Battle for the Hearts and Minds

4chan is imploding. We're going to see a lot of refugees. How do we secure the cream of the crop away from pol and leftypol? Or will the good ones naturally end up here?

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The rapefugees will just go to 8ch pol it's not like they're going to come either here or leftypol unless they want to start trolling.

Telling anyone who remotely agrees with us to "fuck off back to Zig Forums" has worked in the past.

The chans are filled with petit-bourgeois incels. Y'all severely overestimate yourself if you think that the chans matter at all. Incel's are only good for killing innocent civilians. Nothing more.

fuck off

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All incels will be mercykilled during the revolution. Y'all add no value to society whatsoever.

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No you have to like people in order to get your lazy ass off the computer and out into the world to do some actual revolutionary work. A growth in "leftist" chan culture will simply be a reflection of "normies" becoming more socialist and performing actions that lead to material changes. The internet addicted losers will simply absorb this growing trend and channel it back into the internet with pointless memes.

"Go clean your room"

Fuck off Jordan Peterson

Most depressing development among young people in decades.

Why is 4chan imploding?

Hiro moot is splitting it into two sites.

One is NSFW, the other is hotpocketastic SFW for advertiser punts.

Gun to head, I'd say I dislike if not hate people at large. But I still want to get politically active to better my life. It just so happens that doing so would better other peoples as well.

As predicted, 4chan is being turned into REDDIT 2.0. Half the boards (the boring, heavily moderated, PC ones) are being moved to a new domain. There advertisers will be more willing to spend money. The rest of the boards (the porn, racist, shit posting ones) will be left behind.
But before you shit posters rejoice in the thought that normies are being moved out, that just means the original site will be that much easier to sell off at best, delete at worst.

You mean Reddit 3.0, since 4chan is already Reddit 2.0.

That's actually a good thing
Fucking tired of perversion ruining every board

Reddit is just Digg 2.0 so we might need to rejigger this equation.

not my comrade

those are some mighty leaps of logic my dude


This, I miss when random sensible crap wasn't politicized/wasn't required to be bundled with political hogwash

So it'll be like Zig Forums and /poointheloosplusgood/? IE, one will be a totally-unmoderated unusable shithole full of stormcucks and namefags, that the site owner will do their damnedest to destroy; and the other will be a ghost town full of obvious shills/Pajeets/Buibots and the shit the site owner is trying to sell?

$5 says on any other board he'd have called it degen.eracy

And that perversion is called Zig Forums, projecting as usual.

Revolution isnt some fairy tale where all the bad people you don't like go far away from your sight. That's already happening to third world niggers. Currycel and Ching Chang cels make your shoes and you don't even suck their dick

Revolution will not be anyone's choice. It'll be a material reality when they literally can't make your shoes anymore. Eventually both the carrot and the stick method will be useless and they'll just eat your skin and rape your kids. Thats revolution cunt. The revolt against humanity itself.

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this. totally.

that's because they have big dicks that poke your eyes out

yes, yes. reverse psychology works

ITT: lots of incels

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No offense but you should be raped by niggers

nog an ardumint

There's nothing wrong with that my friend.

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Cause we're a GANG now and you can't stop us

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This is a flawed picture. It implies that the attention whoring cunts who make false rape accusations have ever faced hardship of any kind.

This may be a bit extreme, but getting rid of the normalfags is imperative. The left is contaminated by Western social dogma, so anyone who opposes normalfaggotry can't count on the left. We'll just have to have an alliance of MRAs, incels and others marginalized by institutional feminism.



No one is retarded enough to believe this right? Right??? So you wanna kill off 99.99% of the population, otherwise known as "normalfags" and the force you believe is capable of doing so is a coalition of "MRA's, incels, and others marginalized by institutional feminism(otherwise known as autistic losers)". HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA

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Why would this be bad? I am not going to pretend its feasible but what would be wrong with it necessarily if it were?

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So what's the difference between this board and leftypol? Serious question.

