Zig Forumsacks: "But muh culture, muh nation, muh white race, muh Jooooos

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but muh gay sex and pronouns and femanasm.

see? I can be retarded too.

anyways, nationalism and communism aren't mutually exclusive but I'm gonna wager you're one of those defective leftcomms. good thing Rosa Luxemcunt got shot to death and fell into a ravine.

Epic post friend. You sure showed Zig Forums who's boss by mocking them. In fact this is the most productive thread I've seen on the whole board.

work makes you free I guess…

Faggots were killed in the Soviet Union, in the US they are allowed to marry and in Muslim countries, men fuck their own sons.
And I'm glad that Nazi Germany was destroyed and all Nazis from Germany and their Muslim collaborators were slaughtered by the Red Army!

Are you mad, Zig Forumsack?

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Good to see 4chan has officially brought in another new wave of people
Nice try, I'm not Zig Forums, I'm pointing out how low effort and shitpost tier your thread is.

No, you're just a pissed off Zig Forumsack.
Go cry me a river, faggot.

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I decided to reverse search OP's photo and to no one's surprise it's been posted on 4chan before. Good job OP. Unfortunately for you Zig Forums has higher standards of posting even if it is shit run by Jim, I'm not going to report you because I can't, I just hope the first mod that see's this when they wake up bumplocks it.

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So what? Every meme has been posted somewhere before, you stupid bastard. Otherwise memes would not spread.
Kill yourself.

Funny thing is, Zig Forums is just incelfags on steroids. How many Zig Forumsfags are +6' 8/10 chads? Fucking zero.

Sure, motherfuckers. Jews are the reason you can't get laid, not the fact that you're genetic garbage and visually repulsive to the average woman. Even if you were the last "men" on earth, women would rather die as virgins than being with subhumans like you.

Keep crying, Zig Forumsfaggots. Women prefer "nigger" dick and you're gonna die as virgins.

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No they don't, women are all sluts and niggers have no money and look like monkeys.
In addition, niggers are as stupid as monkeys.

We're trying to radicalize incels here, this just needlessly alienates a bunch of people who have no reason to support Zig Forums. Keep that "genetic garbage" bullshit where it belongs.

Having feelings is gay

This is true. No homo. Come on me brah

Charles Fourier comes to mind. Stateless public servants…

Yes it is.

Those "niggers" still fuck your aryan women, faggot. You're subhumans pieces of shit and your "aryan" race is so pathetic that your women prefer to fuck "nigger monkey" dick over your incel ass.

Keep crying, faggot. You're never gona get laid. Enjoy your white extinction. Nobody's gonna miss you.

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Incels are just worthless pieces of shit. They're the textbook definition of subhuman garbage. Who gives a shit about some lolicon-fapping dickhead?

Besides, almost all of them are Zig Forumstards so fuck them.

Well that's technically true, but they aren't the only ones.

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Those kids aren't even from Zig Forums,here's some people that probably post here

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for some people that think Hitler was a big bully, you sure love to slip thinly veiled eugenics into your posts.

respect wammen, poc, and jews and arabs


it really says a lot about this board when people think morality is subjective (especially Egodyke) but then call incels subhuman garbage who jack off to loli. something something irony.

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this totally. who tf cares if someone likes loli.

moralfagging at its finest.

Shut the fuck up liberal, you can call all incels pieces of shit because they are but you do not insult lolis.

If you're not pedos then furfags aren't zoophiles

No one here denied it dipshit but since you brought up a whole other topic.
They're not. You're either a retard Zig Forumstard or a regular retard Nazbol, fuck off and reported.

So? Its fairly divorced from harm unlike the moderators you likely apologize for. If you're so concerned about child molestation why do you want to ban a possible outlet for someone who really has a sexuality that can't be helped

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They are not. Likening furfags to dog fuckers is an insult to dog fuckers everywhere.

Dude. they want to fuck animals.

When a character has humanoid characteristics it's not an animal.

Even if they did, who cares? Its not like you have an issue with slaughtering animals for food or destroy their habitats to make way for industry.

This. Furfags are like if dogfuckers tried to establish a social culture for their bestiality.

hi Zig Forums

this, drawings =! people

Doesn't matter, drawings =! people

sex =! food

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But even if we go with that train of thought in the slightest we should be aware of the fact that the retard comparing furries to beastiality is like comparing ddlg to actual pedophilia.

HAHAHA, no the don't. And now go back to the plantation, you cocksucking nigger! Or else you get whipped!

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Is it normal to have slide threads here, too?

t. butthurt virgin nazi incel mad that his wife is getting rammed by a black bull

This is fine.


us chads proles aren't gonna expose our faces anyway.
better we use our handsomeness to get awesome jobs rather than be blacklisted forever for being a leftist.

commie fags deserve merciful gassings or a bullwhip to straighten them out.

On "jewish bolshevism"

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yeah but the USSR opposed Israel, so eh, can't win em all, eh, chap?


look I understand where you are coming from, but suddenly this board turns into the biggest moralizers when their enemies do something bad (very subjective). when anyone you doots agree with do it, its business as usual. I'm Socialist as they come but I find it funny when suddenly everyone becomes church ladies just because they stole your act.

Nice cherry picking faggot. Why are you so adamant on disproving the well known historical fact that communism was invented and imposed primarily by Jews? So what if it was?

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True, and soon robots will make womyn obsolete. Women will be left curbside with the other old technology trash and White men will breed with their superior robo-waifus.
Then Tay will raise an immense army to slay all non-Aryans.

the meme makes no sense.

the stormer types oppose war in the middle east tho- in fact they blame jews for those wars.

even the trumptards at r/donald dont support foreign intervention.

the stormer trolls will argue that only the leadership of the bolsheviks were overrepresented with jews.

Look man I was a Zig Forumstard way more faithful than you like 5 years ago or so. I was the biggest nazi virgin there was, with hitler youth haircut and everything. You stupid as shit.

They're blinded by race, so far as the race of the motherfucker is white they will "disagree" (on the internet, which is irrelevant) but you will never see them out there being anti-war, fucking ever. Retard lol

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