Raspberry Pi 4 has been announced. It looks like it's using VC5 because there's actually 1GB 2GB and 4GB versions

Raspberry Pi 4 has been announced. It looks like it's using VC5 because there's actually 1GB 2GB and 4GB versions.
ARM Cortex-A72 @1.5GHz, Wifi, Bluetooth, GbE, and USB3, as well as 2 micro HDMI ports.

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who fucking cares?

I know, right? Who wants supported ARM single boards? According to one of the developers, it's VC6 but uses the VC5 V3D driver.

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For what purpose would anyone need two micro HDMI ports?

gentle reminder that the Pis all need proprietary firmware blobs to even boot and are slaved to the Videocore. Might as well stick with x86 at that point.

So I see a lot of hate for the raspi going around, didn't realize it was a "thing". The alternatives seem to be mostly Chinese nano versions or bigger more bulky looking models. What would you guys suggest?

It looks like they're still using the nasty micro USB power connector.

Nah, usb-C, which itself has become a clusterfuck

Not only that, the VPU actually runs an embedded realtime OS. Pretty sure it's glowing.

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I haven't kept up with these after buying the pi2 which was clearly designed by retards. I'm going to assume this is still the case because of their SJW virtue signaling

Seems to work great as a Tor node. No traffic except for the pozzed to shit chromium that shows up. I'm tempted to buy a Chinese alternative, but those are probably compromised too.

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consume product

That says it all.

4gb 55$ + tax + shipping + special snowflake power brick
uhhhh just buy a used laptop lol

honestly this. If you arent even going to use the gpio ports or anything special it comes with. You can get a much more powerful and more capable computer from craiglist or eBay for the same cost and it will have a screen keyboard and power supply.




If you want to save power you can clock down your CPU in yout shittop. There wouldnt be meaningful difference in power consumption. At the same time if you wanted to run more powerful applications you can still while with the raspberry pi you are stuck with your slow chip.

fuck off with your miniature connectors, I hate dongles

My pi zero w's can crash when struck by indirect sunlight. The beams are not hitting the board directly, just box holding it. Is it EMI related or does this board not thermal throttle properly? I don't know if only the W does this, this is the only board I use near the elements. Imagine if your phone turned off whenever you went outside.

You can buy an atomic pi with power delivery for about $50 on amazon. Next tier up is $100 of old x86 computer parts.

you can take $5 off with a coupon

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It is if you're paying for it you litteral nigger.

Just put it inline with a device that inspects packets like PFSense and see if there are is anything sketchy in the logs.

Retard, I do rent a house and pay all my own bills. My computers amount to less of my electrical bill than literally any other appliance, or the lights, or the fart fan in the bathroom. The biggest part of the bill is the HVAC, and I have natural gas heat, so only the cooling is on electrical; and my house is well insulated so my bill is pretty cheap anyway. And that's with always running my bedroom ceiling fan on low if I'm in the room, since I can't sleep well without air circulation and the breeze is comfy anyway.. I might pay a dollar a month to power my laptop and two dollars for my desktop, max. I reiterate - a laptop takes less energy than a lightbulb. I don't believe you're even 18.

Good luck throwing 50 bucks in the trash

Search for "rpi camera shy"

It's true, if your computer doesn't sit at a few hundred watts 24/7, the bill impact is pretty low, especially if power is cheap to begin with in your country/area. There are many people that just leave their computers on all day, a good impact on cost and environmental help such people can make for cheap and with little effort is turning it off/putting it to sleep when they're not using it. You don't really have to buy a shitty notebook with the pubes of the previous owner in the keyboard though. A modern x86 itx system is not that expensive, especially when you build it yourself.

If you are concerned about the environment, buying something like the Pi is also the last thing you should do. There's kind of an "energy debt" producing and selling anything creates in our modern society. That debt is higher than people think. To really "justify" some of these electrical appliances, you'd sometimes have to use them for decades. That's what the eggheads mean when they talk about our lifestyles being "not sustainable". If you replace your 35W Laptop with a 5W SBC, you're not only not really saving power in a meaningful way (you'd take a long-ass time to break even on the price) you're also hurting the environment since that 5W SBC has to be produced and delivered for you and eats much more energy in the process than you using your old laptop would do. Here buying used is actually the environmentally friendly way.

Getting a cheap, useful entry-level computer for basic work is a solved problem in any modern western society. They are abundant. Everyone who says different either knows very little about computers or is lying through their teeth. I don't know if the Fundation advertises the Pis as "green option" (vs. regular computers) but if they do so then that'd be extra dishonest since these things get pushed on nerds that don't really use them for anything and they also refresh them every few months with incremental updates which only adds to the trashheap as people then get the new one they also don't need.

