Leftist Dog Whistles

We need to develop some leftist dog whistles. This strategy works well for the right. We need to take advantage of it. What are some good leftist dog whistles?

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Just come out and say it

"Structural", "historical" to basically imply determinism

you already have plenty of leftist dog whistles

"dismantling whiteness" == kill all white people
"diversity" == less white people
"Fascism" == white people refusing to lay down and die
"we need to stop idpol" == "oh shit white people are starting to play the idpol game too, guys let's dial it back for a bit until white's numbers contract to the point where they are no longer a threat numerically"
"PoC" == everyone who isn't white

and so on(I miss chekers, he was funny, this brown skinned youth is not)

"Read a book" is a dogwhistle for "read a book".

take your meds

This. It does no good to try to hide our aims from those in power. They already know that we want to destroy them.

We need to be open and clear about our ideas, let the cowards keep their dogwhistles.

Leftists do fling arrows at too many people with their 1984 double speak. It angers moderate left and the moderate right.

Then this neonazi guy comes along and offers salvation with a gun and cash.

"dismantling whiteness" is a bullshit term.
"diversity" is a bullshit term.
"Fascism" is the most lied about term where anyone using it outside of ww2 can be disregarded.
"PoC" is dumb.
"problematic" is the most cowardly term in the language of debate imaginable.

These buzzwords are stuffed in the beige box of irrelevance that people have labeled "socialism", and therefore the outcast. Any defense of Snowflakes invalidates your argument for even more dishonest reactionary rhetoric.

read the FAQ

This strategy "works" for the right because everything we say is accused of being a dog whistle by SJWs who want to see racism in milque-toast conservatives like Mitt Romney.

There aren't any political "dog whistles", and the idea is incredibly dumb when you factor in just how interconnected everything is thanks to the internet, you have a wealth of info that you can look up on the fly, so no "dog whistle" would functionally work and remain hidden.

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all marxist jargon that has uses outside theoretical discussion works as a dogwhistle, like 'material conditions' or 'alienation'

literally imposible, i dare you to come up with a single dog whistle that couldn't be co-opted by liberals into meaning economic austerity

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'Dog whistle' is a bullshit term.
You use it when someone says something completely benign, but you want him to be attacked as an evil person anyway, so you claim that his innocent statement actually secretly means something sinister.

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Why? Aren't there enough excuses for repressing the left already? Is it truly necessary to insert in people's head the idea that everything every leftist says is some gulag-advocating, toothbrush-confiscating dog whistle?

there is literally nothing wrong with the statement 'securing a future for white children'. if you think its somehow controversial you are a monster who wants children to die. why do you want children to die commies? why do you hate your own race?

Which books. Most of the books you guys read are talmudic sophistry.

Yeah sure that's technically true, if we have no understanding of context.

Just like how a swastika is an inherently benign eastern spiritual symbol but when some skinhead shitheel is wearing it it's a different story.

The left shouldn't dog whistle. The reason the right has to do it is to disguise there ideas which have a malicious intent. Leftist ideas don't have that problem and because of that we should always be open with them.

This is how you get people thinking we can seize the state and make it work for us.

Because wypipo are gay lmao

This succeeded though

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dog whistles literally do not exist

Yet it magically and unexpectedly stopped being succesful and fell apart.
Kys already, it's not 1905 anymore.

your side has all the institutional power, what exactly would be the point of this? This is just more thorough LARPing.

sure. but why do these terms continue to be used and why do you fail to challenge them ar every turn?

do you live in an alternate universe?

do you not see the context of islamic rape gangs raping a million white children in the UK?

So capitalism has actually failed?

Even better, openly hating fags or niggers is now disliked in society. Who needs to seize the MoP when we've achieved level of victory.

Goddamnit, I hate Poe's Law.

you have one already


"muh Americans"

etc etc and variations

in today's world you have to be Machiavellian to get shit done. and the left already dogwhistles.

Are we getting raided? The ratio of leftist to liberal (swastika) posts is too damn high.

1, 2, 5 are a fact. 3, 4 are debatable…


You are literally parroting stormfront propaganda.

Fuck off retard.