Less bans and different tendency ratios

Nothing would be wrong with it. Its just that within 1 week all you losers would die because you'd be too lazy to actually work to sustain yourself and too scared to get out of your rooms. After all "incels" are the defects of capitalist society. A group that is so alienated from society that they will never be able to enjoy social relationships with others of their species. I do feel pity for you guys to be honest.

However, the "normies" that you people hate are the ones that provide you with your food, your anime, your video games. All that you cherish in the world is due to the efforts of labor, of "normies". If they were wiped out, then so would you….as your parasitic existence is sustained by the blood, sweat, and tears of the proletariat.

I dunno, comrade, I've faced equal from both, this place only slightly less. the body oder hates banter.

The thing is what this is likely going to due to ecological collapse anyway, no need for any kind of coalition of anything to bring it about, humanity is going to do it to themselves.

Ecological collapse will not wipe out humanity but just kill off major portions of it and create small pockets of civilization…..of which incels would not be a part of.

Well those sort of tight knit communities wouldn't even have the material conditions for "incels"(you're the one who insists on using this buzzword and arguing around these terms btw, not me) to actually exist as you said in your own words.

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There would be no incels in the generations born into those conditions but during the transitional phase the incels in existence would be wiped out due to their inherent physical and mental deficiencies. The "normies" would survive and perhaps even thrive.

its prob because you vomit a million worthless oneliner shitposts that bring the board quality down

Why do you insist homogenizing the large minority (primarily)men who suffer from a more intense form of alienation as "incels" when only a minority of them identify along those lines and some of them aren't even virgins? They may not be the biggest demographic but I don't see why pushing away any non conformist or alienated male would actually help a serious communist movement, this is sort of why I say the left is oversocialized. I wasn't the poster who said is saying incels rise up anyway, I just called out that fag earlier cause he seemed to think it was a good idea to squander educating possible refugees from 4chan about marxism cause "muh incel"(which I consider to be more of a buzzword than something to self id by anyway, and not to mention completely against the spirit of the original Zig Forums). Yeah I am fairly misanthropic but I don't base my politics around it outside of my general pessimism/nihilism anyway

Yes Sassenach, thats why we need to enforce private property on a communist board

Not sure where you're going with this. I'm responding to your question about "I am not going to pretend its feasible but what would be wrong with it necessarily if it were?" to the topic of extermination of "normies" for the benefit of people who have a hard time getting laid. This whole thing is a petty-bourgeois problem anyways and in no way are these groups of people revolutionary which is evidenced by the very fact that a good portion of this board including yourself display open hostility and contempt for the proletariat.

It is not exactly the 100%

You dramatically overestimate your numbers and underestimate those of the opponents of normalfaggotry. As a matter of fact I strongly doubt that you even have a majority of the human race. Normalfaggotry is not just what the majority thinks. It's the ideology of the powerful. You can have a situation where 80% of the population supports one thing, but those who have the power support something else, and that becomes the normalfag worldview.

The overwhelming majority of STEM workers are not normalfags, and science provides the normalfags with the technology they need to have modern society at all.

The difference between Zig Forums and Zig Forums is minimal at this point. Zig Forums mods lock and anchor topics that offend them. Zig Forums is full of Twitter liberals who are increasingly leaking into here. You can tell by their "autistic losers" rhetoric. What happened to the left being about helping the marginalized? Clearly this is not the case anymore and probably never was. The left is about shitting on anyone "uncool" and providing a platform for politically correct social climbing faggots to virtue signal.

Even the most notoriously conservative sources on climatology are now admitting that total human extinction due to climate change is a real possibility.

This shows the sadly limited thinking of the normalfag. Besides your failure to recognize that the STEM professionals you require to rebuild society after a collapse are often socially stunted or disagree with the social mores of this society, you commit an even worse failure by not recognizing that the people most interested in seeing this society collapse are the ones who've taken the most steps to learn how to survive without it. Normalfags don't have the skills to live without the modern technological infrastructure that delivers food to them via supermarkets and provides them with electric power and water. They will rapidly die en masse, and many analyses of this situation have proven it. The problem with you is that you're too hung up on your stereotypes of social dissidents as being ineffectual losers. The truth is that many of them have far more to offer both physically and mentally than you, not just in a collapse situation but in any other situation. Their potential is restricted by having to live in a normalfag society that holds them back.