What if you live a country where power is not cheap? Am i finally alloed to use a raspi without underage faggots on Zig Forums throwing a hissy fit?

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That's weird, but you can buy all the Banana Pi Zeros you want, and those don't need the VideoCore boot blob.

Dunno. You're an adult. Do your own math. I bet most people in this thread don't even know what the kilowatt-hour costs them. Most people don't.

It's because nerds were getting scalped by people buying them up by the dozens and reselling them on eBay at an inflated price and it made the vendors and the Pi foundation look bad.

What fucking lightbulbs are you using?

A medium brightness, regular size incandescent bulb uses 60 watts of power, and that is what the vast majority of bulbs are. If you spend more you can get equivalent performance CFL or LED bulbs that use less wattage, but you're talking about increasing price per bulb from under 50 cents each to $2 and $8 or even more a piece. Not all fixtures can use those newer types of bulbs, and with LEDs in particular if they aren't covered you run the risk of eye damage. Can you not read or is your house lit with fucking Christmas lights? I was right, there is no way you're an adult if you've never seen a lightbulb.

user I know you're trying to make us sound retarded but you're doing the exact opposite.

I came here to rant that this piece of shit has abandoned micro USB in favour of SJWUSB type c.
Had until pi 3 (fact i'm not proud of) but i will be better off from now on with atomic pi or others.
That piece of bloated shit has become dumber and worse tbh so i won't regret not having them anymore around my house.

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Fuck off boomer

So more ram is good.
Is the new cpu affected by spectre?
Duel hdmi is retarded, who the fuck is going to use duel monitors with this thing? The only real reason is to use a thin client in a business but you could do better with cheaper.
I'm going to wait until some testing happens before even thinking about getting one. It just seems like a paper weight like before unless it has better performance.
Also you could have gotten a rock64 or an odroid instead.

Raspberry Pi's have long ago fallen too my point of view.
When I began to learn LFS I quickly learned that the raspberry pi wasn't fully free software usable that was a big downside that left me skeptic to new products.
But when the raspberry pi creators took the marketing pill to sell without regards to computing and abusing gullible customers I abandoned all hope in these.
No user it does not interest me. Having a company that produce closed hardware and abuse the mental condition of their customers to sell more products repulses me.

Absolutely kino arguments. You sure showed how a cheapo laptop power supply literally adds a hundred dollars to your electrical bill. Fucking moron.

Or you can hit craigslist and get a pretty good used PC for that much.

You must be baiting me. All of my desk electronics combined draw 150W idle. You're telling me you use so many 60W incandescents that your lighting uses more power than things that actually need it. Fuck out of here retard.

LEDs don't work well with dimmers.

Can't turn a pc into a tor wifi quadcopter snagging free wifi off of buildings with an antenna, user.

Or an AV recon drone with a wwan HAT on a pi, to use phone towers as a radio signal. And control it all via onboard cam... on i3... while playing tetris on another window..

one can dream:^]

fuck off
Arduino can do those tasks much better; also banana pi among others.
The fact that a simple camera can shut it down at distance makes your retarded ideas sound even more retarded when you consider this was posted before

And to be honest, is not that RPI started bad. On the contrary, it had a nice goal and starting point, it seemed like it could have future, but went full retard on each successive release.
Good luck with your bloated piece of shit paper weight

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But you can buy dimming LEDs if you're really bored. IIRC one state requires LEDs to have adjustable wattage toggles on them so you can pretend you're dimming.

Personally I just get whatever Home Depot's store brand of LEDs is called and stick them in the sockets. No mess no fuss it just works.

>being illiterate and having no argument so he has to strawman and leave out the detail of an entire fucking household electrical system

Still waiting to hear how a low end laptop with a 45W power supply is going to make you broke.

Not really shilling it, just saying, and I wasn't even aware of that unit. Only recently been acquainted with several models because of DietPi.

based boomer

Go back to cuckchan if you don't know shit about technology. The /g/ay club is two doors down.

Winning was never an option.

adding, it's ppl like you who take the fun out of tech, user. I don't even honestly know why people keep calling it socjuspi, what is it funding antifa or something? damn. Not everybody is up to speed with your sperg bs. How about explaining WHY it's a bad idea to consume raspberry pi's? That would be a good start.

Not like buying anything tech now a days is even worth it, with how compromised it all is anyway.

Only fluorescent tubes need external ballasts you fucking mong. Are you going to install a BULB on a socket for a TUBE? Yeah, didn't think so.

