Brit/pol/ #2678: Long Live Souf FC

Labour prepared to back new Brexit referendum

Pakistan claims it has shot down two Indian military jets as conflict between the nuclear-armed rivals dramatically escalates after India bombed 'militants preparing suicide attacks'

UK experiences winter temperatures above 20C for first time

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Which ones do you reckon are good boys?

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1st for her

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#3 for definite

anyone tried colonic irrigation?
I'm tempted to give it a whirl tbh.

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sounds a bit gay lad

are you seen your gf today lad? will you smile at her?

supposedly they can get rid of a lot of waste lodged in there for decades

its 7 am here lad I will probably hopefully and I laughed at her being shy yesterday which I think she liked because she literally hid in a nook in a wall while I walked down the hall to avoid me then timed it wrong so she ended up standing there way to long because of long hallway and somebody else saw her doing it and it was qt but cringe

8ch running slowly for anyone else?

Dog's getting very old lads. Going to have to start preparing for him to pass away soon.

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go buy a box of laxido
take 6 sachets mixed with a pint of water in one go


cleans you out better than a garden hose up your ass

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thats why I don't think I could have a dog as a ped

good lad

give him a rub from us lad

go li'

it's been running slow for days but now my network's slow too smh


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this video makes me keke everytime

donald trump has formally endorsed juche

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unironically fuck trump tbf

lad the 8th army has just encamped around washington to exterminate the capitalists and form glorious peoples republic of north america, home of the cleanest race

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*channels atavistic celtic carnyx sound and reacts emotionally to it thinking about being a wardog for BIG mustache lads in ages gone*

'ate 'im

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For Kim

you really can imagine it. instead he is raised by all these annoying women

My biceps are enormous.

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This tbh, post biceps for aki

They are talking about Kashmir, like its British territory.



so this is the power of democracy

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wtf I love kim now

Does this mean Stalin and Pol Pot are /areguys/ as well?

More black pill shit.

BASED Kim DESTROYS banner stealing FRAT boy with FACTS and BUBONIC PLAGUE

ISRAELI PUPPET donald DRUMPF upsets and ENFURIATES libtard SNOWFLAKES by meeting with SLAVEMASTER and SUPREME GOD RULER kim jun jong to discuss FEMA DEATH CAMPS for loony LEFTIST babies to harvest their LIBERAL TEARS for use in scoobydooish BLOOD RITUALS

It isn't, but parts of Britain are Kashmir territory.

The US flag looks really good next to the NK one tbh

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That jacket of hers is fucking ugly, looks like some kind of blue sosig roll cosplay

kill everyone who has read a book tbh

How can you not like him?

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Yeah, other people have said the same thing. North Korea and the USA could ally against globalism.

People like Mao and Pol Pot prevented their nations from being like Japan and Thailand respectively, for whatever that's worth. Economic success but social collapse.

ha ha…hmmm

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That would require the US to not be said globalism.

the future is every little petty disagreement between third world countries having a direct influence on British politics and elections as the foreign element becomes more numerous and assertive. Each party's stance on troublesome border regions in the world's armpit will have an effect on their chances at the polls.

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Israel and Palestine already have quite the effect on British politics.

Well that MP was "we hope to calm passions in our communities" The fear is real.

That effeminate way of speaking again. I remember how instinctively disgusting it was for me as a little boy.

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lol we're so fucked

Well if there is a war over there, they'll demand we let in their kinsmen as refugees.



wew i didn't know that was what KP stood for

Might be hard to make their case if the streets of London are on fire because of a mini-civil war.

are you a time travelling shitposter from 2008?

tbh they'll both find a way to say it was our fault because of the partition.

New Pokemon is set in not-England tbh lads

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Pokémon is a complete shekel-grubbing and vaguely occultic children's game series, but it'll be interesting to see whether the Japanese fill that game with ethnics to appease globalist interests.

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"Rape Gangster Mehmet wants to battle!"

"Deano sent out Ketamon!"


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India got btfo smh

Pepsi max for lunch

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how are your shoulders coming along?

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ginnie spotted

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smh not rn lads I have a cold

is this a reasonable summary?

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Considering Sikhism was founded as a defiance against Islam, yes.

can't help but think that our domestication of the dog has destroyed it's dignity

Tbh the England the pokemon game looks inspired by is about 100 years old mixed with modern elements of any developed nation tbh

its* smh

yes but

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keeeeek, seen this in the eurogamer comments

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That's basically how Japs view the country tbh.

preston is where the race war will start

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So has the domestication of man smh


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Their idealised view of England is far nicer than it is in reality, nobody should tell them the truth tbh.

Wallace and Gromit shall lead the paramilitaries.

I've asked a few what they felt about England since they holiday out here and nearly all of them love the countryside but say the cities are a massive disappointment.

I hope I live to see the carnage in the midlands and London

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wigan is like 95% white so theyll be fine