Brit/pol/ #2683: Calming Down And Relaxing Edition

Labour handling of anti-Semitism 'disastrous', says Jeremy Corbyn ally Barry Gardiner

Spain's government moves to protect UK citizens' rights in no-deal Brexit

'Right to rent' checks breach human rights - High Court

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Theme for clown-world, tbh.

Dialectics tbh lads

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xth for Stalin

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The next debate topic:
Is Nationalism to be an ideology or an instinct?

How fast could you mine crypto with this? How much could it make you a month?

smdh it happens to us all

dunno but i dont like pakis

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gandalf is defending the noncing of young hobbits lads

Ian McKellen says alleged abuse by Kevin Spacey and Bryan Singer occurred because they were “in the closet”

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nth for Polish independence in the face of various flavours of aggression, whether communist or otherwise

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Neither, a worldview of truth. The application of said worldview in a society is an ideology amplified by instinct

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The law of God is written on the hearts of every man so it's an instinct, putting two separate nations together usually ends in war

good lad

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Yeah, Deuteronomy 32:8 says that God divided the nations, so we instinctively cringe at seeing that work undone.

Considering it's an overclocked duel system, with the cost of electric it wouldn't be worth it.

seems like the nation state is the human society at its largest possible extent without overextending or incurring drawbacks. dont have to have a large state within a nation state either


What is that, a debate between a priori and a posteriori for ants?

Good lad

Thanks lad I am enjoying the fresh Milos

I love him

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Instinct would be ones tribe and family so that's dependent on if you consider an ethnic group at large to be an continuation of the tribal system and/or family system tbh (which I think it more or less is), the issue with that is that it would eventually lead of globalism as we become more and more connected, so an ideology would be needed to preserve the nation state and it's ethnic borders which would be Nationalism, so it's an ideology.

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Just finished watching The man who would be King
cracking film lads, absolutely holds up to the original

read my essay on tribalism lad

To be fair even in the modern UK the vast majority of the British population is against mass immigration whenever it's polled, the natural instinct is that strong. If we had a proper fair press and elite that represented the people it wouldn't matter.

Don't like all this fancy philosophical language, tbh. I'd rather speak in a way that'd let my every word be understood by Norf F.C.

Identitarianism is the future. We are in a new age we need an ideology relevant to our techno-cultural situation. Chauvanistic nationalism, fascism and natsoc are irrelevant failed ideolgies of the past tbh

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eating thicc yogurt for dessert, lads

define 'instinct'

luv that film. Along with Zulu its something my dad and me share.

Hear hear.

wouldn't shag any of these girls

Fair press is more or less an utopian idea tbh as is an elected elite that represents the people.

What would a country ran by "Identitarians" look like?

Gonna have to pass a link lad.

bit gay, lad

people feeling compelled to put their nation first in matters of policy


They need love too, lad

They can't beat the clown gf tbh


But where does that come from? What is this feeling, where does it come?

big identitarian milkers

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Post nudes lad


is identitarianism just a harem of sporty girls for charismatic hipsters?

the brain

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All I got is this, for some reason I've developed a chubby chaser thing over the past week or so.

Ah I've read that before I think.

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good lad

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The midnight manatee has failed, there is only chaos from here on out.

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Goodo, laddo desu.

Imperium tbh

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Imagine the schmehl.

Identitarianism is a framework for society. Similiar to how today we have a framework where both sides of acceptable and relevant politics must submit and perform rituals to globalism and mulitculturalism.

GI acts throughout europe largely autonomously, there is no single leader nor single authority of each specific national or regional branch. Power and legitimacy is only wielded on the brand for practical purposes, on ground it is lacking in hierarchy.

Regionalism is emphasised as an essential part of ones coherent identity and praxis, you have your civilization, your nation and then your dialect where each and every step of your identity is relient on the other. Without one you do not have a coherent identity and all are being eroded and must be rejuvenated.

The right and the left are both adherents to globalism, the right is and always has been just an expression of moneyed interest, there's practically no ideology in the Tories, CSU, En Marche and pretty much all the EPP parties; the left is the only one with a semblence of a coherent ideology. This is largely where the Nazbol types come and where GI atleast has its origin.

There will never be an identitarian party just parties that further the identitarian goal of relegating a faux- leftism and rightism to a playpen where they can have the aesthetic of being true to their beliefs but constantly aware they can never leave their pen. Where even the far left communist party must somehow form identitarianism and anti-immigration into their ideology for it to be allowed by society.

Greenpeace for example is a good but less effective example, they arent expressing a specific ideology that you can put on a pamphlet but they demand and form the political enviroment to incentivise and eventually force adherence to their beleifs.

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Me children will thank ya for your help

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What are you drinking, lads?

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piv tbh

The great struggle tbh, both the rejection of the foreign hordes but also that ancient want to cum inside said foreign hordes women.

Interesting, thanks.

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Pepsi Max

literally me haha

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nearly every girl in the identitarian movement is so because their boyfriend is identitarian. The 120db movement is a sister movement of IB and IBO.

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Water, it's what lions drink™

smh I have had an odd spike of asian women interested in me recently


Digestives, 2 teasers bars and cup of tea for dinner


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Why would I be drinking anything else? Because it's Friday?

Good lad.

Good lad

Good lad

didnt mean to respond to kent smfh

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case of becks tbh

Love you lad

Good lad

good lads

cheap lidl lager and a protein yogurt for dessert
the meal of kings

No worries lad

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how absolutely dysfunctional and pathetic do you have to be to broadcast your petulent frustration that your participation trophy chink gf is costing you money.

GOOD lads

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so what if you live in a part of the country where you weren't raised. do you have to move back to where you were?
and if you have children, aren't you depriving them of their region by moving back and taking them with you? do you have to abandon your children in their region and return to your own?
what if you moved around enough growing up to the point where your dialect is effectively regionless or a mixture? what do you do then?

this just sounds like abandoning strategic politics altogether, leaving left and right parties to compete for power while focusing on a group's lifeworld or prefigurative politics (breaking away from the culture and politics, not contesting it and living in a bubble).


You're not fucking around tonight, lad.

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old milwaukee

thank you donald

The game is rigged so that you can't compete with our kind of politics in the mainstream. The social cost to most people of being accused of racism is enough to switch enough people off that we'd never get a council seat in any area, let alone enough MPs to enforce any kind of change.

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oo now dat got 'em n'ean

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