By the way. When you work for this capitalist system, you are a wage slave and support the capitalist system with it...

By the way. When you work for this capitalist system, you are a wage slave and support the capitalist system with it. Accordingly, you deserve it when we anarchists burn your car and rob you!

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Yes, we're quite aware that antifa et al. are a bunch of pussies who'd never take the chance to detonate themselves in proximity to actual elites and their property

What else is new

Shut the fuck up, anarkiddie.

You could have at least posted actual "working class" cars instead of these luxury sport and police cars.

Btw if you drive a car you are poisoning my air, destroying the environment I live in and slowly killing me in general so I have no sympathies, you deserve it you anti-social shithead, go and fuck yourself

Said the fat bastard who has never done anything in his life to harm the capitalist system.
In addition, you can see in the pictures that we also burned cars from porkies while you're sitting at home watching hentai porn.

We're coming for your toothbrush!

Shut the fuck up, bootlicker!
Your car and your apartment will be burned too.

lel don't even know me

Typical projecting antifa loser

Go call some more frustrated working class people fascist nazis some more, bro ;-)


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Do you even realize how stupid you are? So you advocate working for this capitalist system and still call yourself a communist? How stupid can someone be?

Sorry, I don't have wealthy parents like middle class antifa goons to fund my life so where I live I literally have to work to survive like a great many people in the world and unlike you apparently

Shit thread that has potential for legitimate discussion.

I'm ok with ths. Fuck the petite bourgeois and the elites. Bash the fash.

How do you faggots even decide whose cars and shit you burn anyway ? Do you make sure you aren't harming regular people who are likely struggling in life or so you justify it by some warped utilitarian anti-human nonsense ?

Ok, again a Trump voter … why did you not wrote that we from the "Antifa" always get money from George Soros… Where does this statement come from, that anarchists who violently fight against the capitalist system have rich parents? That's another crazy right-wing conspiracy theory without any sense. By the way, i am robbing stores and deal drugs.

like pottery, keep it up! you're changing the world for the better and really helping the image of anti-capitalist movement among working people over the planet ;-)

Fuck yourself, wagie.
Everyone who works for this system deserves to have their car burned! FUCK THIS SYSTEM!

I know, now keep licking boots, wagecuck!

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>moooom stop telling me to get a job I wont be a slave! also can i have some money for a new hoodie, it got torn by fascists again ;_;

Are you looking forward to suck your boss's cock again on Monday, just to get some money to buy yourself food?

I shit in your face.

you've convinced me with your profound rhetoric. I'll quit my job in health care and encourage everyone to do it too. They can all just sell narcotics or something :-)

fuck the sick and vulnerable ! let's all just REBEL and burn down SOCIETY

lol does this infant not realize cannabis plants/methampetamine labs/etc. are means of production

To who?

Threadly reminder OP is spamming and anyone who took the bait is a gullible fuckwit.

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But i own the means of production, faggot. Now suck Kim Jong-un's dick.

Threadly reminder, you are a piece of shit and I would slaughter you bastard if you were in front of me!

That would be the first time in your miserable life where you would do something meaningful, faggot.

I feel like at this point most anarchists that aren't completely fucked in the head have turned to Marxism. There's only batshit crazy anarchists left.

I have to disappoint you, no one except a few old cucks are still interested in your state bootlicker-communism, cocksucker.

Does that apply to paid protestors as well?

Take your meds, Zig Forumsack

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I was just asking a hypothetical question.

Not really since it's taking money away for our cause and promoting the right ideals.

This is either pol or a really hardcore shitposter.

Nah I can recognize him from those posts alone. He's not Zig Forums he's some insane russian anarchist who literally wants to kill cops and blow up federal buildings etc.

I'd say they're much worse, since they distort the organic consensus process inherent in blessed, stateless socialism.

last two pix aren't private cars, fuck off faggot OP

Lmao, show me where anarchist are burning everyday peoples cars?

The pics in the op look like cop cars and rich bourge cars.

Why did you bumplock him, he's right!?

I am an anarchist and that are cop cars…
Kill yourself, brain-dead faggot!

Only the first two images are anarkiddies being little shits.