Is TOR compomised?

recently i have been having trouble confirming the PGP key for TOR; every-time it comes back as a negative match. is anybody else having this issue?

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The tbb in the AUR is all you need :^)

Tor was created by the CIANIGGERS in the first place. It was never not compromised.

no problem for me.
what specifically are you doing and what output are you getting?

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Tor has been compromised for nearly a decade OP

Isis Agora Lovecruft is a kike. I swear I'm not making this up.

The redesign is utter crap, not only did it lose the colours and nice 3d look but everything that used to be accessible under the tor button is now split into 3 (!) different buttons.

On a more serious note, Tor makes questionable decisions, for example centralized routing through persistent Guard nodes, not allowing you to get a new identity without closing all tabs, not making it easy to run a system wide proxy, being against torrenting through Tor, and not making it easy to run a relay to avoid correlation attacks by saturating the connection at all times, randomizing packet timing with a configurable delay, giving you the option of sending junk data at least to the first node, and giving obfuscation options that look like voice or file sharing data rather than looking like nothing identifiable like obfs4.
And that's just shit I've thought about by using it, I haven't even looked at the protocol to see in which other ways the glowniggers compromised it.

Here are some alternatives to Tor I've been researching.

it's called a limitation.
for u
it would be extremely painful
install i2p or a real overnet. Tor is a bandaid to browse the clearnet anonymously.

Maybe it's limited on purpose.
Nah, UI-wise they only pay attention to the browser, there used to be Vidalia but they shut it down. It makes no sense to configure stuff like bridges through a fucking browser extension.
Nah, it works very well, you just need to manually set up the few http(s) trackers that don't block it.
Those have even less eyeballs on it than Tor. Plus I don't need to connect to any old network, I specifically need to connect to arbitrary TCP servers. Ideally it would do UDP, be able to accept incoming connections and not publish the list of exit nodes.

Consider the following:

Is TOR compromised? Yes. Lets count the ways.

First off lets look at the exit nodes. Who could possibly run one? TBs of the most rotguy kiddie porn, crime of every sort they make laws for, terrorists, etc. Somebody is running fat pipes and just giving that bandwidth away. Who could it possibly be?

When Daily Stormer was depending on TOR for its access the TOR developers were already readying a patch to prevent access to it. So yes, censorship IS possible on TOR, they just don't object to any of the above mentioned vile filth currently flowing over it. But they were ready to basically break the whole premise to stop a troll. Lets put on our thinking caps and ponder who would meet this description, unoffended by terrorists, criminals and child molesters but a Nazi Larper is out of bounds.

[Jeopardy theme plays]

Who is the CIA? for $500.

no doubt about it... i have worked with that tranny cunt.


They could prevent you from accessing a hidden service site by patching the browser running on your machine, which you could revert. They might have said they were going to censor it, but if they did they were just bluffing. They don't have any way of doing it without removing the privacy and anonimity provided by the network. Also citation needed. Also go back to pol, you low IQ retard schizo boomer.

No such thing. You mean Tor? The Tor source tarball? Which one? Tor Browser Bundle? Which one? Which OS?
No such thing. You mean a bad signature?
The Tor project doesn't have a single signing key. Different people sign different releases.


lol. Also, an SSH tunnel is not an alternative to Tor.
Encrypting DNS queries is not an alternative to Tor.
Was your post a joke?

Prove it. All I remember is some butthurt nobody from the community asking the Tor Project to censor TDS, and the Tor Project saying, essentially, "we can't and won't do that."

Shit, man, we already know from that FBI warrant about the Earnest posts on Zig Forums that the FBI shills on Zig Forums, but do you guys have to be so obvious about it? We get it. While Tor isn't perfect, it's still a significant threat to SIGINT, so you want to scare people away from it. Try to be more subtle next time.


Not an argument

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I don't need an argument against a seething glownigger who didn't have any arguments either.


sounds like a glownigger thing to do

Don't forget the browser using noScript instead of uBlock Origin in advanced mode and not disabling js by default or at least having some sort of a setup where they give you an immediate option of choosing the security setting.

Stop pulling shit out of your ass.

They get a pass for enabling js by default because not doing so would break lots of sites and reduce anonimity by reducing the amount of normalfags using Tor. You can change the security settings easily by clicking on the Tor icon in the browser.
You are right that chosing noscript+ABP instead of ublock origin is a weird choice but I guess it could be that way for historical reasons.

These are actually the concerns I have with TOR. Especially the ease of targeted correlation attacks. It's truly frustrating. And I also wish I could have a different identity per tab. Would make anonymity a lot easier.

The CIA didn’t MAKE Tor. It was made by independent researchers whom the Navy funds independent researchers in order to justify its overinflated budget.

I fucked him.


No, the post wasn't a joke, I don't pretend to be an expert on this stuff, those are simply encryption alternatives I saw around and thought they were interesting I guess. I thought perhaps they'd be good in conjunction somehow. Tcpcrypt seems like a good alternative though.

or am i wrong about that too..

Install arch it will solve all your problems


Come to think about it now, I remember years ago reading about a project that was supposed to be even safer than Tor, but I haven't heard a word about it since, maybe 2012-13 or so?

I read that Hornet is supposed to be better than Tor ("supposed to be").
Then there's these.

But the one I read about years ago wasn't any of these, it was an attempt to basically make Tor obsolete in a way, but I guess Hornet seems to do just that.

Maybe it was hornet...and maybe it wasn't 2012 or 13.. probably more like 2015.


The problem isn't software, but cost and risk. Who pays for all the bandwidth? Who pays to host the servers? Who accepts the risk of owning an endpoint with massive throughput of CP and drug deals every day?

That answer seems to be the US Government.

If the network was well designed it wouldn't matter if the exit node was CIA (unless you were dumb enough to use plain text).
All that matters is that your traffic goes through at least a couple non compromised nodes.
Tor's default is 3 nodes including the Guard server and exit node (so really only one non CIA node if you're lucky).
You can increase this number, but guess what. THAT BY ITSELF DEANONYMIZES YOU! I'm not making that up! The number is sent in plaintext!

The idea of users donating bandwidth seems great, if they can fix it somehow. And just purge specific compromised exit nodes(?) I don't see a download for HORNET yet, 2016 posts suggest it's still being developed (then). I often wonder if somewhere on the darkweb, people are sharing better technology by now, or selling it.

I'm just interested in security, don't care what other people are using it for, ideally they wouldn't be using it to commit crimes, but let's face it, as long as criminals exist, crime will exist. Gotta be people out there coding stuff that rivals the best known online security though.

Recently I was really interested in what DietPi developed for the raspberry pi, an easy tor wifi hotspot, haven't been able to get it going beyond the raspi itself, no hotspot capability, even with an edimax attached or editing password configs, meh.

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