A new low for VPNs > Fuck Kaspersky

As of a couple of days ago, they will be the only VPN NOT blocked in Russia, because they decided to block any site the Russian government tells them to.


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P.S. Tor, I2P, ClearNet etc. are blocked as well...

What about Meek bridges?

You have to get Tor for that first:

did you forget about (((NordVPN))) and (((ProtonVPN))) and (((HoloVPN)))?


What's to prevent someone from setting up a VPS with openVPN?

>orange man adores Putin for his power and ability to trump hurr anyone he disagrees with.
>white house tries to ban hard cryptography under (best case) yet another misguided and technologically naive mindset or worst case, imitating chinchongs or cyka blyats
Oh boy...

Might wanna setup OpenVPN on a Cockbox


The clusterfuck that is OpenVPN in itself.
And lack of emone for a trustworthy VPN.

This is just the beginning anyway. They are working overtime to end the open web for the public and fully restrain it to nation zones, while the unrestricted web access is for j. mafia and butt-buddies only.

Why are you mad at a Russian company for following Russian law?

This. You need to change the law. I am assuming that normal citizens have a means to get the law changed in Russia.

I've used OpenVPN for years without issue

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OpenVPN has become like a old TV.
When it works, you're likely using it for the only thing it's still good for (watching the TV shop channel), but change the channel, touch the volume dial, or god forbid bump into it and all hell breaks loose.

Much of the problems seems to stem from crud that corporations paid lowest common denominator contractors to contribute (monkey meets typewriter scenarios) to OpenVPN because then it'd fit the business' archaic applications and infrastructure.


Would it really be that difficult for VPNs to start using dynamic IPs?

I bet you subhumans use vaccines.

its garbage. bloated and if the server is not yours and configured by you then it will break networking because it forces the providers settings on your network

Tell us how you're paying for AWS anonymously. Tell us how you're going to prevent both Amazon and the NSA from knowing what sites you visit by looking at the inbound and outbound connections from your VM.
Just go back to wherever you came from or lurk for 2 years.


Thanks CIA for this totally unbiased and truthful news!

yeah it's pretty bad

use wireguard then

What part of “blocked unless complicit” and “illegal to possess unless complicit” don’t you understand?

That includes OpenVPN and SoftEther as well...

nice posting Archbishop

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You can ask for Tor through email to the foundation or to someone else (remember to check the source/binaries), or install it through the guardian project website, or from (((f droid))) (they cucked to censor (((gab))), but still), etc...

I think that some do.

Most (if not all) (((Business))) contracts with ISPs provide a static IP, so either your VPN company breaks their ToS with the ISP by using the services for commercial purposes or they get a static IP (((Business))) package and we're back at square one where you can't use VPNs properly because the IPs are all banned and flagged everywhere. I've seen some interesting stuff at companies that keep logs where they tier customers by how many entries they get on blacklists and reserve the "good" IPs for customers with a good track record, but I've only seen that in correlation with one specific company. Only saving grace is using a shady VPN company that actually violates their ISPs ToS or is located far away from the civilized world, but no-one in their right mind would recommend those to keep attention away or because speeds are abysmal.