Murdoch Murdoch

It seems the internet fascists have come up with their own YouTube show. It’s called Murdoch and Murdoch and is an amalgamation of 4/pol/ memes. Check it out.

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This show has been around for awhile. It’s pretty funny

What? The show is so cringy. Though it does show that nazism is really emerging again and that fascists even more crazy than trump are popping out

How fucking new are you? Murdoch Murdoch is freaking old at this point.

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I haven’t been in the Chans for about a year now so I missed out on a lot of useless shit

This show is so old, Confucius was the pioneer of socialism when this show came out.

Oh wait…

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"hi I'm new to the internet"

Confucious was pretty based though

urbanism is reactionary


Primitivism is counter-revolutionary. Plus China is the only country in the world that seriously experiments with green cities, green skyscrapers, urban gardening, arkology and other things.

Why is it better to be old to the internet?

Why hasn't this thread been deleted yet, everyone and their grandmother knows about them. Have you not used the internet for the past 4 years? Did you go on an anprim retreat or something?

This is old, cringy, and did not deserve it's own thread. Please leave.

This fucking sucks. It's just hamfisted memes/nazi jokes in a poorly drawn cartoon. It will never influence anybody and is shit propaganda.

This Nazi propagandist indoctrinating infotainment has literally turned my three nephews into not just racists or alt right or a skin heads but actual Nazis or as they correct me when I accuse them White Nationalists. They are actually openly discussing the Jewish question and quoted Hitler speeches. They think communism is jewish and that the Bolsheviks were led by Jews to murder whites.
This is a sample of what they have sent me to taunt me

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I don’t even know how to respond to this new type of nazi

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They even draw fan art

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I don’t even know how to respond to this new type of nazi

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It’s incredibly easy to poke holes in the worldview of the Internet Nazi. Stuff as simple as asking what exactly constitutes “degenerac.y”, why people have to be loyal to their nation / race, etc. Spooks are their weak-points

Sounds like you're a boomer blog posting in a thread that shouldn't have been bumped, even making a whole new op would have been better. No wonder your nephews turned into Nazi's. You can still redeem yourself by doxing them.

Ive seen a lot of dumb shit online but at 21 years old the episode of this show where they show black people as cavemen was the first media that ever actually upset me. I would be glad if i found out these people fucking died. How can you just ignore the truth your whole life and be so ignorant

he probably did. I say "he" because women can't handle the backwoods.

I asked them what constitutes fun. They told me to describe a puddle. I asked them what the hell a puddle has to do with it. They smirked and said “We both know fucking well what puddles and fun look like without describing what they are you fucking communist filth.

Of course people should be loyal to their race and country

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Imagine calling blacks monkeys it’s outlandish.
They do need more diversity though

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Oh wow yes please 😍 I love these

How can anyone in this day and age continue to believe in the tall tales of the holocaust? The more research I do, the more astonished I am. Once you realize the holocaust was a lie, a million other questions follow.

It’s so funny 😂 I love it I wish the left had creative indoctrination that’s so entertaining and hardline. Why do we struggle with being unapologetically extreme. It’s almost as if they are right we can’t meme…..yet. The old tired 1990s memes just don’t resonate with them.

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Hitler sure was smart

Ooh more please 😋

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Thank you for that bit of sanity
I needed it

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Every woman adores a fascist 💗

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wew, this is what manchildren with unresolved repressed rage actually believe

then again these are the same kind of people who believe that the big daddy state needs to allocate women to men because feminism has "destroyed dating" etc.

Well I’m not even a man. Womanchild is more fitting.

I’d rather have a daddy state guiding me than left alone. I’m incapable of decisions, it’s very frustrating. I’ve never been independent.

This, I enjoyed it back in the day, but haven't really kept up with it.

Then why is Zig Forums an angrier /r9k/?

Well I dunno…..I guess they can be but I like them and what they stand for, for the most time anyway.

I don't like pieces of shit who hate me just because I go to synagogue and attend bar mitzvot every so often. I'm sure you understand why I may do so of course.

Funny thing is, I hear people like you joking about this shit in real life, but when they realize I'm who I am, it's all "oh ehh… I didn't really mean you, I meant """""the bankers""""" , you know, the bad ones ehe…" most of you people are autist slime who've never met a Jew in your life

I don’t even hate you though. The guys on Zig Forums treat me like I’m nothing anyway so I don’t know why I’m wasting my time. They’re capable of liking women, just not me.

Well someone or some individuals have been spamming around here with nazi caricatures and shit. But if you're a woman why would you hang out with a bunch of people who wouldn't think twice at making you into a breeding factory for a spook like "the state" ? You're literally on the level of a machine to these cunts.

Admittedly it's not that much better here but you know… at least here we tend to believe that we're all just human beings trying to get by in this shit world

How so?

because I'm too dialectically sophisticated (read: fucking stupid to understand the difference between the emancipation of humanity and the emancipation of the productive forces

Nah it actually is pretty hilarious. The creators are pretty cringe though if you ever sit through their AMA. Actually hurt my face a bit.