Mastodon Network - Review

What is Mastodon?

Mastodon is a Twitter alternative that allows anyone to run their own Server that can host users. People make an account on any Server that someone else has set-up. From there, you can “Follow” another user by going to their Profile Page, even if it’s located on another Server. Because all these
machines are running their own version of Mastodon (Called an ‘Instance’).

Their posts, called Toots, will appear in your Home-feed and your Servers Federated timeline.

Fediverse: Derived from the word “Federated” (Smaller entities, united within an alliance), this describes a Network of computers that implement (To put into effect) the ‘ActivityPub’ standard. This is an open-source distribution of Software updates that allows internet servers to interlope with one another. Hence, the word ‘Federated’. However, different programs or ‘Networks’ such as PixelFed (An alternative to Instagram) do not allow you to ‘follow’ their users from the Mastodon Network, even though they use the same protocol.

Internet Protocol: Rules for processing data in a format that can be transmitted between computers.

So content from other networks cannot be viewed without leaving the Mastodon platform. One minor exception to this is when a URL of a PeerTube video is tooted, it will appear directly in your feeds as an mp4 file, instead of just a link. But this is simply not the case with other programs, such as PixelFed.

While it’s possible for external content to be conveyed across different Networks, it is not made clear which Networks can share what information with Mastodon.

Note: Strangely enough, ‘SoundCloud’ music tracks can also be posted to the feed. Complete with the same waveform graphic that you’d find on the main website, instead of a buffer-bar. Perhaps future improvements will allow it’s users to post from outside the Mastodon Network and have it appear in their feeds, but it’s obvious they have a long way to go before that happens.

How to use Mastodon

There isn't a clear guide on how to use its features and what you can or can’t do. After some experimenting, I've put what I found into a condensed list:

(1) The initial Mastodon UI resembles the app called “Tweet-deck” for Twitter users. Here, Several rows of columns display different categories of information simultaneously. This User-interface (UI) is known as the ‘Front-end’ of a server and there are other Front-ends or flavours of Mastodon made for both Desktops and Phones.

Notable examples are:

i. Halcyon (Made to resemble Twitter)

ii. Whalebird (Has an appearance very similar to Discord)

iii. Thedesk (Enhanced version of the default UI that runs on the Desktop)

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Other urls found in this thread:

(2) In the default UI, the first column is a simple combination of a Menu, Search-bar, and a dialogue-box for writing Toots in. Some other options can be expanded upon, next to your profile picture.

In this column’s menu, the first icon gives you a few new options. You can choose to display either the ‘Local’ timeline (Only toots that were made from within the Server your currently logged into) or the ‘Federated’ timeline. This feed shows Toots that were posted by people on other Servers because someone ‘Followed’ them while they were logged-on to this particular Server.

(3) There should also be a “Profile Directory” where you can see all the members of the server.

(4) Direct messages (DM’s): The privacy settings can be adjusted for each individual Toot.

> Public: Your post will appear in both the Local (The Server you’re making the Toot in) and Federated timelines.
> Unlisted: Your Toot will not be posted on either Timeline, but anyone who views your profile can see it.
> Followers-only: Appears in their ‘Home’ column. If you mention someone in the Toot, they’ll be able to see it too.
> Private: Only those mentioned in your Toot are able to see it. This is a Direct Message.

([b]5[/b]) Next, you are given the ability to group together the people you Follow into separate ‘Lists’. Selecting a List will open a column showing all the Toots from those users. This is a feature that Telegram seems to lack.

(6) The other columns :

> Home: This is where the posts from the people you’ve ‘Followed’ appear.
> Notifications: Displays Toots that mention your username or are replying to you.

(7) On Twitter, you can search for posts based on whether they have a particular string (A line of letters, numerals, symbols and punctuation marks). In Mastodon, hashtags are the only way to search for someone’s Toot, besides scanning people’s profiles. If a hashtag you want to make has multiple-words in it, you are expected to write it in Bumpy-text (Camel-case). Named so, because of how each word starts with a Capital letter.

(8) People can mute and block each other, but the Servers themselves can block each other if the domain owner chooses to. Shutting them out of the timelines of all their users.

(9) ‘Boosting’ is said to be the equivalent of a Re-tweet. Apparently, this causes it to appear on the Home-feed of your Followers.

(10) A fun feature is how the Server owner can add custom Emoji’s.

(11) Finding new people: To discover new Mastodon users, (Besides those in the local directory) you’ll need to visit other Servers. A domain usually allows you to view a list of their members, without having to make another Mastodon account there. Also, if you wish to Follow someone from your ‘main’ account, you need to Log-out of that Server if you've done so.