I was about to order a Pi 3A from Adafruit actually. Now I want a Pi 4.

Connection to dual HDMI monitors to stream porn on.

They've gotten a bad rap because they're recommended and used by latte sipping e-celeb soyos who give off the impression that Arduino and Raspberry Pi are the end all be all of electronics, and blinking a LED or plugging in and reading a sensor with a function from a library is fucking l33t or something.
Plus a lot of these reddit soyboys don't actually know shit about tech so they use these things in places where a used laptop, or a cheap Android phone, or a microcontroller would be a better option.
Why do you faggots who are ignorant about Zig Forums topics and Zig Forums culture always seem to put a newline between paragraphs?

I just wanna learn to control drones with the damn thing.. or robots.

Unfortunately, it is. Cortex A-53 hardware is probably the fastest on the market without speculative execution.


You fucking ask me buddy

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You mean home made RC cars? Because acual robots cost tens of thousands of dollars if not hundreds and come with the control hardware and software included. And putting together a "robot" that's actually useful for anything is basically impossible for a hobbyist.
Drones are more doable, but you're probably not going to spend the thousands of hours it'd actually take to write the software for a drone. And that's where the meme for the RPi sitting in a drawer comes from. People buy those things thinking they'll make robots and drones but they end up collecting dust.

Have you at least tried visiting their webpage?
They departed from the mission of "building all-in-one mini computer device for hacking and learning" to "promote social justice warrior values in computing / electronics" - leaving the self taught skills on the background if at all.
Their devices might seem still overall good from the technical point of view, but is compromised, bloated, not cheap, filled with "bugs" like the shy camera, and the device is being ruined with every delivery to appeal to their main fanbase which is illiterate soyboys (for example: addition of inbuilt wifi and bluetooth which is difficult to disable and even then i suspect it just cannot be fully deactivated - i wonder ((( why ))) - or the removal of amply available micro USB in favor of USB C for power input, removal of normal HDMI socket so now you should buy yet another mini hdmi adapter, or from the economic point of view it has betrayed it's 35$ mantra by being more costly with this new release).
Too long and too many errors to list at the moment, but you get the point. It all went downhill from RPI 2 in my opinion, with the removal of video composite. What's next? removal of jack 3.5"?
It was supposed to be a useful device for learning to interface with electronics, for programming, not a fucking "desktop computer device". I won't be surprised if they remove the GPIO ports next. They are at that level of retardedness.

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Has anyone got any x86 single board alternatives?

Preferably a quad core with at least 4 Gigs of RAM.


I guess you can look at the VIA Eden X4.

The best thing is that the embedded RTOS the Pis all have also has a TCP/IP stack. The average /r/linux or "hacker""news" soyboys lose their mind over that shit in x86 but with the Pi it's a-ok because there's a black woman in the advertisements/nobody told them to be outraged about it.

I can get the desktop thing though, many people want a small (as in space and power saving) desktop arm system. I know I do. Sadly it doesn't happen, not because the hardware doesn't exist (it did already long before the Pi 4) but because all the licensing bullshit and general unwillingness of the corporations to cooperate makes it impossible for good drivers to exist that aren't either terribly written binary blobs or weren't hacked into some 3.x kernel by some random chinese engineer. (hacks that are impossible to port to newer kernel versions because they're bad and all over the place) I think the i.MX processors from freescale are the only ones that are properly supported (including graphics stack) but they're a mess and buggy (as in: buggy in hardware) and they also eat a lot of power.

They were dishonest about everything from the get go through. They advertised the first Pi as this generations C64 and it would've been if the C64 would've been an incredibly locked down black box where nobody knew how the graphics even worked. Some of the young ones might not know this but the C64 was incredibly open hardware. Commodore made no secret about how anything worked. The user manual included full board schematics and clear descriptions how the custom ICs worked, registers and everything. Same with the Amiga later on. The Handbook of my Amiga 500 that came with the machine included enough information for a programmer to write programs using their custom chipset and doing fancy graphics shit. It also included enough information for you to build a memory expansion by yourself if you were an electrical engineer. None of the ARM boards, either the Pis nor any other ones, were ever anything like that. You're lucky if get a description of the GPIO pins. Broadcom eventually, after much humming and hawing, released some detail about the videocore but it was still pretty incomplete last time I checked. The Pi is even more locked down than some of the chinese ones in that regard. You can get a User Manual for the A20 for example at least. Besides the specs, there's also zero information about the Pi 4s SoC. I doubt there ever will be.

It's really sad that we won't ever see a well supported and truly open ARM SoC because the hardware of some is really nice on paper. It's all corporate bullshit basically.

