Consider the fox. It’s known for being quick, clever...

Consider the fox. It’s known for being quick, clever, and untamed — attributes easily applied to its mythical cousin, the “Firefox” of browser fame. Well, Firefox has another trait not found in earthly foxes: stretchiness. (Just look how it circumnavigates the globe.) That fabled flexibility now enables Firefox to adapt once again to a changing environment.

The “Firefox” you’ve always known as a browser is stretching to cover a family of products and services united by putting you and your privacy first. Firefox is a browser AND an encrypted service to send huge files. It’s an easy way to protect your passwords on every device AND an early warning if your email has been part of a data breach. Safe, private, eye-opening. That’s just the beginning of the new Firefox family.

Now Firefox has a new look to support its evolving product line. Today we’re introducing the Firefox parent brand — an icon representing the entire family of products. When you see it, it’s your invitation to join Firefox and gain access to everything we have to offer. That includes the famous Firefox Browser icon for desktop and mobile, and even that icon is getting an update to be rolled out this fall.

Here’s a peek behind the curtain of how the new brand look was born:

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no surprise, mozilla can't rely on autistic late gen-xers for donations to keep going while bleeding users to google every month

Maybe they should have invested that time and money into making their only worthwhile product good.

Hi I come from the future, pic related is the Firefox logo in 2025

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"b-but aping Chrome while pretending to be about user privacy ISN'T what people want?"



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Great, let's make all logos blurry, so every logo is like abstract art!
They're really bored.

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If Mozilla wants to do new shit so badly then why did they give Firefox OS to another company?


Lol, the Firefox is not related to the fox in any way, its a kind of panda. What a load of shit, stupid pakis.

A firefox is not a fox at all. It is another name for the ailurus fulgens, or red panda (which in fact is more closely related to weasels and racoons than to the panda).

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Have you taken the Lynxpill yet, mateys?
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Forget firefox and chrome pills, Lynxpills are the way of the future.
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The more things change

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That's not at all what happened. It was a major fuckup, but it was not a remote killswitch. Look up certificate expiration.

If certificate revocation has the same effect, it is a killswitch.

That was a jab at Lucent.

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The file name says that dummy

What a load of bullshit on mozilla article. Who's gonna read that kind of bullshit besides fags, trannies, pajeets, jews?!

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Basically, even the most sympathetic possible take on the situation is "this was a stupid idea, we told you why it was a stupid idea before you did it, after you ignored us it inevitably backfired exactly the way we said it would, and you responded by doubling down".

no u