The initial presentation is a damn mess, but it definitely has a LOT of potential. The user-base is a cesspool of Trannies, but setting-up your own server seems to be a simple and straightforward process. If we made a Zig Forums themed Server, it would be blocked by just about every other SJW-snowflake infested Server, which is pretty much the entire Mastodon Network. But if you've ever imagined Twitter being filled with Neo-Nazi’s, we now have that option. How does this compare to Telegram, Discord, Voat, Gab, and most importantly, Zig Forums?

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Isn't the mastodon founder a raging SJW?

There's a lot of good porn on mastodon

SJW-lite. But if Gab can be a Mastodon node, what does it matter.

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you have to go back

The gab node is being banned by most other nodes it seems. So what is the point?

Gab could end up being the biggest non-Japanese node.

Because it doesn't matter talking about this stuff if it has zero reach, if no new people read it.
So, the platform must be popular, otherwise it would be just another Zig Forums.

I'm still not sure what the point of these micro blogging sites is for =/

Hello friend be aware that mastodon is not the network that you should promote if you want positive changes, the creator Eugene (gargron or gargamel) is a Tyrant who's now wearing a clown mask.
Historically Eugene created his own instance/fork of quitter (gnu social) to appeal to communist, furries, antifa and SJWs for patreon money it worked well and journalism of course intervened.
Unfortunately for the fediverse (the federation of gnu social and for instances using the Ostatus protocol) Eugene went turbo rogue and began to datamine any possible data from his users, see this:
More than that he also lied multiple times that adding private messaging was private when obviously it wasn't plus private messaging on a PUBLIC micro blogging software is bloat.
He also began a embrace extend and extinguish scheme against any other fork via multiple methods one of them via journalism was that he told them that he was the sole creator of everything when he obliviously forked quitter and got help from gnu social devs for multiple problems, another was that he forbidded other instances having correctly formed errors which stopped other Gnu social instance to correct possible bugs for that see this link
Another method was to help spreading and making Block lists of instances considered haram with the help of a Microsoft employee see link
Another method was DDOS masked has bugs see link
There's also some strange things going in the background, mastodon replaced the original Ostatus protocol with ActivityPub a protocol that brings nothing new except incompatibility if not correct, it was made by SJW called webber he's the creator of media goblin (and also the guy who forces safe spaces at libreplanet) he proposed ActivityPub to the W3C and by coincidence the microsoft blocklist creator is also a W3C member and ActivityPub of course was immediately accepted.
If you want to promote software see Pleroma, postActiv or simply GS.
Also if you try to get some info about the past of the fediverse on mastodon you'll never get the truth if you stay on it go subscribe on the block listed instances and go ask question there you'll get better answer than this pile of lies

Mastodon Breaks Compatibility with oStatus Federation
Github Issue -
In short, Mastodon's implementation of ActivityPub has resulted in protocol-breaking changes to Mastodon instances that break reply chains federating to GNUsocial, postActiv, and Pleroma. Rather than fix the issue, Gargron has taken to mocking those who would have the oStatus compatibility maintained as Luddites and trolls instead of fixing the problem and cooperating with other developers and instance admins within the federation.
He has also confirmed in several posts that his intent was to Embrace, Extend, and Extinguish the oStatus protocol from the start, and intends to either force GNUsocial instances to conform to his federation protocol by pushing ActivityPub.
Sources -

Stop making Mastodon threads.

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>sees this:

Just look at that abomination.

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Good info, user. So should people be directed toward GS since it uses oStatus? Pleroma is activity pub compliant, isn't it?

I've been thinking about the possibility of a federated image board for a little while, and I was thinking that it should have at least partial support for ActivityPub spec. Would that be the correct direction?

Used this service for around 20 minutes and found nothing but dick pics.

I must be the 30 year old boomer stereotype because these social media sites make zero sense to me.

Mastodon is 100% women pretending to be men and whining all day long. They're attracted to the tumblr interface and the fact that the fucking thing crashes every ten seconds and is made of node and ruby and java and god knows what else all sprinkled with faggotry and EUnomia

protip if you don't want to look like a journo retard, don't post threads about the """mastodon network"""

No. Users should be redirected to the next gaschamber.
Twitter is cancer.

Why would you even want to use some twitter clone? Just post on imageboards faggot.

That's not him, he pays other sjws who are even more retarded than him to post in that account.

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Did he make them retract it? If not he is a turbo SJW.

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Mastodon developer is a cianigger taking money from the EU.

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