Fair point

I was just humoring the idea of depopulation, not really speaking of it in a kill the normalfags point of view anyway, thats why specifically quoted part of your posts. I was going to reply with more but this user already said almost everything I was going to say.

Holy fuck the delusion.

He didn't say incel retard, like I said earlier its you who insists on homogenizing a fairly diverse group of people under that buzzword label.

Exactly. Normy society is designed to put many people in hardship of various kind and then delete them even tho they ,because of this very hardships, have developed the clearest sight upon the things of the world.

I just got banned from leftypol for arguing with someone about if the Soviet Union and China ethnically cleansed people, so I think this board still has the upper hand.

Yeah Zig Forums is more tendency biased but you can run the risk of getting banned for questioning various norms

You're redefining what normies are. They're just people who consume the cultural norms of the time period. That is the vast majority of humanity, as the vast majority of humanity are consumers. These are people with a life outside of consuming culture, namely wage-labour. We can critique "normalfaggotry" or the cultural conditions of our time, but that is completely different from critiquing "normies" who are the people that consume "normalfaggotry"

Cultural conditions are created by the economic base of society, ie. how resources are distributed and consumed. The only way to fundamentally change these conditions is to change the economic base of society, which is what socialists try to do through the revolutionary potential of the proletariat. The proletariat are active consumers of "normal faggotry". One simply has to look at the demographics of people who consume normie culture, such as superhero movies, reality tv shows, pop music, etc, to derive the fact that the prime consumers of "normal faggotry" are the proletariat. So when someone wants to exterminate all "normies", they implictly want to exterminate the revolutionary proletariat.

You are also trying to say the STEM majors aren't "normies", which is simply untrue. The majority of STEM end up becoming part of the petty-bourgeois, and this segment of society also overwhelmingly consumes petty bourgeois culture like "The Big Bang Theory", idpol movies like "Crazy Rich Asians" or "A Star is Born". However, because the petty-bourgeois are exposed to "alternative" culture like obscure anime and obscure music, many of them latch on to this culture and claim it to be superior to that of "normie culture" when in fact the culture they consume is produced by the bourgeoisie. Case in point is the guy here who posts anime created by petty-bourgeois and the bourgeoisie while at the same time being an opponent of "normie culture". You point to STEM majors as somehow being anti-normie yet fail to take into account that the class that they belong to, the petty-bourgeois, are the most ardent defenders of liberalism and the ruling class. As demographic data shows, STEM majors overwhelming support the liberal parties of their respective nations.

What is obvious from this thread is the clearly anti-proletarian attitude of chans, as its very existence is based on going against the opinion of the masses in order to seem edgy and intellectually superior. Let us remember that posters here advocated for the extermination of the proletarians and it thought that there was nothing wrong with that idea. As such the "battle for the hearts and minds" that the OP alludes to will never be won in the chans and it is actually laughable that posters believe that their opinion is making a difference.

And this is what I was going to say in response to the blatant attempt by at strawmanning my claims as being "scientists are incels". Obviously this is not always true, but you can have sympathy for a group and be willing to ally with them without being part of that group, and the claim that was actually made is that scientists are increasingly part of these sympathizer groups such as MRAs. But that's not the point of this. Of course this stupid fucking faggot knows that I wasn't making the claim he said. He just wants to reframe the debate as something convenient for him because he's a shitstain, and he hoped nobody would call him out on it.

NPCs, you mean.

I see more proles wearing MAGA hats than becoming socialists.

Socialists have a very serious problem with glorifying the working class as holy angels that can never do wrong. The truth is that the workers are often just as bad as the bourgeoisie.

Literally nerd blackface.

Excuse me for a moment while I travel back in time to the 1990s so I can pay a visit to Hideaki Anno during the time that he was in a mental hospital and lecture him about how he's a filthy bourgeois porkmeister and Evangelion is undialectical heresy.

