R/The_Donald has been quarantined

Discuss free speech alternatives to leddit.


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Fo back

You can have your free speech in the gas chambers.

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kill yourself

rubin is a jew btw

remember when reddit removed /jailbait/ and Zig Forums removed /hebe/?
they don't want men to see that kids and teens are sexy as fuck and superior to adult whores
do you fuck children? or watch CP?

there is Voat, but I doubt it's free speech and it doesn't allow registrations

tripfagging is stupid and voting is retarded

voat sucks

wow Zig Forums has gone to literal shit

I don't know any free speech websites except some obscure onion forums

internet is owned by biggest corporations and they hate free speech

Kill yourself sicko.

A free speech alternative to a link aggregator?
Are you fucking serious?

No, Zig Forums went to shit in 2016, I'm just making sure Zig Forumsacks and their cronies know whats up

He's just as hypocritical and childish as the far left, and so are his followers.
So call me a filthy centrist all you want, but good riddance.

Go back from wince ye came fowl demon


/po/acks should go back to their stinky and disgusting containment board. They are not welcome here in this corner of the internet.

They don't contribute anything to society, they should focus on bettering themselves rather than take the easy route and blame everything on their scapegoat of their choise whether it's jews, blacks.

You don't want free speech you want a place where your views are renforced. voat is the perfect fit for you as it's literally reddit but with right wing views enforced instead of left.

sage cause this is politics not tech

This is completely obtuse. We're discussing free speech and the implications for subreddit being quarantined. No one cares about your shitty political opinions.

I don't want that you manchild. Voat is shit.

fuck off

Why would you respond to trannypol?

I think Zig Forums is the only forum that satisfies :

1) Free from rampant political censorship
2) Open to the public
3) Possible to post anonymously on
4) Used by more than 100 people
5) Isn't totally fucked in the ass by payment processors / ISP's

Not even 4chan meets these requirements any more.

voat is unmaintained last i checked. or maybe they went the Zig Forums route and dont publish updates to github anymore.

They also quarantined the commie subs you retard. They want to keep cancerous politishit off the front page

4chon hasn't been free from political censorship for years

what a travesty

and nothing of value was lost

it should be reddit guarantees its biggest headache because now its gone political over petty bullshit and expect backfire like google has been getting for years

from who?
some corporate worshiping lolbertian magapede/cuckservative?

Did leftypol write their own thesaurus? because it looks like you learned a lot of buzzwords today

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Sure smells like natsoc in here. I give it a couple more posts before they start yelling about jewish weather control.



Have you never been on Zig Forums or something?


people are retarded here
on one hand pol represents the entirety of this site, then they send ppl to reddit for same shit
this topic is full of fenceshitters and sjws

just go back

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Why do Zig Forumsacks seem to think the world revolves around them?

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Epic commentary, fellow old/tech. Poignant and helpful; please post more frequeently. We need more hot takes from you. I'm going to take a break and reflect on your latest post, it's just that good. Thanks again for posting.

What do you mean?

What the hell do they expect when they put their trust in that fatass to unfuck things?

Pedos get the bullet too you disgusting faggot

notabug.io is the only good reddit alternative

Not a fan of the leddit interface; but it's still interesting though

What do you guys think about people moving to Pleroma? Only thing is the interface seems to suck and I can't follow threads easily, it's so confusing. Another problem is everyone I talk to about it has never heard of it. There seems to be a nice looking fediverse redditclone/link sharer but it's in very early development by one dev who is taking time off of it anyways too. Without a mobile app we can't get a lot of traction.

The microblogging format has two downsides:
1. - Character limits make in-depth discussion extremely awkward.
2. - Information is arranged around _users_ as opposed to arranged by topic

Two is a big drawback, if you ask me. You might get exposed to information that you didn't know to look for in the first place by following a particular user, but you also are not easily able to follow information about specific themes or topics.Hashtags help, but then how do you sort the posts? Popularity of the poster? We're right back to the problem of admins and social-engineers gaming the algorithm to boost certain opinions and you just become other-Twitter.

Anonymous posting is good because people just speak their minds (even if it's stupid).

I am ""surprised"" that nobody has attempted ##assassination## on trump, YET! :D

holy fuck i live for these posts. ty user

They quarantined the commie subs because they were created by literally nazibolfags


You will never fight back and will gladly join the left in attacking anyone who does.

Make a sub here and tell the niggers there to mass migrate here