Brit/pol/ #2680: Majestic 12 Edition

UK secures WTO agreement - US praises ‘IMPORTANCE of Britain'

George Eustice, the agriculture minister, has quit the Government in protest at the decision to give MPs the chance to delay Brexit

Northern Ireland fishing boats impounded by Irish Navy for alleged breaches of fishing regulations

How Comic Relief invests millions in arms, tobacco and alcohol: Panorama expose also reveals charity is sitting on £100m and will not say how money is spent

Specsavers Employee Suspended After Veteran Allegedly Accused Of ‘Killing Innocent People’

Statements by Indian Armed Forces on Prevailing Security Situation

Israel’s fingerprints are all over India’s escalating conflict with Pakistan

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu indicted on three counts including bribery and fraud. First time ever an Israeli PM has been indicted.

Rabbinical courts demand DNA test to prove Judaism

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First for the clockwork elves

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Good lad I guess tbh

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

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I didn't know Devon handled the ambrosia distribution

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xth for the slag-imperium ethnostate

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who the fuck is this supposed to appeal to

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Oh it's one of those blokes pretending to be a woman?

it's not

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*exposes your human pig farm*

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that isn't his gf/wife is it?

He must have a footlong dong

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One of the two. Honestly, not trying to be mean, but it seems like the whole basis of the relationship from her point of view is to exhibit what a good person she is (via youtube). The way she talks to him seems really awkward.


she sees it like a baby or a pet to be looked after

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Ahh what I should have responded was

love women me

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good lad

Tbf it's a novelty with a fairly small fanbase.

facebook moms on suicide watch of their children

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Glad he found Jesus tbh

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*plays rugby better than her even though I'm a weightlet*
No wonder women like this are always so full of an attitude.

florence nightingale syndrome possibly

It's either she's actually a saint or she wants the world to think she is.
My guess is


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Lads, a mate at worked offered me a ride on his motorbike tomorrow. I don't know how I feel about it, the thought of our bodies being so close together makes me uncomfortable. He must be a poof.

cause an accident then sue him it's the law of the jungle

Clownworld tbh lads

or she is turned on by cripples, theres enough freak porn out there to support this being a legitimate fetish


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He can spend the night in the garage tbh.

Need any series of hacking jobs with full assurance and a high success, ranging from:
-Cracking/recovering passwords from computers, mobile & wireless devices, E-mail accounts and Social Media accounts(WhatsApp inclusive)
-Session hijacking. Session spoofing.
-Network traffic sniffing.
- Denial of Service attacks.
-Exploiting buffer overflow vulnerabilities.
- SQL injection.
-Surveillance and personal investigative services, Credit score upgrade and cleaning up of negative entry
[email protected]

I think Zig Forums gets spammed automatically due to its popularity, tbh.


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feel bad for him when she inevitably leaves him for #chad3501

Wonder if there's a way to delist ourselves from the front page tbh

Splendid isolation.

Message codemonkey on twitter and ask tbh.


you should be fine unless he looks like Rob Halford

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what's going on?

boards can be unlisted so they wont appear in the search terms. don't know if that would remove us from the front pages but seems like it should

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not sure if she has wide shoulders or if his lack of them makes hers look big


Only a single piece of spam. Triggered a convo.

Good lad keep them out

Bit of both tbh. She's really cute though all the same.

That and removing board tags is probably the most I could do tbh
shall I change 'anonymous' to 'lad' tbh lads

no tbh, also we are still on the front page

Still waiting for someone to make that Zig Forums dating website

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Poor lad

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lel don't tempt me

lad you know how long it takes this site to update anything

bit extreme tbh. what about the bumsnet mums, not sure they know how to use computers all that well and it would be a shame if they stopped shitposting here

lad no
anyway you'll never beat /bane/'s Big Guy (for you), so why even bother

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Lad, there's no girls here. It would end up being lads fighting over westie and 22st (posing as a girl)

not a filter lad, it'd just change the default name

lads he has money and a life expectancy of 5 years this isn't complicated

i think it would be good tbh

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What have you done

Who /lad/ here?

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posing as 3 girls, the fat cunt

that would be really nice

this is serious

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oh god

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change it back this is gay

Since we are reforming the board, should we get rid of flags as well?


Every post looks like it starts with lad

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smh I miss ladposting already


But what about my identity?

Not watching this shit, but SA might do so and give me the abridged version.

okay so the featured thread shit is just for if someone wants to fork over shekels to feature their thread

its a filter by another name, come on. also newfags will assume we say lad because its in the name field


do we even get any newfags anymore

I've missed this memi tbh. Anyone care to fill me in (and not in a gay or violent way)?

I don't think so tbh.

this is no laughin matter

kids are at risk its on fortnite you know

Do you know his life expectancy?



basicaly facebook moms and boomers are freaking out because some youtube video tells their kids to self harm or other suicidal shit

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this momo thing is a mumsnet false flag


Wow its almost like parents should watch what their kids are doing online rather than letting their childs smartphone raise them

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I think it's around like 25 years, iirc hotwheels was saying he is likely going to die soon.

At least westie has a good taste in fashion

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