Some scientists support the party that seems most likely to fund their research and have no other considerations, and this kind of apolitical sentiment usually leads to liberalism. But there are other factors which are causing an increasing number of scientists to diverge from liberal orthodoxy. One example is the complete failure of liberal governments to take any meaningful climate action. Another is academic censorship at the hands of liberals. But the worst of these as far as normalfags versus others are concerned is feminist idiocy seeping into everything and constantly attempting to destroy men, who make up the majority of STEM workers.

Way to out yourself as a Redditor by both calling an imageboard a chan and misunderstanding imageboards. The point of an imageboard is that it was intended to be a meritocracy. Doing away with the screen names of traditional forums created an environment that forces someone to attack an idea instead of an individual. Edginess is only a byproduct of the actual output of imageboards. The appearance of this edginess comes from the fact that the meritocracy has determined that the opinions of the masses are wrong and stupid on virtually every issue, especially social issues.

Majority of proles are left leaning. They support basic soc dem reforms right now and history has proven time and time again that as the contradictions of capitalism intensify the proletariat becomes increasingly revolutionary. However, due to the inadequacies of leadership such as the betrays of the social democrats and labor unions, the proles are pulled in by fascistic forces.

Thank you for providing us with your petty-bourgeois mindset. The working class are not "holy angels", they are the gravediggers of capitalism. This is because the proletariat have a fundamental opposition to capital due to the fact that as capitalism advances, their socioeconomic conditions directly decline. This is why more than half of American youth are anti-capitalist and why more than half of European youth want a revolution and this trend is only increasing. This is why we are having a record number of strikes right now and increasing disillusionment with establishment governments. It is only with the intervention of the petty-bourgeois and their tendency to disillusion workers with idpol, postmodernism philosophy which attempts to discredit marxism, and "leftist" groups like Syriza which immediately capitulate to the bourgeoisie that the workers struggles have failed. This is also why all capitalist countries during times of crisis begin to see massive strikes and revolutionary potential(Russia, Germany, Spain, etc during World War era)

Are you implying that the bourgeoisie cant have mental illness? Please explain yourself better. Research the anime that you consume. These are almost all the works of bourgeois and petty-bourgeois artists. This is why hating on "normies" or "NPC's" for consuming basic capitalist art while yourself enjoying capitalist media is hypocritical and condescending. And BTW, liking evangelion is pretty "NPC" as everyone who watches anime knows of it.

So you're saying the effects of liberal feminism have more of an impact on STEM workers than liberal governments failures on climate change? Only to manchildren who became politicized due to "gamergate" does this hold true.

Doesn't matter what the "point" of it was. It matters how it functions in real life. The anonymity and reply system reward those who come up with the most outrageous posts to generate replies. A post that people agree with and is likely true does not matter but rather a post that inspires some sharp reactions are, which is why all of the chans are populated with edgelords. And please spare me this "meritocracy" argument. The quality of threads on this site and 4chan just prove that this supposed meritocracy is bullshit. And as for the "Reddit" comment, what sort of adult cares what site people use? 4chan, reddit, Zig Forums, Zig Forums are all shit and good just for laughs.

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Sites like reddit have an actual reward and reply system, posts are displayed in order. Getting (You)s isn't getting points and you get the most (You)s not by being outrageous, but by acting intentionally stupid.

Also you've demonstrated zero familiarity with labor conditions in the anime, manga, or light novel industries, the assertion that it's made by petty bourgs (let alone outright porkies) is frankly bizarre. True of a few ultra-successful creators I guess, but the vast majority are selling their labor (to shonen jump or shogakukan or whatever) in order to survive just like the rest of us, and rarely even get copyright for their own creations.

*posts are displayed in the order they're made here, rather than by number of upvotes. Wow I mangled that sentence.

All this fucking #MeToo shit was made possible by proles and their love of witch hunts. They're just as guilty as the bourgs.

So I should never read socialist literature because it was all written under a capitalist system. Got it.

There were enough of these people to get Trump in the White House.

They are dupes and employees, not the architects. The proletariat is not the ruling class.

Obviously not.

