Drugs thread

What's the most Zig Forums approved drug? I'm a huge (HUGE) fan of meth myself. You guys?

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Amphetamine, any opioids.

Drugs would dirty my unblemished mind. I avoid even caffeine and painkillers where possible.

Prayers or meditation. No need for drugs.

SystemD, I just can't get off this shit anymore. It's taking over more and more of my life.

Zig Forums and drugs don't mix. You need a functioning brain to do tech, drugs will literally induce permanent IQ loss.

You've clearly never used any stimulants.

Calling drugs "stimulants" doesn't make it any better, you're still ruining your health. There are other ways to stimulate your mind, drugs are just a lazy way of messing with your brain that will hurt you in the long run.

Spoken like somebody who's never gotten spun before

the heavy stuff!

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Zig Forums-acceptable drugs:
- testosterone (#1 performance drug. "programming socks" and other autogynephiliac shit are malicious encouragement. Autrijus started implementing Perl6; 'Audrey Tang' only writes tweets.)
- coffee
- tea

What soda did Terry Davis drink? Diet Shasta Cola or something? Saw one of his videos where he goes for a soda run and gets like 20 2-liter bottles of the same stuff.


Yall should try snorting rust. It's completely safe.

fucking nig nog stimulants are a medical classification for drugs that increase nervous activity.

drugs are botnet

Clarify of mind and perfect health.

If you need stimulation, go for a hike or bike ride in nature.

Anybody can make claims. Evidence or GTFO.

It depends. Low dosage kratom with about .75 ml CBD starting off and about 150 mg of caffeine every two hours.

Y'know, in a way, this is too redpilled for this timeline. There are long-term behavioral side effects to drugs. At least this is what a mental health professional told me.

This is literally the first time I've enjoyed anime.

Take all the drugs you want, you'll never be better at programming than me.


Seizures are a period of increased nervous activity. Just saying.

Just ask any drug promoter what evidence they've suppressed lately, or how thoroughly rebutted any of their own evidence is.
Of course, this method is no good if every drug promoter just lies. There is a "drug community" and allegiance to it is far beyond any petty sentiments like "I should not encourage my fellow man to destroy themselves."
Same shit for the gay community.
Same shit for the trans community.
We do not live in a society.
look up Alex Berenson for one.

Modafinil, bromantane, cerebrosylin, semax, etc. I.e. cognitive enhancers and wakefulness agents.

Getting enough sleep at night (apparently, it's especially important to sleep between the midnight and 3 am because the most restorative sleep happens then) and aerobic exercise are the only cognitive enhancers that are backed by strong scientific evidence. Eating healthy is also very important for your overall health and cognitive abilities. Apparently, acetyl L-carnitine can also boost cognitive abilities and the quality of sleep a little.

pls don't start taking any T supplements because they impair the natural secretion of testosterone. you can boost testosterone and cognitive abilities by doing cardio (e.g. walking/jogging or swimming).



drugs and stimulants usually cause addiction, mental problems and cardiovascular diseases.

don't boost cognitive abilities. stop this meme.


Personally i like install gentoo it gives me the rush i need.

drugs like stimulants cause the release of stress hormones that degenerate the brain over time. it could only be used for a very short period of time where it could in theory smooth out some brain irregularities, but after that you are causing years of damage, at least in terms of emotional blunting etc.

no matter how much money you make, you cannot buy your way out of the hell you are going to be living in, brain wise, of being a programmer that needs stimulants to focus.

it also makes you the most sophisticated nigger on each to take speed for work. that stuff is for world war 3 when you need to stay up for three days to get your family out of dodge

slow wave sleep (keto, intense exercise, lack of caffeine help it) is the only thing that can really help. fiber is very important and its possible to get wayyy more than most people get.

modafinil maybe take once every couple years to completely shift how you think about ordering code in your favorite program or something, again a highly rare exception to the rule

caffeine, it depends. thats about it though. all based on tremendous experience. what you will do is waste a lot of time with it while the sober programmer who doesnt even drink coffee ends up just working hard and getting way way ahead of you. then it will take you time to reverse the damage from the drug too. bad mombojombo

I took LSD once and suddenly I was good at Lisp?!

On what drugs are you?

My drugs of choice are cigarettes, coffee, and alcohol (sometimes, like once or twice a month, and I never binge drink). I know they're harmful (especially cigarettes) so I'll seitch to vaping soon.

Other than that I smoked weed only two times in my life, I may smoke it one more time but not two. I feel like it will make me really lazy.

I do want to try LSD and shrooms if I can get my hands on them though. It might be an interesting experience.

The brightest mind is the clearest one, in my opinion. Drugs are not to be fucked with.

Try meth bro


They literally are, meth is synthetic

copious amount of nigger cum

Roofies and Viagra a.k.a the his and hers special. Jk. Dont do drugs the neighbors will head your thoughts and you will join cults..

Cyanide, deals with niggerfaggots and permutations

What do you have against modafinil? Please explain yourself. (When 50mg taken once a week or less often.)
Also 1076935 reads much like shilling for acetyl L-carnitine. Unlike modafinil this doesn't seem to have major benefits or research backing it up. The other recommendations are good: in principle it's best to avoid all drugs and rely only on sports and diet.
Anybody here using Citocoline or Rhodiola Rosea?

I think the LSD microdosing thing is some next level dangerous scamming.

I don't believe you. Have you really tried all of those? If so how are bromantane, cerebrosylin, semax, etc? Do you have some good research on it?