Deep state planning to buy National Socialist data off Jewgle and Kikebook

We all know what (((early alerting tool))) means. But whats more worrisome is they have finally united, big tech and government. I deleted my Google account several days ago but I dont think they will delete all my data from their servers. Has anyone or can anyone create a script which browses random websites, therefore poisoning jewgle and amazon trackers?

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That's not a solution.
They don't care if you browse CNN, SNL, Zig Forums or whatever else. If you go on Zig Forums afterwards and say naughty things they'll still flag you as a potential domestic terrorist. If you say naughty things on an antifa chat they'll flag you for being both an extreme left and extreme right activist, they don't give a fuck. If you're an extremist of any kind (meaning, support any kind of organized violence that isn't state-approved) they'll flag you. Heck, they'll flag you for inconveniencing the government in any meaningful way ("paper terrorism").

I don't know if that poisoning idea would work, since they can still mark various sites as "problematic" and make a log of IPs going there (harvested via their everpresent web beacons). So then they'll just ignore the "kosher" sites, and all your random browsing will be a pointless waste of time and bandwidth.
Frankly I think you're better off to just stop feeding them anything whatsoever. Use some kind of whitelist browser plugin and also blackhole all their shitty analytics and other domains related to them in your DNS.
You can also try browsing in Lynx (my favorite browser btw) since it only ever retrieves the document you tell it to. If you turn off cookies (or ask it to prompt you every time), then you have control over that too. You can even compile it without cookies altogether. It outright doesn't support frames, CSS, javascript, WebGL, and other such junk, so there is also a much smaller attack surface in addition to less opportunities for surveillance. If you want to view images of PDF, you can configure external viewer like sxiv and xpdf (or else just download the file to disk and open it manually). There's no tabs though, use bookmarks instead or run different instances in a terminal multiplexer.
For the DNS part, I gave example in other thread, but here's the gist of it:
armv7# echo 'local-zone: "" refuse' >> /etc/unbound/unbound.confarmv7# pkill unboundarmv7# /etc/rc.d/unbound startStarting unbound.armv7# ping sea30s02-in-f3.1e100.netping: Cannot resolve "" (Host name lookup failure)

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Also, what the fuck, over.

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Yeah, they won't. If you have dynamic IP and wasn't logged in to their site with the same IP as you did other things you probably had some degree of protection to their surveillance. Generally it's much easier for them to get and process data about you when it's nicely linked to your account and password in their database. Even if you browsed sites with your same IP after being logged in, sometimes people share IPs, or the IPs are cycled around clients, so it's harder to ID people without resorting to browser fingerprinting.
VPNs might afford some degree of protection too, but then again, even if they don't cooperate with the government under the table to avoid being legally harassed (and I'm pretty sure they do) they could still be compromised. Think about it, how would you compromise the goldmine that would be a VPN company? What I would do would be to have a female agent have some small talk with the CTO, and after a few weeks what you know, they're fucking each other regularly. But guess what, she has a brother who's a network engineers that has been laid off from another company because reasons. So the guy gets hired. And what you know, that guy has a colleague with a PhD in human resources who's looking for a job. So after they're inside the company they pull strings to get in charge of hiring decisions. So now the majority of your technical staff is employed by the CIA. All that's left to do is to plant a rootkit that replaces /dev/urandom with a compromised version of the PRNG. So now you can calculate the private keys for every client. Then you put an NSA surveillance node in the ISP providing connectivity to the VPN company, and you can crack ever connection's identity and content in real time. If any techie somehow finds out about the racket, you offer him 50k and tell him to shut up. You monitor his conversations and if he begins opening his mouth you suicide him. Alternatively, you can plant CP in the CEO's computer, and tell him if he agrees to cooperate he gets a free pass. Or take him to court for a CP case related to one of his clients, and tell him if he cooperates with the agency under the table, no charges will ever be pressed against him. Etc, etc. There are many schemes that could work.
Tor, although with many problems, is a more resilient solution, because anyone can put up a node, and there's a chance you'll reach a node that's not ran by the three letters, effectively de-anonymizing your traffic. There are correlation attacks, they can't always be pulled off (and they can be done against VPNs too, so that's not a reason to prefer VPNs).

