The 46th President of the United States

I present to you, the 46th President of the United States! Labelling himself a "progessive" and sporting all the physical features adored by the "alt right", Ojeda is the embodiment towards the two new trends with the bourgeoisie, social democracy and fascism.

This is a man with deep ties to the US military and as such is perfect for the bourgeoisie because they need a military figure to lead the charge for WW3. His ability to hide behind "progressive values" will be essential to diverting opposition to the coming war and around him will rally all the fake leftists groups such as the DSA, ISO, SWP, Communist Party, and the Green Party.

Mark my words friends, this man will start WW3 and will be the American ruler in power when the revolution starts.

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yeah but he has to denounce Israel first policies and then I'll start voting again. he also has to admit capitalism's failures but still be a patriot.

Why must we be the r/socialism of antizionism?

Looks too much like a Cletus (Bush wasn't that long ago), and way too many people don't like the wars. Too many know someone who died or lost a limb or came back traumatized.

Look at this fawning article from the intercept. The "progressives" are already pushing for this fascist supporter.

Literally, who?

Ojeda, from my home state
Quotes over seen makes him seem concerned about wealth inequality but I've never looked into him. I have friends that adore him

neoliberal faux-progressives don't influence shit

What do they like about him? And what socioeconomic class do your friends belong to, if you dont mind me asking?

I won't vote for any alt-right looking freak.

I'm not voting for him. I could tolerate an officer, but not an anti-gun officer. E4 mafia, nigga.

What does this even mean?

Wait, people voted for Trump because he WASN'T Bush. He talks shit, but there's nothing in reality that says he's a warmonger. Even Obama started more wars. I see this Neo-Con label get tacked on Trump, but he isn't one (but he is a Zionist… he's schizo like htat). Why would people want a warmonger now?

White buzz cut veteran. Most likely southern or middle America, definitively strikes everyone as too conservative.

First of all, that's not a buzz cut. Second of all, I don't know why that means he looks alt-right. Presumably most leftists will also be white, and we will have our share of veterans. I'm one of them. Nothing wrong with a guy looking like that. In fact, I think it looks professional, which is why I also sport a fade (med reg, doe) and am clean-cut. Not all leftists have to be hairy hispters.

because it makes your pussy hurt

"muh oppressed negroes"

"dammit why are rednecks so backwards"

you either stand up for the lower classes as a whole or you can fuck off.

I'm sorry to tell you this, but you look like an alt right member.

I'm sorry to tell you this, but the alt-right didn't invent being white, clean cut, or a veteran. Go kill yourself.

When the majority of clean cut white veterans sympathize with the alt right it will inherently be associated with the alt right. Grow out your hair faggot.

Very few people sympathize with the alt-right. They just hate SJWs and people who think they can gleam your politics from the way you dress.

No, you fucking hippe faggot.

Fuck you grow out your hair until it's lower than your knees.
Depends on your definition of the alt right.

The only one there is, the one coined by Richard Spencer. Stop assuming a hair cut is predictive of political affiliation. And stop suggesting that it's necessary to do the opposite image-wise in order to stay a leftist. I drive a truck, own guns, like to hunt, and want an end to the capitalist mode of production. Stop your lifestylist shit and realize that there is potential everywhere.

And what definition would that be Mr. DeLeon?

A general right movement centered around white nationalism and the protection of the white race. Don't know a lot of veterans that believe in shit like that.

From the veterans I talked to, it seems most have a very shallow idea of politics and align with the right because they seem more "tough". However the military grunts generally have a strong dislike towards their officers as there is a strong class divide in the military and that is something that will need to be channeled in the future for revolution.

Sorry you have to look like a racially ambiguous raging homosexual to get my vote.
t. "Leftists"

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That's half of it, the alt right has become more diluted from it's original white supremacist ancap/lolberg roots, with the skeptics turning ever more reactionary and the multiple newer people joining grouping in regular cancervatives with the alt right, I think it's more complex than that especially since even the non-Nazi Zig Forumstards disowned him.

Who's more likely to help establish communism assuming any of us here were willing to vote
A transexual black man who openly wears a hammer and sickle pin and has experienced discrimination of all types before.
Or a white guy in his mid 30's who looks like a generic conservative.

This guy has more of a shot cause he's more appealing to the majority of people

That's the same logic behind socdems.

Its the political perspective that really matters. If you had a hipster looking commie and an average looking commie, more people would rally behind the average looking commie because its easier to take someone seriously when they look normal.

This is the type to ruin a movement because you won't use his pronouns and because your'e "whitesplaining". The 30yo guy who looks like a generic conservative has probably thought about shit and has an ideological basis for his affiliation, not just because he hates his dad and white people.

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So I guess if you're anything other than a hippe leftist, you're alt-right, according to you?

No, but the alt right is more that white nationalists.



It's literally just that. Can you name an alt-righter who isn't some type of white nationalist?

The only successful left movements are those composed of t he average person, otherwise you're just a hipster that wants to play underdog forever. The goal is to win, retard.

No, we are talking about, in your words now "who's more likely to establish communism". Ultimately its the proles who will establish communism and for that they need a figure with who they can rally around. This figure would most likely not be a hipster looking person. Also, your whole idea of the "left" is flawed. Ask yourself who the most influential leftists are in today's age and pretty much all of them look quite normal

I was trying to support people who don't support him.

It would be more likely that the less outlandish candidate would be less extremist, in a world where we need it most.

Have you ever gone on Zig Forums?

You didn't answer my question.


I was trying to play devils advocate for

Okay… You remember the whole kekistani fad?

Why do you say this? The weirdest looking "leftists" are generally filled with idpol and postmodernist garbage. Meanwhile the greatest communist theoreticians and revolutionaries also looked quite normal. I feel as if you're speaking out of your ass.

