What has long been clear to me is the fact that old people are not capable of being revolutionaries! They are incapable...

What has long been clear to me is the fact that old people are not capable of being revolutionaries! They are incapable of rejecting their old liberal or even reactionary world view and changing their world view, due to the cognitive dissonance in which all the old people suffer!

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You're wrong. My friend's parents from Bulgaria want to see the return of the Soviet Union as a result of violent revolution, for example, and I know plenty of other seniors that would be on board if a revolutionary situation presented itself because they are some stripe of anarchist or socialist.

Ok, so far all the old people I met, including my parents, were either liberal or reactionary.

Yeah they got fucked hard by the post-89 transition. People still vote for the ex communist party (rebranded as socdems but they have a big far left faction)

Nonsense. There's an exception to every "rule"
What the fuck kind of anarchist are you supposed to be, OP?

You do not understand anarchism, you idiot! Anarchism does not mean that there are no rules, but that there are no rulers!

How are you going to teach math to people without rulers tho
Checkmate antifa

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?? Why do you need a ruler to teach someone math?

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Why are only idiots here?

I thought we were pretending to be stupid as a joke
Were yall being serious?

my gramps is an old trade union member and the leftest guy i know

You can thank american brainwashing propaganda about Communism = bad, capitalism = god's will.

My mom is 70 years old and was indocrinated the same bourgeois garbage, but at least she's economically left leaning. She's more of a reformist than a revolutionary.

Not even what I was implying. The rule you propose is that all old people are not worth our time is wrong. And it's wrongheaded to play at the liberal's game of divisionary tactics.

Socialism is about bringing up a more loving harmonious world.
You bring up a common problem of basic human wiring. It's difficult to change anyone's mind, not just old people.

OP is baiting and either uses the black flag or h&s to periodically spam. Sage or preferably ignore his threads.

The anarkidie strikes again

I'd rather be an anarkiddie than an old bootlicker.

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Go to work and pay your taxes, wagie!

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Are you mad, granny?

And I’d rather do something productive to advance the movement for working people. Instead of doing Counterprol’s job for them.

Sitting in front of your laptop and watching hentai porn is not productive.

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So you admit you are not productive. Tell me what have you done to advance the cause of socialism?
Shitposting doesn’t count.