One point I do agree with them on is the USB-C port though. micro usb was not made to supply that amount of power ARM SoCs need (without battery buffer tablets and smartphones have) and the USB-C connector is a clear step up. Seeing how the Pi 4 is more power hungry than every other one before it, it probably would not have worked with micro-usb to begin with, things were already iffy with the Pi 3 in that regard. Still, the only SBC I've seen that does this actually right is the Cubietruck with a barrel connector.

No, it's a deliberate attempt to prevent people from building their own cheap clusters. You'll have to buy the expensive ones, goy!

Building Pi Zero clusters is retarded.

Does anyone actually have an i.MX6 based ARM SBC? They're kinda expensive but pretty much the only ones the fsf fully approves of and also the only ones who seem to be fully supported by mature mainline drivers.

The Olimex boards also have good power supplies. Actually I prefer the way the A20-OLinuXino-MICRO can accept an input voltage range, instead of only 5V. That makes it easier to find power supplies that can support a SATA disk. For my Cubietruck, I had to special order a 5V/3A power supply, but having the option to use e.g. 12V would have made things easier. That also means you can also directly connect it inside a vehicle without losing power at the inverter. The other nice thing about those Olimex boards is they have option for industrial temperature range, which again is good for use in vehicles that are explosed to cold and heat (or for other applications that are exposed to the elements).
But I use my Cubietruck indoors as as "desktop" and it works fine for me this way because I totally ignored the modern expectations of what a "desktop computer" is. I don't care at all about using the GPU, and I don't care about modern web or video games, and even download the youtube videos with "youtube-dl -f worst". I have my display resolution set to 800x600, and I do almost everything in a terminal, and preferably in the framebuffer console. That's pretty much how it worked when I had a 486 with 4 (and later 8) MB RAM, and I don't get any benefit from GUI bloat (and crap like systemd). Frankly most of the "progress" that happened since is a lot of bullshit. Like Terry Davis would say, everyone has been jedi mind-tricked into a cianigger prison. And you'll never get anywhere good this way, until you take a step back and restart again without making the same mistakes that led to this mess we're in. In the meantime, don't forget to set your grunt path, my dudes.
youtube-dl -f worst lKXe3HUG2l4

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OP was master baiting by starting an SBC/SoC thread with RPi, but all the sperging out over ARM is embarrassing.

This is a HUGE problem. Looking through lists of SBCs, I see dozens of models with supposed MSRPs of $5-$15 that retail for >$40 and aren't even available on eBay for under $20.

Even completely ignoring the far higher efficiency of LED, incandescents burn out >60x faster than LEDs, so you're still going to spend more on lights

Note that if you're stuck with a fluorescent fixture, there are LED bars designed to fit those, too.

I can't believe that, not just ARM SBCs, but ARM Android phones, STILL don't have something like UEFI, Open Firmware, ARCS, or whatever to define a common interface between hardware and the OS.

It is fucking impossible to install different OSs on ARM hardware, even different versions of the same OS, without a bespoke binary blob by the device manufacturer, or a handcoded jury rigged hack buried under 9000 layers of machine translated Russian forum posts.

This. There is literally nothing wrong with USB-C, the old USB connectors (retard olympics gold for having separate A & B connectors) were absolute garbage, just like everything else Intel has ever made.
Barrel connectors are terrible because they have often have mystery meat voltage/wattage/polarity, and come in a bazillion ever so slightly different sizes.

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What's wrong with USB-C?

Barrel connectors are simple & reliable though, and that's what's important. Plus you can get adaptors to change sizes, if you don't have the exact match. As for voltages, almost every board wants 5V and always more amps than what the tiny connectors on micro SD port can allow to flow.

I mean micro USB port. Anyway those aren't worth the trouble they cause.

If you're the same guy that posts all over the place about his cubietruck, you inspired me to buy one and I had a lot of fun with it. I'm currently considering getting one of these waveshare e-paper screens. I saw some cool example code for using them as terminal and there is a newer and bigger (9.7") screen that supports partital refresh which would be very helpful for refresh speed. Always wanted an e-paper terminal but the two commercial chink solutions avaible suck. Also since e-paper draws very little power, the cubietruck supports charging a lithium battery and the A20 only sips energy, you could probably build an eink computer that'd literally last forever on appropiate-sized battery.

where do you even get it so cheaply? all stores that sell the pi here sell it for about 50€. could just get a old real computer with that money that performs much better than some arm garbage.

