Furries BTFO

One less browser

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Nothing significant then, move along.

Yeah, that belongs in the OP.

If he can't secure a server, why would I trust him with an entire browser?

More like winniggers using old versions BTFO'd

shiggy diggy

but hey, that malware is 110% better than that telemetry on firefox ;)

Is New Moon (Pale Moon for XP) pozzed?

Yes, XP is pozzed so anything running inside XP is pozzed as well.

Literally compile firefox without telemetry or just turn it off via about:config.

And nothing of value was lost.

should have used openbsd servers

In whose interest would it be to sabotage PaleMoon?

nothing of value was lost. i would never use that anti-user furry browser.

quality damage control


it wont even compile on musl distros so i dont really care

when the schizophrenia kicks in


I have palememe installed. A-am I fucked bros?

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So why were the archives hacked then? To promote the project?

kys dumb frogposter

literally 1000x less insufferable than firecuck or jewgle

literally just buy a $2000 machine so you can get sub-3000ms latencies in firecuck

why would you trust anyone who claims to have a secure web browser?
why would you do anything security sensitive in a browser?

No such issue ever, firefox is one of the smoothest browsers. Supports 8 cores so runs on an overclocked cheap as dirt fx-8100 perfectly.

Ready to install Brave now, faggots?

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enjoy ur aids/EOL herpes

Whenever Brave is free software, which it isn't

Why is this FUD so prevalent? Why do people keep saying Brave isn't free software?

go back to telaviv


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it's literal shit. why the fuck would i want to see ads period, let alone have a portion of my codebase dedicated to this nonsense. im sure it has all the latest (((UX))) practices as well and wont even run on my 4 year old machine

based and sage retained