Brit/pol/ #2681: Nuclear Cooling Edition

UK secures WTO agreement - US praises ‘IMPORTANCE of Britain'

George Eustice, the agriculture minister, has quit the Government in protest at the decision to give MPs the chance to delay Brexit

Northern Ireland fishing boats impounded by Irish Navy for alleged breaches of fishing regulations

How Comic Relief invests millions in arms, tobacco and alcohol: Panorama expose also reveals charity is sitting on £100m and will not say how money is spent

Specsavers Employee Suspended After Veteran Allegedly Accused Of ‘Killing Innocent People’

Statements by Indian Armed Forces on Prevailing Security Situation

Israel’s fingerprints are all over India’s escalating conflict with Pakistan

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu indicted on three counts including bribery and fraud. First time ever an Israeli PM has been indicted

Rabbinical courts demand DNA test to prove Judaism

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did they just cut something?


nth for reinstalling Yakuza 0 just for the Hostess mini game

Summed up perfectly. How did we get to the point where people sit around too scared to speak their true opinions and mildly shifting the acceptable parameters of speech?

*rents naughty video

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looked like it

xth for clown world

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Lads, post something to perk me up after that cucking for the scoobydoos. Seriously depressed me tbh.

Might do that after I get bored of Yakuza tbh

Chapter 7 so far

what it didnt say is all that dust in the atmosphere is radioactive and would make the world a radioactive hellhole

Can do lad

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*installs skyrim sex mods for a cheeky wank*

good lad


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Ah what was the last question? Was that cut in half or just removed altogether? Seemed like bitchface asked for another question then said 'that's the end of the show'. Bet it was something about the green agenda being a giant scam.


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Who the hell is that?

They should release it as it's own separate game for like £10 tbh

Good lad

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Don't know but I want to fug smh

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On Zero? You are getting near to the point where you are locked into finishing the story iirc

fugg posted wrong thread

solar isnt rly viable in the uk afaik, we are however really well situated for wind power. maybe itll change with developments in technology.

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Dam the Gibraltar strait to produce hydro electric energy

Wish she wasn't caked in facepaint tbh.

In the time it takes for them to wait for tech Jesus to emerge and fix all the problems we could have built enough nuclear facilities to last at least a century.


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isn't that a tranny?

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But dude if we covered the Sahara with solar panels we could give power to the world. What's geopolitics? What're sandstorms, sand dunes and otherwise unstable foundations to build on?

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Yeah. Currently at the bit where Majima found out Makoto's doppelganger was found murdered and had a scuffle with a Tojo clan boss in me club.

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She's jailbait, lad. I don't endorse this, GCHQ.

No thanks.

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These cunts are oblivious to reality.

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this year

True that. Hear hear

can solar ever be viable in a place that's overcast and rainy most of the time lol anyway

Where do you even get all these slag pictures from

I'll be there at her door with a ring come that day

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thanks lad

*beams the electricity to america with no powerloss*
we livin in the future boy

tbh, asking for a friend

Fucking ell, lads. Make it all stop!!!!! That's enough politics for me.
*closes tvcatchup tab*

It's not even a matter of if the weather was perfect all year round, the space required to produce the energy is just impossible.

we've got your backs, lads

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don't get me started on the fucking new phones thing with the whole wireless charging shit

bit racist

just wait and pirate it you twat.

lad, the technology is already proven

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Why'd they do that?

Transformers would be used to pump if it up to a huge voltage and underwater cables so loss would negligible.

I love our satanic, scoobydooish, child raping over lords!


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*buys it just to spite you*
Thanks lad.

Peak localism tbh, they weren't getting any of the power or the jobs generated by it, so they smashed it up.

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It's not my money.

kek, he keeps saying it

just think of how cheap nuclaer powre could be if we get the chinese to build it too!

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wake up sheeple

It's also got in-depth Mosley take over not as good as the one on the mod workshop though, guy got hired by Paradox for his mods tbh

Trade secret lad

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got lain on blu ray tbh

If fusion ever becomes a reality all energy requirements would be met forever.

why do they exist lol

Do you want to post them all on my board?

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People like the convenience of leaving their phone on a pad rather than fiddling with a wire.

#5 bunny looks like a young sjp. #1 is the priority target though

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because consumerdrones are so easy to amuse


we need /slaggers/ as well tbh

I can discipline myself in everything but shagging slags, lads, it's my vice.

#4 looks like it's going to send death threats to my toddler on whatsapp

they cant understand the symbolism of artistic beautiful foetal position smh

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He can just make a thread tbh

I might do but i don't have nearly as many as bush tbh

you're not trying

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it saves literally 1 second but leads to about 30% energy waste. fucking hate the normie "muh convenience" attitude.

you shouldn't own a mobile phone anyway. pure botnet baked it

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schizo sa, must be two agents on at once

That's fine lad just make a new thread on there tbh.

This tbh, the most advanced thing I leave the house with is a contactless card.

Pictures of women and fucking a whore are two different things.

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