Brit/pol/ #2673: Best & Worst Edition

England's WORST place to live: Peterborough tops insalubrious list of 'cr*p towns' after it's dubbed 'biggest dump in country'

Police leader calls for laws to allow positive race discrimination

Brother of beheaded British aid worker Alan Henning, 47, calls Shamima Begum 'evil scum' and a 'bitch' after she admitted being 'fine' with ISIS executions before going to Syria

McDonnell Called for Brits Who Fought for Israeli State to be Stripped of Their British Citizenship

One dead, 12 injured after Venezuelan soldiers open fire in clash over humanitarian aid delivery at Brazilian border, according to news wire reports

German police lose ALL the evidence against two paedophiles who allegedly raped more than 30 children at least 1,000 times at rundown campsite

German govt denies cover-up over Berlin Xmas market attack

'Germany narrowly escaped a recession, Q4 GDP growth 0.0%

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Someone post that Scottish kid who got burned alive by pakis, kino ragefuel.

fucking hell

In another reality this would be rather sweet, like a young boy growing up in his family home, going out and exploring the world, and returning in his final years to rest.

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That's the thing that gets me about the current age. The loss of innocence. I feel like the dehumanise yourself and face to bloodshed memi has something to it tbh. I feel cold anger and just want things to change. I never asked for any of this

Liking the tone of this thread already, tbh.

alri lad
chin up

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comfy pics tbh

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Wish people didn't whack up the saturation in pictures to silly levels, the country is already pretty, no need to overdo the colours.

I wonder if the Japanese know just how good they have it. They could use a channel that was just a newscaster reading Zig Forums in Japanese so they could see what they're avoiding.

I agree


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xth for the Cotswolds

Not a bad sentiment however today it hardly means the same when one considers what is called and done in the name of 'progress'.

I'm convinced those sorts of pictures are done for people who will never go there or see it in person.

I believe in progress but a definition of progress has to include culture, heritage and what a people want as opposed to increasing efficiency of making money tbh

Yeah, sentimentality not getting in the way of progress would mean keeping the borders closed regardless of how many tearjerking dead kid pictures the media publishes.

There are some otherwise perfect pictures that are ruined by this wank.
just shows that God's creation is perfect

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This is a particularly bad example.

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Keeek, looks like photoshopping an old woman to try and make her look like a model. It's the wrong kind of beauty.

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I get that people want to make

I get that people want to make up for the failings of technology but there are ways to go about it. I do occasionally add filters in order to bring out the colours that the camera otherwise didn't catch, but it's done in moderation and is always very limited.

orbital sides

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take me back to 2015

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Cameras won't be able to capture the same image as the naked eye for a long while still.

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Are anyone though

lenses aren't a true picture, the mirror should be more accurate i think

experienced is better memi

it seems like they all just converted to orthodox christianity like retards because its BVASED and FASHY then they became Nazbol and then regular communists forgeting the tranny mafia rules e-socialism.


*rows into the thread on a galley*

orthodox christianity turns you gay just be catholic ffs

Is youtube retarded? What the fuck are they playing at

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*pulls up all of Popular Youtuber, Sargon of Akkad's videos*

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This is what happens when you worship aesthetics.

communism is ruled by the tranny mafia and fascism is ruled by the gay mafia.

No lad they can totally fix the lefts obsession with sexual hedonism and bring Communism and Socialism back to it's worker roots.

yo wheres his legs

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dude the main fucking critique of anprims by the left is where will trannies get their HRT from

both are gay actually

next-level first world problems

I would've thought that main critique would be about the logistic ability to bring an anprim world into existence.

tbh just leaving everything to decay would be kino

bring up primitivism in any leftist space and trannies will be the main critique



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Is the official Zig Forums stance on 22st that he's allowed back?

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America tamed Africa?

I'll remember that filename, (1). I'll find out who you are


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how was britain at its height in 1776 or 1812. is this meant to be bait

good lad, stay vigilant

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no lad it's just your standard yank logic

Savage doesn't mean "lacking in potential".

Oxford gives its definition, with regard to places, as follows:

primitive; uncivilized.

wild-looking and inhospitable; uncultivated.

lol, when you think you won

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their mutilated penises constructed into mockery vaginas will explode without world destroying technology.

hmm perhaps these people are satanic

Deuteronomy 22:5 calls them abominations.

Would a Communist state even accept trannies?

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that would be Africa then

so they're going after regular joes just for saying "damn these scoobydoos are annoying wish someone would get rid of them" smh

it was uncivilised when british people arrived, by the time americans declared independence they had huge prospering cities to live in. they far outnumbered and outgunned the natives, and only had conflict with them out of their own choice to ignore the treaties that had been signed with them. wouldn't call pic related savage.

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don't think they need surgery to keep it intact. It'll heal like any other wound. It is a great thing that the Jazz thing is becoming a train wreck. A show meant to hype trannies has pseudo-vaginas exploding, and he now, after using all the skin on his penis and even having to take some from his arsehole, has to get additional surgery where more skin is taken, probably from his thighs or arse. I bet it will keep going too, get worse and worse and he might kill himself.

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Yeah, the broad, open planes of America weren't really savage in the way that the Congo is. I doubt the USA would have managed to achieve manifest destiny if it had the Congo, with all its disease, on its western doorstep.

oh boy it's dilation-posting time!

death to tyrants *allies with autocratic monarchy and largest empire on earth at the time*

no they need sterilised dildos to insert into their wounds every day which if they dont do will cause a build up of hair, semenal fluids and blood causing infection.

Keeek. Oh God. I thought that was just something they did until the wound healed.

They won because it was no longer economically viable for us to continue granted we could have utterly destroyed them had some of our generals not been so arrogant

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It doesn't heal lad, they have to leave it fucking open as it's their 'vagina'

The more recent development of them rolling up to have a Smear test, and the doctor playing along still makes me laugh.

no thats one of the main issues is that their wounds require immense upkeep for the rest of their lives and a bunch of depressed unstable mentallers arent the best people for that task

not when you remember that it's your tax money that fucking pays for it

dont lad I'm eating halloumi

I'm not sure if that is true, lad. Certainly eventually a crust and then skin would form, like, like when you lop your arm off and it heals.

link, lad

I wonder though if Britain had never left America would there have been so much involvement in India, Africa and Australia.

I don't know what they do in that circumstance, probably have to go and get it removed.
Fucking sickening to even think about tbh

that was gay

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tbf we were literally fighting three large empires at the same time alongside the thirteen colonies, and that was right after the seven years war (which we won, and decided to impose a light peace on the european countries we beat in the belief that they wouldn't do exactly that)

exactly, but yanks conveniently ignore that bit as it doesn't go hand in hand with their underdog story


such a serious problem innit

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they were saying that the german empire in ww1 and nazi germany were the biggest empires of all time or something idk

Please somebody help me understand how normies fell for this equal representation memi it is retarded ahhh mummy

My parents were clueless about 'funny tinge'-gate. From this I gather that the msm must not have reported on it because they're mega scoobydooish and want these centrists to screw brexit and corbyn. Imagine if a member of ukip said something like that.