Brit/pol/ #2675: Sherwood Edition

U.K. to trigger no-deal Brexit plans a week before deadline

Pakistan to move troops from western to eastern border amid growing tension with India

Pakistan vows 'full force' response if India attacks over Kashmir bombing

University suspends student Ukip member, 19, who sparked outrage by saying the NHS should not be free to immigrants and complained about the 'Islamisation' of Britain during class discussions

'Those who go to extremism will not change': Jihadi bride Shamima Begum's neighbours says the 19-year-old is lying about wanting to change her ways to get back into Britain and should be punished

Alesha MacPhail killer Aaron Campbell UNMASKED: First photo of child murderer

Teenager dies after shotgun and knife attack in north London

A police force which rejected a potential star recruit because he is a white heterosexual male has been found guilty of discrimination

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Good lad delete my thread

*stuns you all with a goblin shriek*

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Reposting it

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Hey buddy

buds buddies donuts buddy buddies

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i kind like it


11th for fuck the Norse

same tbh


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City bItCh

It's not mine tbh

Why did you lie though, lad? Be a big bully, but at least be honest.

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hey look lads, a fucking filthy kike telling us to show compassion to one of their puppets


yeah it was a camping trip or a picnic or something and I cannot fucking find it anywhere

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What's a synonym for enlightened society?

tbh buds

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That blonde girl is built like a house of brick shit

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is it time for illegal menes?

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Being a bully is better than being a nonce.

If the English learnt this 1100 years ago, the saes wouldn't have paid Danegeld smh.

In fact in the end even the Norse to cucked in Celtic land tbf,

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He's half scoobydoo tbh


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real life is like der sturmer comics now

Who the hell buys magazines?



Not many, I deliver like 5 newspapers to a shop. It's really just to have propaganda pushed in your face while you stand waiting in line at the till.

Yeah you know what that means

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Vanity Fair though? What even is it? The women I know are either into utterly normie superhero films and the like, or they're the grungy types who think the shining is the best thing ever and would never buy vanity fair.


That's the cast for Dune. isn't it

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borderline incoherent. This is where i want to be in a few hours tbh. I really miss the alcoholism general that 4/ck/ used to have.

As for me, I am tormented with an everlasting itch for things spicy. I love to post forbidden menes.

it's worse lad


generic rag tbh

This is it so far

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I don't think I've ever seen someone reading it. Tbf you never see anyone reading any magazines these days. Don't even know how they keep printing them.


don't worry lad the rainbow will be ours again soon

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Here's your Atreidas goy

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yeah normally women just go for goss rags, there has to be a few people buying them, at least in the relevant industries tbh

unlimited kike money

the fuck is this

Nice touch

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You can see her nipple come on lad

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he is a decent actor tbh, and vaguely spic which is what he's supposed to be


Isn't he a kike?

prolly, could just be an incidental collision of genetics giving him that phenotype


No fuck way.

how am i supposed to love the queen when she gave a medal to robert mugabe

Oscar Isaac: 'I dropped Cuban name to get more roles… then lost one because they thought I was scoobydooish'

Apparently not but that's just from glossing over his wiki page.

That's why I thought so but that's not his full name.




shit oh god

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fucking filter fags. I swear on me mum If I ever see you irl I'm going to kick you in the family scoobydooels on minecraft


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jej I do that legflip off the floor when I'm hammered as well


Might rewatch game of thrones

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Watch based Jaime's story

no lad

one of the few redeeming qualities of the books and the films tbh

Yeah just stop watching before he comes home and rapes his sister

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How many innocent lads have had their lives ruined because of this shit?

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Keke I remember the outrage over that

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I don't know who you are tbh I didnt see anything

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You now remember the crying about the rape of Sansa.

You forget how rapidly social politics escalated between the time of the first season and that one tbh

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