Brit/pol/ #2677: Party of Allah Edition

Hezbollah to be added to UK list of terrorist organisations

Labour prepared to back new Brexit referendum

UK experiences winter temperatures above 20C for first time

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cant wait for the heatwave next summer fucking luv sitting in a puddle of sweat lying next to two fans

fetan jayid

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'ate summer me

lads I just took 600mgs of modafinil at 5am this morning and just finished a 300 page short story without taking a piss or a shit and I have a strong feeling it's all a bunch of gibberish

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woah legitimate paramilitary fighting for secular socialist regime against jihadis so terroristic

why did you take it so early?

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Where did you get it from, lad? I've been considering ordering some online but I'm convinced all the positive reviews you get from a search are paid shills

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anyone who does any drugs is a bit of a muppet ngl



heard that sick cunt wants to chop his cock off and go in a womans prison fucking sick so it is

too right gaz

what? one of the lads in the vid?

The gay one has the same name as the baby fucker from lostprophets, and is also welsh. I think he was going to change his name last i heard

Shukraan lid

Tattie wedges which have given me the shits for supper

xth for Nightcore

to be fair i dont care about the band members at all i just think whoever produced that bangin instrumental is genius

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bloody disgrace it iz

yep, that checks out

g' la

I'd do it for free, he's a good lad.


what do you lads think about 5g?

doesn't concern me

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but what if its true that it fucks up your sperm and brain?

i consider most new technology to be some sort of underhanded scoobydooish scheme, a google search states there are already security flaws so its probably shit


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Endgame tier tbh.

schild and vrienden are good lads theyll sort it

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Endgame is such a cool word.

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Czech police are pretty handy tbh
btfo'ing of Roma gypsies

I had a Czech friend who said that he liked the police service. Must be nice having police that you can respect.


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gtfo paki

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at least the east european cops are on the side of the public when it comes to scum

Waking up after a 4 hour nap the night before work and a kitkat for dinner

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Good lad this is the true working man's life style

*gets lunch break cut short by toilmaster*

*snorts a load of nasil spray and takes some codeine*

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don't think it's a supermario tbh, they don't get involved in argybargy

Lad I feel like I am going to die

Lad you need to just go out for break instead so they cant touch you, never take your break in shop, I used to do that and the cunts would always call me to the shop floor but I would ignore it keke

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Thank you for the protection

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Hmm, wonder why the bloke from Talk Talk is trending on twitter… maybe he's releasing some new material after years out of the spotlight?

Nah, he's pegged it

Yeah I go to our canteen for our breaks but he can still contact me by radio smdh

Good lad an older regular customer of ours gave me a little St. Christopher pendant a few days ago

Thats sad tbh

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One half will do

mental the Sardinian Action Party which formerly was left nat realigned with Lega and is now polling at 50% in Sardinias election when it used to poll less than a percent.

Salvini is mental.

He sounds like a cunt tbh smh

Thats very sweet

Caught in the trap
Toil never ennnnnnnnnnndss

It would tbh, it's mostly just that they're willing to give bad apples a bit of a slap whereas our foreign scum demand the police are called because they know they will get backed up.

Our police are mostly turncoat cunts, it all really went downhill after the MacPherson report when they lost any backing from senior police if they upset a minority. Now they just enact their frustration and power trips out on local people. Journalists are as much to blame as well tbh.

Thanks for the news update. The name Matteo literally means "gift from God". Applicable stuff.

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Caught in a trap
I can't quit out
Because I need the paycheck too much baby


African submarine keeek

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The epidemic of white male suicide

Smh the cat was meant for this post

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kot blini

smh you can only have racial banter with non-white lasses

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cheap lidl lager tbh lads

just got back from my daily self abuse ritual (browsing mainstream subreddits)

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Whats the best way to describe the Britain in one word?
My votes for "doom"

The way forwards lad.


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my sleep pattern is whack, should i stay up and go to work tired af or try and fail to sleep now and sleep in?

sleep in remind the toilmaster he doesn't own you.


people on reddit are fucking retarded man. think of how retarded i am, yet I am like some sort of superhuman compared to people i meet there.

i agree

would get fired tho

Are you going to let the toil master hold that over you forever?

westie stop trying to rebrand as a loveable retard thats my gig

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Women are meant to be submissive in all aspects of life and thus they are not and so they can kill their husbands babies at 16 weeks legally

waiting for modafinil lad to come back and answer my question but it seems he just got off a (1) before ascending and getting sectioned

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would unironically luv to get sectioned, better than toil

Not sure if based

Since reddit is the #10 most visited website in the UK (#6 in the US), you're seeing the average mind at work

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no reddit users are a particular type of retarded atheist liberal democrat


and if a double decker bus crashes into us



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wish black people were like golliwogs, harmless charming little lads