Ultimate programming language for white people

is there some non-shit language that is compilable into machine code?
C and C++ are useless broken shit. C is the reason linux is such a failure. C++ was made by adding some random paradigms and shits into already shitty C.

so what do we have? Pascal and Object Pascal? Ada? anything else? which one to use?

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asm is even shitter than C, it's probably shittest language


Basically any language can compile to machine code if you want. There have existed compilers for subsets of Common Lisp, for fuck's sake. What is it that you are actually looking for?

C is the ultimate language

A language that is made for the white man- Go.

Get with the times. At the start of WW1, many cavalry commanders insisted on executing their "flanking charges," only to be gunned down unceremoniously in droves. Modern problems require modern solutions. You don't earn any points here.

So you want dickpulling. I recommend Coq.

t. someone who doesn't understand jump instructions and cache usage

Ada, Nim, D.

Ada: no GC. Enormously powerful language if you use the newer standards. Very well designed. Verbose. What community there is is relatively based.

Nim: the polar opposite of verbose. People will say it's "like Python" but typical Python code is both more verbose and less clear. Nim has a lot of good ideas but you'll run into a lot more defects than you would v. Ada. You get a bunch of GC options and a *realistic* no-GC option called --newruntime is in development. Community varies, but the main dev is a cool cucumber.

D: take Nim, shake a bunch of good ideas off of it, make it C-like, and invest a lot more in stability (although instability in experimental features is a popular forum gripe). You've got dmd, ldc (the fast one), gdc (the gdb-debuggable one). The community's OK. The GC is pretty mandatory unless you're writting -betterC, which is still (per the name) a better language than C.

None of these are scripting languages (although D can be used as a scripting language with rdmd and Nim has a community project that's similar). They all interface well enough with C. They're all, honestly, pretty good languages. Even Ada has surprising depths.

I tried it, and was unimpressed. Its reputation for safety is largely a meme. The first non-trivial program I wrote in it I managed to write in a character-conversion bug that I was surprised the compiler for a "safe" language hadn't caught. Which is exactly the problem with "safe" hand-holding languages: their safety features work great until they don't. They lull you into a false sense of security, believing that the compiler will do the thinking for you so that you don't have to. Worse, making languages "safe" and "easy" opens the door to women, pajeets, and other undesirables that have no business being programmers and whose presence degrades the profession.


the language gives you features. You have to use them. If you want to be forced to use them, try ATS instead. What you should do in Ada is use precise types that prevent invalid data from being representable. Basically, how OCaml is sold here: youtube.com/watch?v=v1CmGbOGb2I

there are literally no good implementations unless you only care about embedded work. Nim beats Forth for compile-time work, metaprogramming, terseness, and DSLs.

You need high iq to write rust code

Based, white man's language right here

recognize malicious encouragement

Ah, I see. That must be the philosophy behind it, consistent with the way run-time bounds checking is performed by default.
Ada is a meme, and not a particularly good one at that.

Pascal is actually really fucking good.


C or Go, depending on how big your dick is.

The ultimate programming language for Zig Forumsacks is Go:
- It thinks it's better than everyone
- It doesn't have basic functionality
- It does something right every now and again
- It forces everyone to conform to what it wants even if it's practically inconsequential or it won't compile your program

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Why are cetards so obsessed with this?

he's just saying that the language is actively helpful in some ways, therefore the user shouldn't be surprised when he doesn't get other benefits automatically. Ada is not a meme.

go back to /g/ zoomer

Good post. This reddit thread appeared from a "nim vs python" search, and I learned a lot from the guys in there arguing back and forth about it:

SML is the white man's PL. Textual languages are shit though. But SML is the best we have for now.

and yes, textual languages are indeed shit, despite some retard non-engineer about to step into this thread and cry about how such a hypothetical language would make it "too easy" to program (it wont, it will just fix a bunch of defects of textual PLs, such as having ASCII/unicode braindamage beinged tied to the PL)

Most likely he became lost in the complexity of Ada and just decided to say he was "unimpressed." It's easier for him to dismiss it, rather than admit he's a brainlet who can scarcely manage python. It's possible, that the user isn't even white; Ada kills the pajeet.

Go is cringe tier, as shown in .
Even Rust is better (>>1071860), and rust is a tranny language. I advise you go take a swim in the >>>/bog/.