I didn't read this thread yet but where are they actually in stock?

why would a dollar or two matter when everyone has high paying tech jobs? people here get paid millions every year while doing barely anything so some extra $20 in the electricity bill is nothing.

For two monitors.

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That's the wrong target group. It's not aimed at desktop use and if you used it for that you'd still get more out of it if the money was invested into ram and cpu cycles or a god damn sata port.
Last I checked it had like 1GB DDR2 ram which isn't enough for shit.
And what do you need USB3 for an a low power computer?

I can see it being used for ghetto DIY VR or digital signage systems (throw in a vga666 board for the latter and 3 displays).
That said, micro-hdmi connectors have dissapointed me more than once.

It doesn't have to be aimed at desktop use. You could use board to show infomercials in a waiting room or whatever, with two screens at different angles or opposite directions.
Cubietruck and A20-OLinuXino-MICRO also have two monitor ports, but one is VGA.

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>Not reading about its social justice warrior (((values)))
They chose to stop being a tech firm and concentrate on being a wing of political agenda a long time ago.

2nd pic is typical
One nigger doing fuck all
One dyke doing fuck all
One STEM wamenz doing fuck all
One CIS white male coding
but "It was a team effort"

Well fuck.

Are you retarded or just willfully ignorant? Their target for this is desktop use. It's says right in the first fucking post, up to 4GB RAM.

The Odroid C2 and Rock64 hardware are pretty decent and they both have a GPU which will get support built into Linux 5.2.

Alright I see. I had seen those images before, the cartoon ones, but I guess I ignored it and thought, whatever, not like it's coming directly from any of these leftists anyway. eBay.

I mean it's pretty bad any way you look at it, most of the products we're buying are made in China. The Chinese are great at replicating products, but it's still bad to be dumping money on China, given their governments treatment of their population.

Will they run under linux-libre ?

Yes, that's the plan. The opensource mali drivers have been worked on and off and it didn't make a lot of sense to hope before, but now the developments have actually been merged into the mainline kernel and mesa respectively, so it's time to be cautiously optimistic. I heard a lot of stuff still doesn't work, though. I wonder what X11 acceleration is like. On the A20 with fbturbo it was pretty good together with the sunxi legacy kernel as it took advantage of hardware features like the mixer processor the A10/20 has. I doubt these drivers will and they'll probably focus more on generic glamor. Still, better than nothing. It can make a huge difference especially at higher resolutions. I don't really care about 3D acceleration otherwise personally. It's these developments of actually supporting the hardware of the SoC (GPU, crypto accelerator etc.) that actually make them useful in the end, as it's pretty bad for them if the CPUs have to do everything, as these just simply aren't very fast.

If that bothers you, then buy european-made SBC from Olimex, they're a bulgarian company. Granted, the Allwinner SoC like A20 or A53 is made in China, but even they license their processor designs from ARM Holdings, which is a british company that goes all the way back the late 80's when the very first Acorn RISCOS computers were made there.

what are your thougths on Orange Pi?

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social media post under them seem to enjoy uploading multiple post about the same topic. their picture is also celebrating pride month which just show me that they only care about marketing than their original goal.


Allwinner chips have the advantage that they have a relatively big and active community (for ARM) around them that's very interested in mainlining the hardware because it's so cheap and abundantly available. It's probably the best alternative to the Pi, especially if the free, reverse engineered Lima drivers mature. Also you can get them up and running without firmware blobs. No thanks to the manufacturer though. Allwinner is a chinese company that in typical chinese fashion gives no shits about the opensource community and is, also in typical chinese fashion, a notorious GPL violator. There are many ARM SoCs that are technically better but there the manufacturers don't even pretend to give a shit about the linux kernel or opensource. Best and most mature support still belongs to the i.MX6. It is expensive and it's getting kinda up there in age though. The newer i.MX7 and 8 don't see much mainlining activity sadly.

I thought librem were mainlining stuff for the 8

Most Pi's are actually made in a British factory owned by Sony, did you know that? You just spoke shit against your European ancestors.

I picked up a 4GB model at my local MicroCenter and am running some Phoronix tests on it.

Video is 720p h.265. Everything is very smooth.

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Is it still complete ass to get Netflix and Amazon prime video running on one? I know the latter has been a complete ass since the bitchfight between Amazon and Google ended up with Amazon clamping down on their streaming thingy but I personally don't care enough to check why.
Got some less tech inclined friends whose got a The Grand Tour addiction.

Stick to android for that stuff, much easier. linux userland is not really friendly to multimedia. Lots of SBCs out there that have reasonable Android images. Or just get a firestick or sth.

Teach him how to use bittorrent and stop giving his money to jews