Set your useragent to GoogleBot, usually works

just use Tor Browser
this way they will only know you are Tor user, but won't be able to get more information, what are your political views, why do you use Tor

Lynx is shit, it sends your clear IP so they know your entire web browsing history and what do you post

I use my parents internet connection
. Will I be okay?

they will make money off false flagging, larpers, who just regurgitate alt-rights. be careful of these fake shills. you'll find them on you tube channels.

this kike for example. they make money off new political movements, having no legitimate belief in nationalism, how ever they find any way to make money.

Deep state planning to launder tax money for data they already have in scheme with Jewgle and Kikebook

I don't care if the *host* I connected to gets my user-agent, which anyway can be changed as pointed out. However, more importantly:
a) Tor browser is a bloated shit with huge attack surface, and I'm more concerned about security than privacy.
b) Tor browser will run like shit on a non-botnet hardware, such as my A20 SoC (non-speculative CPU) that was carefully picked to require no closed firmware or driver blobs
c) By its simple nature, Lynx avoids sending my infos to 3rd party sites like google, facebook, and so on via their web beacons (which is how they harvest their data from the web at large)
d) I can realistically browse over PPP or even serial connection at 115200 baud, as mentioned in other thread
e) I use Lynx since the 90's and like it, but other such small/simple text browsers are fine too
f) Lynx natively supports gopher, and as the web becomes more shit every year, that becomes more relevant

>using the 0day-ridden (((official tor browser)))
torify lynx -useragent="Mozilla/5.0 ..."

They will know it's not Mozilla by the fact the HTTP requests are different. Or the fact that you're not requesting CSS files, for that matter.

You don't seriously think the "Mozilla/5.0" part means it's firefox right?

I guess I forgot all browsers have Mozilla in their user agent. The point is, it won't work given a smart adversary no matter what you substitute for the three dots, unless you are worried about the very small percentage of sites that block lynx but not Tor exit nodes.

Personally, I don't even bother with Tor or VPN. My reaction was because OP's article points the finger at Big Brother, while at the same time announcing they're in this ominous-sounding "Oath" group that they share their collected data with, and blocking me for not having tracking cookies enabled.
Anyway what happens is I simply don't visit these sites. I've seen this Oath shit a few times before, and I always hit the back arrow/button. I don't bother to change user-agent string, or enable cookies or whatever stupid hoops the site admin thinks I should jump through to browse his garbage that probably only exists for the sake of data collection. Basically it's a good indicator of a place I don't want to waste my time with, because they don't respect the user's freedom to browse with what and how he likes.

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but it has no images (and the code is not any more simple for it, as it still has to do more complicated things like rendering tables whereas an image would just be providing coordinates for where the library should draw it). you may as well use a BBS. links in graphics mode is the only good browser. it should be updated to support videos too, which are actually useful in real articles unlike what polniggers on this board seem to think, as theyve never seen a real website, and just browse clickbait (such as the dailystormer) all day.
the whole idea that somehow text is more simple or stable is a misconception, especially on a braindamaged UNIX-based OS where text is not even text
this would be even easier without UNIX braindamage or webshit. it's literally 1000x more efficient to automatically encode types using a prefix tree than this retarded idea of concatenating a bunch of strings like a monkeyfuck

who cares. its all public anyway and using them is your choice.

Why were you using Jewgle in the first place? I stopped using it about 10 years ago. You dumb nigger. You're probably an a-log

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Blow it out your ass, all you do on this board is write stupid rants against Unix and text programs, and when someone challenge you to write text editor in Lisp, you come up blank. So fuck off, your words are empty and backed by jack shit.

Why would they need to pay for it? They already get the data for free.

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know any good gopher sites?

This is some top tier/pol/tardation.

how are they going to go about that

remember when aol searches got leaked and they thought some woman was crazy or eating cats or something but it was just like she had 3 cats and was some cat woman and liked cats?

OK good story anyway just wanted to say you were stupid


Ok boomer.

why? your lynx browser is unique, so how do you download and share child porn with it? how do you tell people to blow up federal building?

but everything else will be different than Tor Browser

it is, but on High security setting it's safer than other big modern browsers

yes. why won't open source community make it work on slow hardware?

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user agents are not unique. everyone who uses that browser has the same user agent.