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Dey take the skeeen joe

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What's your Deviant Art profile, lad?

clue is in the name tbh

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god I love alegs

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yeah this is so good, i hope he gets back on yt so i can watch him every morning


I wish he would stop trumpcucking

why is he talking in this accent?

My sides are splitting at his constant "make him comfortable" tangents towards the end of the video lads

The Doctor who got him thinking about this has the same accent, it's really creepy, I'd like to see Alex as a schizo-villain in one of his own media productions.

dey take the skein joe is my favourite part

there are going to be so many memmies from this video

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the southern accent is my favourite

What's legitimately wrong with Jonesy? There's a grain of truth in everything he says but he hams it up to such a degree that no-one can take him seriously.

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I almost thought scoobydoogen was going to say "You're legitimately insane" after that bit.

For them

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3rd pic is kino

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It's either that or mayan home alone


I will always Mayan Home Alone post if that image gets posted

Should I go out and buy some coca cola tbh?

I don't know what mayan home alone posting is tbh

only if you have some rum

I have whisky brap daniels smh but I only want a glass of cold coke tbh

Good Night, God Bless and Thanks for the Braps.

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another meem i invented

god i wish that were me

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should i just drink redbull instead of going out?

rebull is shite

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couple of sips of rebull


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this was a bad idea i thought it was 1am

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Now that's a real drink

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Don't get how some angery Armenian hasn't killed Ana for being a traitor

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Just realised they don't even put the location or date on their new shitty graphic template

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Smh, the chinks killed tigger

His stuffings will make their penises bigger and more fertile

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redbull was a mistake

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Is anyone here a paedophile?

Oh no, 8ch has made it's way on to ''Inside Gaming".

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He's on every other week ffs.

Xth for Davis Aurini's 2000's style hip hop

Based and redpilled tbqh lads

UK MEPs given boxes to leave

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He's supposedly not a poof and married, must be a cover. One of the gayest sounding people ever, probably in the same club with Keith Vaz and Chuka Umunna

Fuck that shite.

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why do they even put comedians on qt, what could they possibly bring to the table besides smarm

>implying count dankula is ever funny

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Delingpole: India and Pakistan Going to War Would Make the Migrant Crisis Look like a Tea Party
India and Pakistan are teetering on the brink of war again.

Except pakistan and india are thousands of miles away across multiple seas, we can just close our borders, we don't have responsibility for a conflict on the other side of the planet. Put anyone from this board in as home secretary and i assure you there would be no crisis.

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they do put comedians on, always leftists

tbh the thinking man's approach to electoral politics is to get everyone who agrees with you to move into the same council ward and constituency

Poos are having a MoD press conference right now.

Pakis are releasing poo lad, as poos are having their aforementioned press conference.

Joint Indian Military press conference postponed to 7pm (Delhi time - GMT+5:30 14:30). The military reportedly need to update their messaging in light of the Wing Commander Abhinandan release announcement.

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nothing ever actually happens we're all just in stasis watching game of thrones and luther history has ended and it was netflix that did it

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>not wanting a war between to nuclear states that we depopulate the planet and wanting to post dog picture while going keeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek instead

That is really fucking gay tbh.

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lad dogposting is happening, the happening will never happen. this is a purgatory period where we just slide away into mongrelism at the end of an age

smh but this tbh

lol even if he thought this why would he say it. makes no sense.

Paki air space closed again.

Poos are going to make a statement soon.

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dog posting is politics tbh

He's as gay as a gay huzzah.

How do we end Pax Homoterrestriumana?

You just reminded me of every white woman who thinks Idris Elba is attractive

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white women have the second most consumer power of any demographic so their freedom to buy frivolous shite is a prerequisite of the rule of toilmasters and numbergods.

would make for a good sitcom if steiner got the job

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