Brit/pol/ #2682: Chimeras and Clockwork Elves Edition

Labour handling of anti-Semitism 'disastrous', says Jeremy Corbyn ally Barry Gardiner

Spain's government moves to protect UK citizens' rights in no-deal Brexit

'Right to rent' checks breach human rights - High Court

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fuck the royals be a jacobite


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not really tbh

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Is there any city on this rotten sphere that doesn't have blacks hanging around shitting the place up?

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is he actually gonna do it with the weird surgery hole? horrifying cosmic horror tier. that image is sickening.

If only they knew just how bad things really are.

Even if they are now, 20-50 years from now there won't be
Someone should make a floating city we can all live on

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Godzilla attacked the wrong country tbh.

*weaponises it to invade neighbouring kingdoms*

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based, come on, fire your nukes, end it all.

you literally can't make this shit up lads

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I don't want to lose these clean, safe, and exotic streets. It's like another world; but globalism would like to make every place the same.


raped a boy as well
wasn't you was it Westie buddy?

you cant make it up because its not real, this is all a test

he murdered a white man while texting and driving and served a 12 day sentence

thats how much the life of a white commoner is worth

just no way you can shove that up a hole there was none before without complication. There has to be some intestines that would normally be in the way that has been shoved to the side to make room for a hole. Imagine applying pressure and friction to that thin wall containing all your guts.

reading the last thread put me into paroxysms of rage tbh. I might stop coming here.

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I'd rather not, if it's all the same to you.

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we'll sort things out one day chin up lad, all in gods plan innit…

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thats gay

Wish I could fuck off to a cabin somewhere but you can't even do that in this piss earth joke of a "country".

How can these people be the same species as us

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This tbh.
Luckily the niggers only operate in the red light district (dunno why because it's still Yakuza owned) but I won't be going there anyway.

Don't lad you're a good poster

humans are fucked up man i bet if aliens saw us doing this they'd assume we're a species that doesn't feel pain or something, then they realise we do but we just like to mutilate ourselves because of demonic possession or something

check his wiki

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your rage is from your inaction

chav level over 9000

write the book, dude

Hang em

highiq post

Norks have the right idea, vandalise their shit and you get 15 years making bricks in a field in 30c sunlight.


What was the subject of the last thread? I wasn't really paying attention.
Also, I'm seconding : you're a good poster.

I read some YouTube comments that said there's a whole Nigerian mafia in that part of the city, and that it competes with the Yakuza. I don't know how reliable that information is, though.

Anyway, I hope you have a good trip.

north korea has some serious problems but they keep foreigners in check tbh. and if a poor, impoverished, non-nuclear for most of its history backwater can do it, why not the uk tbf?

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Because you are falsely assuming the State is an honest actor in its protection of us.

Country is ran by feminine faggots and willful traitors.

I know what I'm playing.

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The Syrian emperor of Rome, Elagabalus, allegedly wanted to find a doctor who could turn him into a woman. The difference in our time is that, to quote Gustave Aimard, the idea's time has come.

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yeah the slim but ever-present hope that one day we will enact justice against the people who created this should keep us going.

Cheers lads. It was reading Lord Ahmed, seeing the state of the monarchy and being reminded that the next royal born will be the rotten fruit of a dried up mutt womb.

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just because you lop it off doesn't give you viable ovaries. women and men are more than just meat suits

It's shit they took out the tits to appease a bunch of metrosexual numales who are scared of women.

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Smh, they need to revise their colours to match the helmets if they want to look truly intimidating.

Being a woman is about the whole body, soul and brain, tbh. You can't forge it, like you can't fake gold.

yeah a real woman is not just a dickless man tbf


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*rolls out on the catwalk*

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remember how cringe the alt right was?

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Is it beastly to think that the girl really died the moment she opened her legs to that thing?

He and the lad to his left both look like they're subtly mugging for the camera, tbh. They look like nice lads.

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Fake news.

every wigger deserves to die


some lass in brazil got that womb transplant from a dead lady and they gave birth with it lad, sureley they could implant that in men given enough technological advancement? that would really be hellish tbh

yeah I am actually getting pretty ashamed of even being in the alt shite. it was pretty based up until 2015-2016. you can explicitly connect it going to shite when richard spencer created radix and some fags brigaded the RWDS mene on half keke and made it into gay faggy neetsoc hugbox where rednecks pretend to understand politics

How do white people turn up like this?

thats when I will suck start a shotgun lad

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This is that edgy Alt-Right Satanism again. Smh

tfw Ping Pong and Ning Nong are having fun again

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I saw a vid where someone was strolling through kabuchiko and he got constantly harassed by these Africans wanting to go to a tiddy bar or whatever. How on Earth they became working citizens in Japan is any ones guess.

Cheers lad. Jetting off next wednesday. I'll keep Zig Forums in the loop if I have interweb access.

Except it's not you faggot sounding welsh nigger.

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why do they hate beauty

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It really feels like things are speeding up, God only knows what things will be like in 20 years

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Judge for yourself, I don't care.

i heard if you speedrun you get the bad end lad

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is it compatible with the male body though?


they can put pig organs in humans right? i assume male and female is easy enough

Like when the female body is pregnat, doesn't it make changes to accommodate the pregnancy?

Satan loves to invert and break things as a way of spiting God. Exalting images of sick and disabled people is an example of that.

Okay, first you need sex change surgey
then you need a womb
then you need to impregnate that womb somehow
then you need to somehow keep the body intact for 9 months
then you need to have the baby cut out from your belly as you cannot give birth

i am not joking when i say in this time of ours they would probably allow it even if it had a 60% death rate for the baby, and they then deliver the corpse in the maternity ward and everyone pantomimes like its a biological woman and congratulates the transgender.

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why is this time period so gay?

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Im ashamed I posted on the trs forum and used to look forward to TDS, I was 15 at the time and the ironybros were totally right about TRS being basically a bunch of adults grooming impressionable teens into ruining their lives so they can feel important is true.

Thankfully I didnt ruin my life just came close a couple times.

There has been no one really respectable on the far right since Bowden died tbh

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Its cringey if its made up but its funny if it happened except the scoobydoos being in ovens which obviously didn't happen

mabye they can just shite the baby out?

Pretty much this tbh

Video proves me right tbh.

…and that'll be $500k Si- I mean Ma'am.

uh excuse me

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oh shit they'd probably have to do a caesaerean, or do some dilation widening to make the hole big enough to retrieve the fetus through.
you see the hormone kits they have now? for men to drink that fucks up their endocrine system and makes them lactate milk like a woman, and these are actually designed to be used by men to breastfeed children. this is fucked up man

Lads, Tim Farron on Celebrity Mastermind right now

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atrazine lad

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actively murdering the unborn is allowed, why would there ever even be a question of """"miscarriages""""" from tranny tech wombs?

havent radio waves / internet microwaves been proven to affect our brain scans and brain psychology lads? and we're about to get hit with like 100x the dosage from this new 5g stuff i guess

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