Brit/pol/ #2676: TERF Edition

U.K. to trigger no-deal Brexit plans a week before deadline

Pakistan to move troops from western to eastern border amid growing tension with India

Pakistan vows 'full force' response if India attacks over Kashmir bombing

University suspends student Ukip member, 19, who sparked outrage by saying the NHS should not be free to immigrants and complained about the 'Islamisation' of Britain during class discussions

'Those who go to extremism will not change': Jihadi bride Shamima Begum's neighbours says the 19-year-old is lying about wanting to change her ways to get back into Britain and should be punished

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Second for Jeff Bezos' cousin.

spiritual beings probably laugh at our focus on three dimensional BIGism tbh

smh anprims and deep ecologists are legit all posers and thats especially gay when their entire ideology and scene is based off the belief that the world is going to be destroyed if they dont stop it.

For them

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if shit ever gets back under control 90% of women are going to have to do some major damage control

The eyebrows crack me up

I don't mind the uncle ted lot tbh but I agree they are mostly posers.

would smash their heads in with a hammer
on fortnight


Abrahadabra was something I learned through Crowley, saying it was the most potent spell known tbh… Interesting to see it translated and employed in plain sight.

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remember when fortnite released that new map on 22 March 2017 and a crazy muslim just ran into parliaments court yard and it turns out there's only two guys with guns there at any time?

'ate sorcery

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Discovering that witchcraft is as powerful today as it was in the age of John Dee and popes with grimoires; that's the real redpill.

Literally cannot get my head around it. How did this happen and become so popular? So retarded and unattractive.

angry birds had a strong subconscious influence on women, tbh

Looks like the Eye of Horus, tbh.

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When I see your slags I am reminded of our thots in Burgerland. It must be some weird Atlantian Atavism but their brains can't handle the change, thus we get sharpie eyebrows.

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I've forgotten half the shit I used to read about these topics and even my own old intuitions about it but I still find it hard to doubt that there isn't a large element of the elite that still actively utilises and believes in these methods of symbolism and association in order to affect real world change, and in essence 'change reality', and it's a large factor in this forever war. On its most basic level what are contracts? What is money? If you read the word 'water' on paper do you get thirsty? Can you drink the ink on the page? I'm going to drink the pint infront of me instead and go to bed instead.


Good slav

There is no doubt that the only reason ((they)) have stayed on top for so long is because they know and have employed the esoteric secrets through the ages.

It's all too easy to dismiss if one is not aware of that world, but that just makes it more powerful than it otherwise would be.

eyes wide shut was a documentary

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Read the golden bough and the ahrimannic deception lad magic is all part of the nonce schema implemented by the scoobydoos to suppress the apollonian spirit and christ impulse so we can all live in a VR furry matrix dystopia paid for by toiltokens

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That is just gyaru girls

A lot of things about women baffle me tbh
Yup, that's some kino ragefuel

It's quite easy to stay out of the mind-prison, as most on here have. What's quite difficult is maintaining a "normal" life in the contemporary world doing so tbh.

wtf is this shit? is this part of the theory that the queen owns America? i hate how gay all this freemason club stuff is.


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quick run down of free masons?

Is this heaven?

Hebraic subcontractors.

Sure smells like it.

Balto-Slavic folk music is more comfy than it should tbh,

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Share some lad.

Try to go easy on the drink tonight lad

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Going to grill some naan bread with a bit of cheese and spring onion before bed tbh. It will strengthen me for toil on the morrow.

Yeah I can't just idly dismiss this stuff, resonates too much with sense and observed population manipulation. The same 'esoteric' systems are being used to control even whether the alleged controllers know they're doing it or not, half the time they're probably just ignorant and only know 'this thing works and is industry standard to sell my thing so I'll use it' without even thinking of the why.

Creepy crackers and wet grass.

AAAAAAAAH I've been meaning to read it for about a decade but never have, only things that reference it. Put it on the top of my to read list lad.

Okay lad.

It was Wales vs England, lad.

i've been drinking slowly today, i'm a pro at the weekend taper off. it's better to do a sunday session and actually sleep before monday's toil than to go sober on sunday and lie awake in bed on sunday night.



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They worship Satan. See this page:

The Duke of Kent is the (visible?) head of global Freemasonry.

I saw we get rid of the freemasons purely because they are kinda boring.

some System Resistance Network dafty got arrested for setting a masonic lodge on fire

Good lad.

in minecraft I hope

A Canadian singer I believe….

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Considering it was SRN, it would've been in meincraft.

Toil in 5 hours

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This one too is nice and I don't care if one says that I have a bias.

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this, the gayness and they boringness are grounds for the state to force transparency on them. Why are le secret clubs like this allowed?

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its a mystery

*googles GMT plus 4hrs countries*

yep, just as i suspected, my diagnosis? - wog.

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Toil in 9 hours

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explain this libtards

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You are a very rude person for saying such a thing. Can't you understand that we are all brothers…?

A reboot of super nanny?

I like to go on Trump's Instagram comments when of these photo opportunities with bleks. The civnat, DR3 posts are beyond a parody.

Hable por favor en inglés?

Are shared*

There's at least one man in drag in that picture.

I love slags so much

Pepperoni pizza for dinner

How would you even begin to court a muzzie lass who is so pretty and obviously likes you tbh?

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I caught her looking at me about 4 times today

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I thought it had a 'c' in it, not an 'h'. Or is it some arabic pronunciation or some balls?

Un le Angles? Oi oi. Por negativo numero seite de a hora Uu Te Ce. Sorry, I am not fluent.

In english?

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lad you see this rubio gadaffi tweet? he should unironically face hellfire for that. what a pathetic coward.

no I have not seen it

Yeah he needs fucking shooting tbh

in minecraft with a bow and arrow

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I am not fluent in Latin, French, Spanish, etc. like I should be. However, I am more than fluent in English and even to some degree Middle-English (((Norman))).

I hate republicans tbf

Sick fuck.

andrew yang 2020
The neocons make my blood boil they are the same in the uk, pure evil.

God damn I need to improve myself soon. I'm trapped.

he is a sick sick bastard, who raised him. psycho

wait this was the thing in Leeds?
if so kek


smdh I don't feel comfortable voting for a chicom to be in charge smdh. boomers fucked everything why couldn't it be white guys versus white guys

by killing yourself in minecraft

We are ruled over by fucking demons.

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Tunisian street fighters need representation to.


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wish alex jones did voices in anime

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I dated one when I was younger, just talk to her lad. She was the same kept looking at me.

She was well fit as well but we only only ever used to do stuff at work lunch break. I could never get her out on weekends etc and she was always terrified on the phone about her brothers hearing her.

Being a young retarded normie I just pied her as I was getting bored. It was only later I realised she was probably risking getting facemelted to even go with me on lunchtimes and I sacked her off like it was nothing.

Feels bad tbh.

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wish anime girls were real lads