Brit/pol/ #2672: Splendid Isolation Edition

Church of England makes Sunday services non-compulsory

DC cancels comic where Jesus learns from superhero after outcry

Top woman Scotland Yard officer is charged over a child abuse image: Widely respected trailblazer, 54, 'vehemently denies' allegations that left colleagues stunned

Shamed ex-Assistant Chief Constable, 49, found guilty of gross misconduct for baring her breast in drunken rant at hotel bash quits force for £122,000 job at local council

'I'm preparing the children for modern Britain': Gay teacher, 47, at centre of protest by Muslim parents reveals he's faced threats for his anti-homophobia lessons as he makes top 10 shortlist for $1million Global Teacher Prize

ISIS Bride Shamima Begum pleads for 'mercy' and says she's 'willing to change'

Shamima Begum has right to return to UK - Jeremy Corbyn

Zuckerberg to meet with UK culture secretary

UK rehomes some 100 Syria White Helmets and family members

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ADRIAN cuckold CHILES on 5 live

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You know full well why ((we)) would do that tbh.

Dr. Mortimer Dawkins-Darwin-Hitchens-Harris in the audience blaming religion.

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Still would tbh

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Mads Mikkelsen looks like shit.

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She's not, but her current actions are.

That's scraping the barrel there, lid.

Absolutely would tbh

we've lost already. There is no hope.

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To be fair, she is a product of our society.

Any multiethnic and multicultural plastic "nation" will inevitably degenerate into ethnic tribalism. The Balkanisation of Yugoslavia was bad enough and they're all basically the same.

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As I said above, she is in every sense, a product of that cunts' worldview.
>(((our))) values create a problem
>(((our))) values ensure this problem cannot be dealt with
>(((our))) values ensure said problem is repeated ad nauseum
This is what happens when scoobydoos control the effeminate bourgeoisie, they decree that women are worth listening to, and are then held up as the model globohomo citizen.

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it's strange times, where girls playing cricket is seen as some noteworthy piece of news, worth making a TV show about. 60 years ago, girls playing cricket would have been normal, but thanks to pakis, it's some kind of feminist revolution all over again

its like they are deliberately rubbing it in our faces



Which one of you bullies heckled Popular Youtuber, Sargon of Akkad at 12:50?

Yes, but as I keep saying, this problem is doomed to be repeated ad nauseum precisely because of that bleeding heart cunt's """""(((values)))"""".
Gas the fucking normies tbh.

I was feeling too happy

Here's a blackpill to drag the mood down


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that's normally about the time I shout paki at the chicken shops, leg it, and goosestep through the park

This Week has been cancelled too, Andrew Neil quit. It's all over once it hits summer I think, or whenever his contract runs out which I think is then (would make sense with summer recess). Definitely this year though

Popular Youtuber, Popular Youtuber, Sargon of Akkad of Akkad happens to live in the same town as me…

Ever seen him in his natural habitat?

I hope you've all been working out as hard as I have, lads

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Bit gay fat lad

let his car tyres down tbh

No but I heard that he lives in the paki infested area of town

wot, how else are you going to pronounce it, 'am'?

really? not surprised tbh, it was the same show every week with the guests more or less doing the same segments as the week before
was talking to as lefty about it who called him right wing and biased, i asked why/how and all he could say was he own/wrote for a paper thats right wing

I ran into an old friend I've not seen for years, and she said I'd lost loads of weight

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He lives near Manchester Road.

For him

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what like 'are' but with an m


Fucking white girls from elite schools are looking down on these wonderful pakis, smh

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bad luck chap, the area near the train station is the worst place I've been to in England.

yeah next to the train station apparently


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complete furriner enclave

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na the r is a h

vocaroo it lad.

No way this is real.
Epic if real though.

Swindon in general is becoming a mini enclave and with Honda gone its only going to get worst

I don't pronounce the a in arm tbh.

roooooo. Everything about this.

My fucking throat is too sore for supper


maybe he has to be a dhimmi and has to pay jizya from his donations to survive

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big mistake, now they will think they are more influential than they actually are

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Smdh same thing happened here in Australia especially when Paul Hogan started the whole cultural whoredom thing and we became a memi country for America. Looking back at old videos and interviews the Australian accent differed from state to state and eastern states were more similar to NZ accent. But now everyone's got the twangy Queenslander accent

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How many cassowaries do you own lad

Would you be okay with bulldozing the entire place? The light pollution travels to where I live and it's kinda annoying to have this giant glow in the distance.

It's the biggest shower of shit going. It's so clear our establishment covered something up, but hardly anyone ever speaks about this (preferring to bang on about pizzagate or whatever).


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Popular Youtuber, Sargon of Akkad wants to see English Muslims. Why?

Remember that at 30 you are magically granted a gf

To be fair destroying Swindon would do very little when Bristol is just down the road

went to school with a girl who was the double of this touched her tits too

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Popular Youtuber, Sargon of Akkad (Lord of the Rings!)

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I don't live in the bogan bogan state lad

Australians all seem to have upwards inflections. Just saying.

When is Popular Youtuber, Sargon of Akkade getting on QT?

Honestly it's rivalling Wycombe atm

after he becomes leader of UKIP and makes it more of a liberal party

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I reject Bristol's existence.

Skin touch?

Oh right smh

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Cleave inside. How do honkers become this big?

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night lads

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because shes fat

Disgusting tbh.

na just through her shirt in maths


goodlad. goodnight

She's pushing them up and is fat.

Love the way you can hear the strong similarities to British regional accents. Last lass sounds just like a young David Bowie


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You mean you bumped into her and apologised profusely, whilst in a headlock.

Based seals, dogs of the oceans tbh
Night lad, don't let too much piss seep down into your bog hatch lad

okay this is epic

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Smdh lad, you disappoint me.

Tbh pretty sure I've brushed up against mute lass' titties by accident a couple times

Requesting sauce lad

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Link lad

she was a nice lass tbh most of maths class she would turn around to talk with my friend and I and we would fondle her sometimes, him more then me to be fair

why is it epic, what is notch?

Minecraft creator lad

Me the saviour of Wvstvrn Cvvvlvsvtvvn (in Minecraft)