Yeah, and that quickly got absorbed by white nationalists. How is that evidence that not every alt-righter is a white nationalist?

How do you not remember a major part of the kekistani thing being non whites, how do you not remember the major conflicts between civic nationalists and white nationalists, how do you not remember all the Trump supporters in the alt right.
I don't have screencaps but you should know this.

Speaking out of your ass counts if you're telling cold hard shit.
Remember the brown pill is hardest to swallow.

This guy is worse than Republicans.

Except they all think they're fucking white, stupid. You have people like braving ruin, a fucking Egyptian of all things, advocating for white nationalism.
Because like liberals, they thought he was literally Hitler, then they settled for "triggering the libcucks".

Sure why not I stopped caring around the time I made the 3rd post, I need to go anyway.

Its west virginia dude. We're all poor, except for the Italian families that came here to bootleg moonshine

Not my comrade, liberal faggot

Alt Right is represents the worst aspects of porky culture supported by openly offensive self-hating incest proles fighting for ambiguous right wing purity spirals. Neonazi adolescents forcused on muh memes of bad attitudes.

He doesn't look like Alt Right. He looks working class conservative, which is essentially the demographics of West Virginia.

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Richard Spencer funneled a hundred thousand dollars in donation money of is cuck followers to racist boy scout retreats. Then fucked some guys girlfriend and ruined his marriage.

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Pretty sure that was another guy.

Regular Virginia maybe, but not West Virginia.

Good lord

I see no reason why the alt-right would vote for any democrat even if the candidate looks like a marine instead of re-voting for Trump or simply abstain.
Also, the usual democrat voter base are not into that "type" of physical features.
So I only see the "swing" voter base who voted for Trump and got fed up who could vote for Ojeda.

Excuse me, Army. Don't mis-service people. It's extremely rude and you wouldn't like it if I implied you eat crayons either.

All y'all look alike.


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What did Michael Moore meant by this?

yeah me may get good bit of the votes that may split, but if he says, or gets put in a position where he has to speak honestly about issues of race, sex, gender identity or what ever spice of the week struggle liberals,count him as good as dead to a large part of either

As long as its not Trump democrats will vote for him

But why the democrats would vote for Ojeda at their primaries?

Nothing wrong with trying to unite ALL WORKERS, even one who have some “conservitive" views.
He’s beter than 99.9% of Burger candidates.

“alt-right looking”
fuck off nigger. Alt-right is an ideology not a fashion trend.

I’ll take the normie looking guy because unlike the transexual, he doesn’t scare away rural workers.

Communism can only succeed if it becomes a mass movement

There is no proof of that

The Democratic elites won’t like him. But your average worker will support him because he has a pro-worker platform. He’ll lead the progressive wing of the Dems. He’ll probably lose the primary, and than hopefully he’ll start a third party.

He's a wolf in sheep's clothing who will lead the working class to ww3 if he's elected.

How? Someone being a vet makes them MORE likely to be anti-war, not more.

*not less

No one can win the US elections without being nominated by the democrats or the republicans.

Simply look at what he has said. He endorses trumps policy on immigration, coal, environmental deregulation, and corporate deregulation when he’s talked to a conservative audience. His tune changes when he’s talking to progressives. In short he’s an opportunist.

He’s sung praises about trumps decision to employ military generals in his cabinet. A specific policy proposal of his was to support creation of military contracting jobs in Appalachian coalfields in West Virginia 3rd district.

I’m sorry but if you keep supporting a guy like this thinking he’s “far left for the US”, you’re an absolute cuck

Nothing wrong with these things


Petty-bourgeois roleplaying as a socialist confirmed.

Having the military be in charge of the economy =/=driving towards WW3. I’d rather have a general be running things than Porky.

You'd love Mussolini and Hitler.

nice to see my least favourite poster here is still a fucking retard

You are so stupid that I'm starting to wonder if you're doing it ironically.

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This youtuber in this thread is acting like such a faggot.
I would vote in a hermit from Alaska though.

t. Mr. I like Ike

Literally fascism, drop your flag, you don't deserve it.

A military run economy would be closer to the Derg in Ethiopia than fascism. There would be no markets, everything would be centrally planed. No place for exploitation or wage labor.

In context this means the need for imperialism would be even greater.

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Is this supposed to be a good example?
Anyway, if the military own the means of production instead of the workers, even if there's central planning instead of markets, then it's not socialism, it's junta state capitalism at "best".

Maybe palace economy would be closer

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It’s better than the status quo.

Listen here you dipshit. In the us a military leadership would be even more fascistic than what’s currently on the table. All military leaders have alliengence to the corporate sector and are more than willing to remove any civil liberties that remains for the US population. If the military had their way literally all commies and socialists in the US would be rounded up and executed. And you wanna support this cause of fucking derg? The historical context of the US and derg is vastly different. The US military has literal nazi sympathizers running it so essentially you wanna suck fascist cock.

No it wouldn't. The POTUS is already the CINC.

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In Europe we make our jokes funny. That's why nobody recognized yours.

If Europeans are so funny, how come none of your comedians are famous? Check-mate, atheists.

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No it's not because with a military dictatorship it's way more difficult for the proletariat to organize.
That's exactly why fascism is raising, to prevent a proletarian uprising.

46th President will almost certainly be a Trump

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Watch it be his jewish son-iin-law.

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Just vote for him you cuck

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kys faggot

Where do they support him?

How will this cuck manage the economy geared towards a socialist state?

Otherwise, why shouldn't Trump assign one of his big business sons to manage the state when they have already proved themselves in high business management.

ha ha the lefties fell for it

Honestly, I wouldn't vote for him just because of that. Who wants a pog officer that can't shoot as president?

At least he focuses on labor rights.

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