Say something nice about Lennart

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Who's that. Looks a lot like me. So he's one ugly motherfucker

He proved that windows like development works fine with unix like development.
Making linux more accesable to the rest of the world and not just a small group of hippie hobbyists


At least he isn't a LARPer

thanks to pulseaudio i learned the kill command.

thanks to him i ditched the absolute joke of a distro (archlinux) for slackware and became the loonix master

Unironically true, SysV init and Upstart were slow as molasses. systemd is one of the few parts of this operating system that works as intended. I can immediately make GTK programs lock up and crash and KDE programs are horrible to compile. Anything related to graphics is incredibly inconsistent, multi monitor setups are still wacky as hell, 32 bit libs are being thrown out long before 2038 by many distros, and nobody can actually figure out the issue of portable binaries (Appimages are not portable binaries at this time). There is hardly any point to GNU/Linux for non-server users if you don't use a source based distribution (or at least partially source based) beyond the drivers and maybe the available filesystems.
Posting from a non-systemd machine.

Lennart is not the zodiac killer.
Lennart did not cause the fall of the Roman empire.
Lennart did not rule Yugoslavia with an iron fist.
Lennart did not win a golden raspberry. Yet.
Lennart did not leave an upper decker in your toilet.
Lennart is not helping the space mutants collect purple objects.
Lennart did not write the worst poetry in the universe.
Lennart flushes after taking a shit. Probably.

It actually isn't. It is intended as a replacement for sysvinit, and it just actually cannot replace it. Like, not because of muh initscripts, but because initscripts in fact provide more functionality than systemd. Well, if you write them and use all the software Linux ecosystem provides, I mean. Systemd cannot replace that yet. xD

Its not just a replacement for init, its a service manager. It is working exactly as intended, to force the userland into a service based paradigm. There was never any plan for things to work like they did before, you are just confused like many other users were. Sure, it does many things that can make life harder for someone trying to directly configure things from the bottom up, but that is not what Canonical, Red Hat, SUSE Linux, Google, Microsoft (they're deep in Linux now), Oracle, and the average low standards Ubuntu user care about.
Only a small minority still go without a service manager (not necessarily systemd) these days due to the changes in the ecosystem. It obviously is working as intended, even if you don't like it.

You didn't hear it right. I hate it mostly not because it's a service manager, but because it is a shitty service manager. It's trash. Shit pretends to have features it doesn't. Shit is nowhere near the svchost.exe LMAO. Take that shit outta my system right into /dev/null alright. Praise Patrick.

This! Poettering has unironically made me appreciate the power of the command line and minimalism.

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Lennart has followed Peter's list to the letter
Lennart did not cause the fall of germany
Lennart did not cause the nuking of japan with firebombs yet?
Lennart did not cause any nuclear reactor meltdowns yet, will happen for sure
Lennart did not kill the czar of russia
Lennart did not create fake israel
Lennart did not marry a kike
Lennart is not your daddy
Lennart is not a kike
Lennart is not a agent of the NSA
Lennart is amazing at his job as an agent of the CIA.
Lennart has a nice glow to him
Lennart increases appreciation of minimalism and security in computing

He made free software

he's a handsome boi

Well yeah, systemd couldn't catch up with less years of development overall/smaller development team, and it probably never will catch up. But usually there are no systemd problems for the average user to solve. Usually it is a problem with some garbage dreamed up by idiots that just interfaces with systemd. If your standards are the overall Windows setup, just give up now, userland developers are often absurdly stupid, or if they have gotten the right ideas they can't keep up with an army of QA drones and deep pockets that Microsoft has. But then again Microsoft is getting into Linux (yes, the kernel) usage so who knows.

They pushed it into Fedora after like a year of shitting their code out. THIS is the problem. I don't give much fucks about philosophy, but I will NOT let that garbage code into parts of my system that critical. This is fucking retarded. Also everybody soon enough just ate that garbage from production right up. Debian was fighting until like 2015, I don't remember.
Also we may return to it being a service fucking manager. It's really not. It's more than that and less than that. It is loosely defined piece of shit that you either let in and let Poettering fuck you over and over, or you ignore until maybe they settle down with their model, alright? Fucking joke of a project with fucking joke of a company (Red Hat). Fuck'em.

Sells annual subscriptions to old versions of free open source software. US Gov biggest customer. Worth $30 Billion more than you.

You're right. They are a joke. Not a role model I'd like my kids to emulate, that's for sure. I even heard them laughing on the way to the bank.

I think about raping him I might rape him!

He will get loads of cash once a deal will be made with Microsoft

he is very handsome and nearly singlehandedly standardized the Linux OS. quite an accomplishment.