Kek. Never mind the utterly constant play that he got on every media outlet everywhere or the GOP aparatus or the plain fact that the only reason that he won anything was that blue liberals and reddit socialists refused to show up for Clinton. It was the aut-right on the internet that made it all happen! And look at how much he appreciated it. He quickly sacked Bannon and put a Goldman-Sachs executive in charge of the Treasury. Then he did pic related. That shows how much he needs you tards.

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You just can't stop trying to pigeonhole people into these labels, can you?

Do you think the content creators in the US are necessarily bourgeoisie? Because they are not. Look up the writers strike of 2017-2018. The reason anime and media in capitalist society is petty-bourg or bourgeoise is not because these groups create the content…it is because it is these groups that pick and choose what content proles can consume. They "vet" the culture that proles can consume, therefore even the anime which you hold as proletarian is infact petty-bourg and bourgeois in nature.

*writers strike of 2007-2008

t. Clinton shill.

what do people mean when jim profit poster is an incel, when his postion is consistent with many liberals, and leftists(thou i disagree with them
enivormentalism is kkkrakkker imperialism.
Wild animals go around harassing villages in many parts of Africa, yet these animals are protected by laws that are usually written by non-africans.

go away

I have to say, I like this board better than every other political board on this site (And I've seen at least 12 of them at this point) simply because this board doesn't seem to mass-ban for political opinions. At least, I haven't seen it happen yet.
Every other board is dotted with (USER HAS BEEN BANNED FOR THIS POST) on relatively mundane political opinions and disagreements aside from the board which is just a mirror of cuckchan's board. That board being unusable for those same reasons.

I think this board could really pick up in popularity.

That's just as bad as voting for Trump, you're aware of that, right? Hey guys I want to assist in creating the new working class which will bring us out from under the foot of capitalism, but I'm not going to use the political tools available to me to do so.

t. Phil Greaves

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Nothing in that comic is false. At the same time 'not voting for anyone' is just as bad as voting for Trump. It's casting a ballot of nihilism and then questioning why you got the results that you did.

We know that there is no great difference between the two results.

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Instead you should advise him not to produce pretentious trash.


Ow the edge!


but labeling people is fun and countersignaling against is anti-autism. that's a hate crime

Please kill yourself.

They won't. They'll flood Zig Forums.

At the very best, the left leaning channers will simply go to Zig Forums


seconded. urbanite soys killed that word.

Y'all need to chill

he is correct tho. incels are worthless in any way you see them if anything making incels stop be incels that would be good, since the only reason they are is because of their stupid ideology otherwise they indeed would have friends. they're true misanthropes thats why they connect so well with the extreme right wing who means: few elites control most people (normies) like cattle. They believe that is lawful, correct, etc.

nobody cares. caring about anything is gay

you're not even from the south are you?

just go ahead and put up a Nazi flag on on your posts and we can avoid this bullshit

It is a great irony that the individuals whom one could make a case that nature has selected against are such rabid supporters of natural selection.

Lucky him.

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Eugenics is good though. Forced sterilizations and abortions are a great idea for the world.

Nazis were pseudo-scientist shitheads though and there are no defined races or significant difference between people to justify any such nonsense as "racial eugenics"

yeah you still sound like them. doesn't matter, though.

"muh inbred rednecks"

though I'd wager you're one of those Nick Landian post humanist assholes that just wants to see everything turn into machines. gg.

The South is a miserable shithole for reasons beyond just the people there.

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who cares?

Everyone who has ever had to live there.


Don't know about this Nick Land though

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Is defending anime as class-conscious, proletarian entertainment really the hill you wish to die on?

Truth is worth dying for.

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Its not exactly that its especially leftist as a whole, no one actually thinks that. We're just defending against the idea that its especially reactionary or something, which simply isn't true any stretch of the imagination. More often than not western prime time television has more outright pro imperialist, pro police, pro neoliberal etc propaganda than anime generally has, not anime doesn't have these things though of course. The thing even if was in more or less equal amounts it still wouldn't make sense to single out anime in particular and it would be life stylist as fuck to bash other communists for enjoying it in their free time. The only reason why (mainly goon)leftists single it out is because so are oversocialized to the point where they automatically associate "nerdy" hobbies as bad, that's its, its completely retarded and there is no good argument for it.

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