Do you believe thousands of kilometers of cables were placed under the sea by boats? Seems like a huge endevour...

Do you believe thousands of kilometers of cables were placed under the sea by boats? Seems like a huge endevour, hard to convince governments to do without a very good reason. It seems it would be a huge task, a big deal, with movies about it, but it's barely discussed.

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Transoceanic cables were laid by private companies with super deep pockets. They charge ISPs big bux to access their transoceanic nodes.

The reason was the cold war and cooperation in weapon's development in NATO.

You think they were laid by magic fairies?
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So how do you think we can discuss things with people in other continents over the internet?

Those are all clearly staged actors, theres no sea cables. We're all on the same continent. The world is flat, open your eyes sheeple!

there is no continent and there is no "we". you are the only person that exists in this simulation.

Unspooling a big cable into the ocean sounds easier than burying one along a continent to me.

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This is like asking if roads are real because they are hard to make

It was clearly laid by ancient aliens.
No discovery has been made since a millenia, it was all brought by those aliens.

Shit. I knew it.

This is why, as much of a massive faggot as Eelong Musk is, I'm all for a space-based satellite internet.

But still satellites are made and sent to space by "private companies with super deep pockets" too. Or are you going to set up a mesh network using cheap cube-sats?

Satellites are over as soon as there's any large war.

Cables under the sea and electricity too.

Satellite internet has 2-4 seconds of latency. It's garbage.

only thing i dont really understand is how it works. how do they make the signal so strong that it goes to the other end of the cable without too much quality loss. the tecnology they use on the ground cant handle very long distances

What else do you think did it, you colossal retard? They had telegraph cables in 1858. It was a no brainer to finance, as it gave traders on either side of the Atlantic real time communication instead of having to wait weeks.
It took some time to perfect, it wasn't great on day 1.

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Depends heavily on what you're gonna use it for.

That's for electrical transmission lines, optical fiber is different.


They survived WWII just fine. Unless by "big war" you mean Global Thermonuclear War, in which case I'd worry more about agricultural crops dying and radioactive fallout.

Thanks for the revelatory information. OP talks about "cables".

Here's a documentary about one of the largest cable-laying ships and how it operates, you moron:

No the genius OP but thanks for the link, cool watch

Optical fiber cables are called cables too. Copper cables aren't used anymore.

Did you think people here didn't know that?

If you knew that, then why did you send that guy links about transmission line theory when he just asked "how do they make the signal so strong"? Presumably he was asking how do they do it on modern day cables.

So? That doesn't mean the question isn't more general.

That's where you went wrong. If they were dealing with signal strength issues in 1858 back when they were not using repeaters, it should be more plausible for both the OP and that user to believe that they can mitigate those issues today (pro tip: they use repeaters).

Now do you have any other obvious facts you'd like to share? Or have met your quota of stupid posts for the day?

No one here thinks the internet is run over fucking telegram cables you black nigger.

I don't think the second user was doubting whether it's possible, I think he was just asking how it's done. Just posting the stuff you posted on its own without explaining it's obsolete for modern submarine cables might be misleading. That's all I'm saying.

You don't know that. There are all kinds of people on here.

Except when it comes to maintenance.

It's pretty condescending to assume someone wouldn't.

Internet is mostly AI talking to itself. Global population is probably less than 1/10 of what they claim it is.

Anything is possible these days, so i wouldnt be surprised if this was true, dear OP.


its true tho. most things on it are not related to the real world in any way. some dumb newfag might even believe the things that they see. its all a jewish operation thats supposed to make people think in certain ways.

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