YPG and DFNS (i.e. USA vassal agents) thread

What's your opinion on the one big US military base in Syria and the one big US military base in Syria?

Are they an effective example of TRUE and HONEST democracy in the Middle East?

With US corporate military industrial complex monies will they manage to stay in power?

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Why did you copy/paste the OP from Zig Forums? Rojava isn't filtered here. Besides, we already have a thread. And the mod thread has YPG as the OP pic, so what do you think the opinion here is?

Honestly, I have no idea about this place and when I heard this sort of sentiment is bannable here, I decided to "test the waters" so to speak.

If you'd be so kind, what truly are the differences between the two ? Forgive my outsider perspective but it seems counterproductive to have two of what are effectively the same thing

Zig Forums likes to LARP as M-Ls, tankies, nazbol, I guess as a joke. Maybe not, who knows. Zig Forums literally is the left version of Zig Forums.

Zig Forums is where leftists discuss things.

Like how its cool to support leftists like Ocasio Cortez, Sanders, Corbyn, Syriza, etc?

Cortez and Sanders are socdems, so no. Corbyn is an old school socialist and I dunno about people here, but I view him favourably. And I don't know enough about Syriza to have an opinion.

the BO is an FBI agent, that's what I think

death to Kurds.

yeah but most of you are gay retards so who tf cares.

Bernie actually managed to get a "the state should back worker takeovers of corporations" measure introduced.
…also trying to kick the NLRB ass.
So, it's not ALL succdem posturing completely.

Rude :(

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It suffers from rampant incel posting. And there is not a single effort poster. On Zig Forums you run into a good poster once in a while, and here there is nothing.

I can't speak for here too much as I've not been around this particular board for too long, however Zig Forums suffers numerous problems:

- rampant LARPing (usually Stalinist/repressed rage type) with literal resistance to actually cooperate in meatspace and act in any meaningful way. I've seen a few posts over some time where people suggest it and they're either ignored or replied to with cynicism
- children mods who think they'll be the new political commissars after "the revolution" and ban anyone for slight deviation from their totalitarian gulag wetdreams, putting an end to many interesting discussions, while allowing literal nazis to spew all sorts of bile
- regardless of the completely reasonable resistance to identitarian venom, they suffer from their own absurd fragmentation (their own type of idpol), arguing over the most insignificant shit

and lastly:
- it's a literal honeypot as there's a ban on TOR posting (think for a moment why an anti-capitalist discussion would require people to reveal their location)

Zig Forums is a roleplaying board and nothing more. Can't speak for here yet though

While this criticism might be true, there actually are sometimes good threads on Zig Forums. There was a thread about Venezuela where you had confirmed Venezuelans debating. The Cockshott thread is valuable. Some threads about philosophers are good. Some threads about late stage capitalism are interesting to read, and some about geopolitics (Zig Forums has almost no gepolitical threads). DPRK thread sometimes has interesting stuff sometimes.

The problems with Zig Forums:

- there is this Jim Profit fan/Jim Profit himself that constantly posts incel stuff
- there are two pedo posters who constantly whine about the age of consent
- there is an absolute brainlet Stirnerist who can barely formulate a coherent sentence
- some ex-Zig Forumstards with conservative social views, unironic NazBols
- a lot of threads are just completely weird or useless, you can complain about harsh moderation on Zig Forums but shitposting threads with low effort OP never stay up long

Conclusion: Remove BO and the rigid anti-Rojava stance (that you can't even discuss Rojava there) and the boards should reunite.

You do realize Jim Profit and Jim Profit fans have posted on Zig Forums before the split right? Reuniting the boards wont get rid of them. Hebekun was from the original Zig Forums too

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I'm anti-Rojava because Kurds don't belong in t*rkey.

and wordfiltering the shit isn't gonna make turdistan supporters any more correct.

I don't see also what the issue is about being a Patriot who just happens to be left-wing.

but I digress, syncreticism is just revisionism to you tards.

bitching about the problem on a chinese landwhale fishing board is just compounding the problem

like to said to some rando faggot on leftbook:

he said:

I used to get a little upset for women when I saw boys online refer to them as "roasties" or the likes but honestly now I just feel sorry for the lads saying it. A woman will see that, laugh and just close their computer and go back to enjoying life with their friends and a strong male companion.

Whereas for the lad it does nothing to negate the fact that he is alone in his room and is desperately starved for attention from a woman other than his mom, who doesn't even cook him tendies anymore because he's 21 now and she thinks he needs to cook for himself.

and I responded:

I see it this way, the leftist reaction to incels is not so dissimilar to neocon rhetoric about muslims. if you pursue the question (and I'm paraphasing my post here), the either a) talk about "muh terrorism" or b) at worst have a sperg fit and start spouting 'greatest ally' nonsense. imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, (dude had a Stalin pic) so he might as well just slap a Leon Trotsky picture right over that and call it a day.

Bernie is pushing for reform he knows will never get passed so that gullible people like you can keep supporting him

here, have some sand in your vagina.

Body Odor is a YPG supporter. a snake in the grass. why do you think they ban Tor?

Incels don’t need to be coddeled but rather need to be told straight up that they are a byproduct of the failures of capitalism. However that doesn’t change the fact that women or the public at large owes them anything.

*women or the public at large don’t owe them anything

They don't owe society or women anything either

Yeah thats why women dont pay attention to them.

If you want to secede, hold a national referendum. All sides get 365 days prep time. If the gov. won't allow a vote,then secede away.

…and you will fucking like it, too.

its ok men are stronger. neither owes either anything but anything can be attained by force. and men are generally stronger. idc what people do in their free time unless its cuckery, I don't care if people like lolis, bestiality, necro, etc. but you can't resist human nature. if the entire infrastructure fell apart tomorrow, the weak would perish. guns are a great equalizer, sure, and anyone could steal one at that point, but there's othER ways of going about things…incl. bombings, bio-terrorism, chem-terrorism, stabbings, you name it, it can be done.