth but don't listen to that Stirnerite cunt with teenage goth level fantasy thinking

Why would I, OP?

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Video games are botnet. Text adventures is where it's at.

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I play one multiplayer game with my friend these days and that's basically it because I have to balance work, school, and the volunteering I do.
I wish I had time to play more and the energy to deal with the incompetent, incapable of self criticism, reactionary, mouthbreathing, fuckwad that have become these days but I just don't.
Despite this I'd say that I'm happier playing games less, and there's a good chance you would be too.

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This but unironic.
Stop wasting your time with all those bling bang yahoo crap and go chase them gurls instead.
Video games are an empty form of escapism that sucks precious time of your life that could've been much better spent on real meaningful relationships.

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t. dege.nerate man slut

repent you heathen

fake and homosexual stop trying to give other people viruses

what am i doing wrong

Imageboards aren't any better than videogames.

now you're implying Zig Forums is actually for intellectual discussion.

it is way more stupid than anything you can talk about in real life, at least irl you can find people that read books instead of uninformed incels that are so fixiated in humans vs orcs. How stupid jesus christ.

1 dude that has read the entire Das Kapital is better at explaining Marx than 1,000 idiots that just know the rumors of Marx trust me. You have way more chance of finding that dude irl than in Zig Forums by far. Are you high? what there is to challenge, absolutely nothing, it's an echo chamber even moot made fun of it for that fact, retards gonna retard.

you can do both but just video games is stupid almost nobody builds a career out of video games it's difficult to create an stable lifestyle in a materialist world that does not leech from your parents, guardians, etc just with video games. Some make it but it's few, good for them tbh also its almost always the archetype that doesn't look at all like a "gamer" the ones who make it, people with personality & good social entertaining charming personalities.

you're socializing wrong

I'm not socializing

I have friends but I game sometimes. I also have a job. prioritizing is key.

most people I'd wager here are autist incels who just happen to be what you said in the third paragraph. nothing wrong with that, just taking a wager.

ooga booga muh dik white knight nig kok

Never! I'll always play videogames as a form of fun escapism OP!

I'll be interesting to watch Stirnerbros pivot to support for the church & state.

that will never happen.
the state tho yes.
depends on what you consider state. it's useful for my ego & sometimes it is not.

spook does not mean against all ideas, just ideas that are not useful for my own or the will of other uniques, etc. Learning Hegel's Philosophy of Right & Philosophy of History which Stirner did listen to would help you a fuck ton.

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Welcome too hel.

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No. Fuck you too.

who's that?

But how will I appeal to my romantic interests without my brutal and singular focus on Actions Per Minute (APM)

video games are all owned by nazi companies

FUCK YO*U stop using your godamn NIGGER PHONES.
oh hur hur stop using the INTERNET too while your at it.

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What are you talking About?

I agree. Stop playing video games because the developers are taking our gun rights and other rights away from us. They are trying to funnel is into their imaginary worlds by restricting our real life opportunities.
They won't even let us have sex with farm animals. They want us to pay to do everything in their fake simulations.

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This but unironically

I thought you commies were all about freedom? freedom to spread hajji religions overseas, free to fuck animals like savages, and free to play games. Are you people finally learning that society needs boundaries to function comrade?

In most games nobody gives a shit about the hero before the game's storyline starts. The player has to work their way up to being the hero. But you'd have to have actually played a video game at some point to know that.

Projection. This is how normalfags act, not gamers.

No thanks. I have a very strong preference for not having diseases, as well as a very strong preference for teenage girls as every normal man does. But normalfaggots and feminists made that illegal because the normalfags want to have their witch hunts and feminists had to control the dating market so anyone would pay attention to their useless spinster asses. The world would only improve by getting rid of normalfags. They're worse than the porkies tbh.

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