Another push to rename GIMP

The soy hordes are coming for GIMP, they're linking the issue from social media and invading gitlab to put pressure for a name change.

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Worse thing about this is you know they'll fucking succeed in doing it. Just because universally all opensors software is cucked and will fall for such bullshit virtue signaling.

also gimp isn't gnome, it's gnu

GIMP is a shitty name though.

It's over two decades old, faggot. Changing the name would confuse people, complicate searching for docs and tutorials, and piss off anyone who's written a GIMP book.

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a latex gimp book?

The arguments against it are even shittier.

Doesn't it use some somewhat obscure language for addons named just that?

Tbf Wilber would be a good name, but I don't see much point changing it, especially not because of ablism

The entire thread on github is two trannies.

Wilber sounds like a surname. Not a good name at all.

They should change the name to JustAWound. Trannies would love it.

So what? It's a name.

No, books about GIMP the program. There's a bunch of them out there and they'll all have to change their names and edit the text and screenshots.

That was a joke. LaTeX is a typesetting system, so a book written in LaTeX about GIMPL, hence a "latex gimp" book.


Can't believe I missed that

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it's like SJW kyptonite

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For the record, I know they mean someone who walks with a limp, but I find the gimp suit funnier.

Disappointing ratio.

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Isn't GIMP a recursive acronym?
GIMP Image Manipulator Program, not GNU Image Manipulator Program? as GNU's Not Unix?

So when are we gonna have an option to lock down comms? It's like when the comment section is disabled on YT and no SJeWs would be able to screech at all.
We need to remove the 'Openness' in the FOSS otherwise it will be *insert FOSS project's* demise in the end.

The sqlite devs have a great way of doing this. Just refuse commit.
It's opensource, not open contribute. This is probably the best way to dispel the issues, that way the only way they can hamfist this garbage would be to actually fork the code themselves, which we all know none of them actually know how to do this, their goal is to take down the central part of "FOSS" in almost all cases where a project goes to shit it's always the upstream that gets hit.

This is why we can't change names.
Even simple things are confusing to new people. It's Gnu Image Manipulator Program, It was originally a fsf project in conjuncture to GNU so it uses GNU in it's name, it isn't recursive

I think GNOME is offensive for people of small stature. We need to rename that too.

This. Plus the kink shaming towards foot fetishists in their logo is very problematic too.

Gnu Image Manipulation Program: GIMP
Gnu Image Manipulating Program - a program for the purpose of manipulating images.
The soy hordes have reached this thread too.

So what's their equivalent of a circlejerk?
Woundjerking just doesn't have the same pizzazz.


why dont they just close the issue.. youre not supposed to feed those trolls. they will keep doing it if people keep falling for it so easily.

I hate these people just from looking at their avatars.

Of course it had to be a niggerfaggot...

General Image Manipulation Program
Kikeshills need to fuck off.

The G is for GNAA.

Before Stallkike and his Jewish subversion agenda it simply stood for general
and now everyone thinks GIMPs aim is to become like photoshop specifcally aimed at "artists" aka stupid people who are used to make advertisment videos and images.
Fuck GNU and fuck Stallmans toenail-filled and stinky-feet mouth! May he die of cancer like toilet bathing Steve Jobs!

I also like how the issue filed about the name reflects the mind of those who filed it.
I know what a gimp is but when I think of GIMP I don't think of it.


GIMP Is My Photo-editor

G.I.M.P. Is My Photo-editor

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GIMP Is My Photoshop

Hello! Changing its name will never make The Gimp good.

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how about SLAVE?

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What does šŸ’ mean?

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Just change the name to Dilation Station.

What the fuck do the last two emoji even mean?

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Meant to reply to

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I love seeing linguistic judo being employed to deal with SJWs.

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just accuse the petitioners of sex-negativity.

thats very gay

Apparently 'gimp' means a limping person, kind of like 'cripple'. I'm native English and never heard that in my life. Must be an American word.
I don't see an issue with wanting an (unintentionally) offensive name changed, but it never seemed offensive to me and the accessibility loss to docs and articles will be very significant.

In other news, no-one is surprised:

Burger here, only way I've heard the word used is to refer to gay midgets is rubber suits and the computer program. and the verb version, but that's only ever used to say a product or item has been considerably downgraded
Dunno how the soygoblins in California have been using that word for though.

In England it means cripple, but definitely an obscure word. Most Americans probably know about the GIMP SUIT gimp from Pulp Fiction.

Is changing the name of a 20 year old software, confusing millions of people "treating others with respect" ? The audacity of this fucker!

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This pic is really hot and made me realize I have a furry snuff fetish. Thanks for the fap.

Gimp is not a slur. Gimp is a fetish. It seems these retards confuse the term with Imp

I thought it was GTK Image Manipulating Program? Or is GTK the GIMP ToolKit?

A gimp is a cripple.

Gnu Image Manipulator. GTK was originally the Gimp toolkit and it eventually just became GTK.

Even if I know about typesetting and Open Source image editing, I want my >>>/tight/ fantasies to be in the tech community, ya know.
I also browse Zig Forums so jew me

Both. Gimps gone wild.

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The best GIMP I know
But because it angers the trisomic left; I vote to keep The Gimp.

We need to stop using the term crypto, because it's too similar to cripple.

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Lolllllllllllll Iā€™ve been waiting for this. Is there a better piece of software with a worse name? I install it everywhere from my chair.


Black midget Gnome Chimp. Ok I went too far

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What a sickening ableist mindset, shutting out the voices speaking up for the gimped. I feel more than unsafe now being around this project, and have decided I will not contribute my javascript FULL STACK expertise to GIMP.

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My dick is happy because of the first pic


good, caving to these sjw faggots is never the right answer.
Gimp is the shit and I haven't touched Photoshop in years.

First issue deleted, second one closed. Hope it stays that way. Thank fuck.


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There is a chronic issue on the internet of people having avatars more attractive then they really are. It's quite narcissistic and disingenous

It's only narcissistic when the avatar is literally supposed to be them, like a self-portrait. It's not when the avatar is some random copyrighted anime girl.

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social media people should just be ignored. they all are worthless trolls

I only wish gimp had an accurate equivalent of Photoshop's Fiber filter.

As Austin powers once said: "That is a male of the species newbsauce!"

I'll be honest: GIMP is a totally gay name and I'm only against the change because literal niggertransfaggots are proposing it because of ablephobism or some dumb bullshit. If the project decided to rebrand for non-faggot reasons, I would support the change.


GIMP = Graphic Image Manipulation Program
Saying "graphic image" is redundant. It should've just been named IMP in the first place.

It's GNU Image Manipulation Program

If they rename it, I'll draw the logo.