Zig Forums served with search warrant

California is filing it in response to the Synagogue and Mosque attacks, they've been keeping a real close eye on us.
Thanks a fuckton Zig Forums.

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Keep crying fag.

Wonder why they want to get rid of all anonymity online.

I want to make a witty remark about how the source of the world's problems are abrahamic religions but lol Zig Forums.

Why don't you fuck off?


Reddit requires using nonfree JS. It's like you would advice someone using Windows on Zig Forums. Maybe you should join them first.

98% of Zig Forums has Windows 10 installed and runs nonfree JS daily.

If you're ok with this, that's not my problem. I won't switch to reddit though, because I'm not among these 98%.


Nice projection Zig Forumsack

>>>/trannypol/ get out

I'm not surprised, but that doesn't mean I'm not dissapointed.

The only data that they requested was regarding everyone who replied to the original threat thread. If you didn't reply to that thread your data wouldn't be included (Seriously, why would you reply to a thread of that disgusting nature? Not only is it illegal, it's also Zig Forums tard idiocy), and if you get a knock on the door regarding your shitposting in the thread of a crazed spree shooter, you honestly deserve it. Fuck Zig Forums and fuck Tarrant and his followers.

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He's probably not far off, taking into consideration the influx of 4chink users.

Hello Reddit.

It's been a while, but I might have posted something about how it was an attempt to shut 8ch down with "Look how they are letting terrorist post".
While knowing that this person could just register some account anywhere with a throwaway account and post his stuff there. And also that he was a fag.

This board has become a cross between /x/ and Zig Forums with retarded schizos making normal conversation impossible. Mods are where? Nowhere to be seen. Hope the feds bury this shithole.

Go back to whatever nigger faggot shit-hole you came from.

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Based and redpilled.

Why do Zig Forumsacks live in this delusional world where everyone who's annoyed by their inane faggotry is some kind of communist?

Pretty sure the only thing I replied was "oh shit nigger what are you doing" or something along those lines.

People don't know what gender they are anymore and you really think abrahamism is the problem?

It's called free speech. I bet you also love cuck licenses.

Keep crying, Jew.

I bet you sleep with the light on incase there's a nigger under your bed.

Or am I the retard for assuming that nobody on here is dumb enough to be posting on here without using a VPN at the very least?

The absolute state of Zig Forums

Zig Forums doesn't warrant using a VPN, if you need anonymity use TOR, but TOR is a pain to use on Zig Forums.

Do you think the normies make a distinction between Zig Forums and Zig Forums? If it has 8ch.net in the url your ISP has you on a list.

I'm on a list for many, many reasons, the fact I browse 8ch is minor by comparison.

You are too much of a newfag to understand

I have most definitely been here longer than you.

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Even if you have (which I doubt), that just makes your newfaggotry even more inexcusable.

Nice cuckchan meme.

you glow in the dark.

even the op might be a mass-shooter for all I (or you) know
...but does that mean that it would be okay for FBI to kick your door and insert the probe in your anus?
also, guilt tripping and shutting it down are libtard tactics.
retards like you don't belong in here.
you need to go back to >>>/reddit/

It's OC faggot.

Or maybe you were the newfag all along.

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Yeah no fuck off back to 4chaim.

Unironically calling someone a 'libtard' is the most Reddit thing I've ever seen all week.

Shutting people you disagree with down is how ideologies survives because people are dumbasses and will agree with anything if you do the leg work and this is well known in psychology, violence is simply reality and anyone who thinks we've evolved beyond that is delusional. Why do you think China is on the brink of obliterating the United States? Why do you think fascists rise to power so effectively? Why do you think the USSR lasted so long despite communism being horseshit?

At the end of the day what was always going to happen will happen, there will be civil war in America and whichever side wins will have to assert its ideology by force, as every ideology has ever done.

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I can't go back to somewhere I'm not from.

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Seems like a bullshit warrant. They should take it to the courts.

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Anybody have a link to Zig Forums's warrant canary?

Reminder that the mentioned incident in OP is missing magazine's from the middle of the stream because its cianigger actors who suck at their job and or was computer generated.

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Which can be seen missing in the other half. Sage for shit thread unrelated to tech that needs to be pruned and mods do their job.

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Its at the bottom of every page you stupid fuck.

Thanks user

>23. Investigators conducted an online search for "Brenton Tarran" and noted that he was arrested for the mass shootings at two mosques in New Zealand that occurred on March 15, 2019 and is believed to be a white supremacist. Investigators also learned "r/pol/" is a reference to an online political discussion board that has been characterized as predominately racist, espousing views embraced by white supremacist groups.
.Fucking redditors amirite guys

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I remember when tech still was about technology. There are dozens of boards where this thread is more appropriate. Go there.

Also https doesn't work via tor anymore. good job!

who cares

Talk about paranoid!

Kill yourself you gaslighting CIA nigger

If you think this is because of Zig Forums then you are retarded. The establishment and corporate media have been working hand in hand to wipe out all outlets that contain any forms of dissent for some time now.

For fucks sake they even went after Alex Jones and he's a total crackpot! It was only a matter of time until they came for Zig Forums, the talk of the attacks on Zig Forums is just an excuse.

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Warning: Some boards on Zig Forums might have content of an adult or offensive nature. Please cease use of this website if it is illegal for you to view such content. On Zig Forums, boards and posts are user-created and do not represent the opinions of the Zig Forums administration. In the interest of free speech, only content that violates the Digital Millennium Copyright Act or other United States laws is deleted.""


Nigger, the hidden service already signs your shit. HTTPS over Tor is 100% useless.

The once-super-fucking-awesome Internet went to absolutely fucking shit when (((netcom.com))) introduced pseudo-anonymity, and every fucking teenager called themselves handles like Pu55ystretcher87.

Lmao these dumbasses left their (you)s in
ceinquiry.wordpress.com/2019/06/17/fbi-Zig Forums/


You have to go back.

Anyone have an archive of the thread they're talking about?

I'm always baffled by MIGA-hatters accusing me of being a Hasbara shill merely for pointing out that Trump is the most Zionist president in the history of the US, surrounded by neo-Cohens, and does the bidding of Netanyahu. And don't forget Trump grabbed bump stocks by their pussies.

sage for politics and off topic

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I'm not clicking that shit.

They wouldn't know about our 'outlets' if Zig Forums weren't such parading faggots, Zig Forums is the number 1 reason this place has gone to shit to the point where I've had to go out of my way to build my own site so glowniggers and normalfags won't find it.

No, it isn't. Tor encrypts but it doesn't verify, why do you think the DuckDuckGo onion has a cert?


That's because the alt-right is just zionism for 'white' people.

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kys faggot

Those were all very minor compared to the Captcha seriously fuck you CodeMonkey and Zig Forums bringing the Qanon boomers over here.

Why don't you leave then?

Because my site is just shy of having enough PPH to keep me entertained, at the rate it's growing though I'll be out of here by about 2021.

woah woah goyim. a terrorist POSTED on this website. why do you think you should still be allowed to talk to each other on it?

*tips fedora*
>>>Zig Forums

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I wonder why.

tldr LOL

Because I started it a year ago.

Because you are a flaming faggot.

It's just cops as usual seeking to "fix" a problem even though they already v& the guy responsible and don't need to do anything more. You know, gotta look busy/competent when you work in a consumerist/capitalist market.