Which app do you prefer to use? What are the advantages and disadvantages of your apps?

I personally use Clover

+It has a very intuitive design, unlike other clients. Browslng, posting gets really comfortable.

+ Themes are nice

- Some features missing for 8ch
- Only supports halfchan and 8ch

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It's open source

the cancer multiplies

Clover supports more than just 4chan and Zig Forums.

Dashchan. It supports 4ch, 8ch, and endchan

Anons say this bit dont provide proof

And that's how we know you're not from here.

I didn't know thatm Which chans does it support?

It only displayes the first pages of boards on my phone unfortunately.

It's my second favorite app tho.

That's because you're on page mode, not catalog mode.
Do you even tweak the options? Christ.

Thank you

Clover is still better tho

Fuck off mobilenigger.

That shitty app can't even sage (you probably don't know what that means though). Use overchan.

I wrote sage in the options, let's see

It worked

Android follows Unix philosophy best.
Simple, purpose-specific applications that work well at their task.

General Computing was a mistake.

That's why Fuchsia and other microkernels will win.

The only things bad about smart tv, tablet, phone type purpose-specific arrangements is the surveillance. Which isn't inextricable.
We can have purpose-specific elegance as opposed to your general purpose cancer in our lifetime.

It's like you envy cloacas. I don't want to shit, piss and ejaculate from the same hole, bro


This is awesome


using omnichan
it's nice, but i have a feeling it'll be useless soon because of the lack of updates from the dev

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