Should I use Python or something else for a general purpose language?

Should I use Python or something else for a general purpose language?

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Yeah, python is alright for small scripts and nigger-tier software

C++, Java, or Python. Anything else is a meme answer.

What you can't do in bash, use python.
What you can't do in python, use C.
What you can't do in C, doesn't exist.

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Tcl > Scheme > Lua > Perl 5 > Python

D is the best general purpose language.

I use Ebonics as my coding language.

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I need to give TCL another honest look.



Ahh now I remember why TCL pissed me off, it was their handling of arrays. I'll still look into it again, but I think it'll be hard for me to use it in place of scheme, if I'm given the choice.

Owl Lisp. It's just a purely functional scheme. Can be used as an interpreted language or you can compile it whihc is neat.

Lisp. Everything else can't compare.

i only know something about a tcl thats used in the eggdrop irc bots. its so simple that even a brainlet like me can understand how it works. anything else is literally magic to me.

That's pretty much how I got into Tcl (a tiny bit). Except it wasn't eggdrop, but some really ancient thing that got loaded in ircII client. That was kinda fun, I should try to find it again.

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This indeed takes some time to ignore but the pros are just too good. Most dynamic language, VERY good syntax and elegant minimal grammar, uplevel allows you to implement flow control structure like `for` or `while`, upvar is a cool alternative to the reference/pointer shitshow, you get fucking MANPAGES for every function, like C.
Also, writing extensions in any language is very easy; can even embed C code with critcl.

There's a LLVM based compiler in the works too.

My experience has only been through Xilinx's Vivado software, but manly as just a CLI to pre-written routines.

I'll definitely write something in it over the weekend. Seeing all the HackerNews soys gushing over the failure of Tcl and the success of Python and Javascript only strengths my rationale.


Python is OK for when performance doesn't matter, i.e. a script you run once from time to time. Python is also good for throwing together something quick to try out ideas, but usually what happens then is that the Python program grows and grows and never gets rewritten in something proper.

Python's two strengths are that its syntax is basically executable pseudocode, and it's enourmous collection of libraries. It's a good place to start, just don't become one of those people who think that everything needs to be written in Python.

What's the most redpilled portfolio of programming langauges?


At this point, is it worth to still get into Python 2.7 to any extent, or just ignore it and focus exclusively on 3.x?

Rust, Haskell and MIPS assembly