Brit/pol/ #2683: Despite Brexit Edition

Jaguar Land Rover plans big UK investment
Jaguar Land Rover is preparing to make a major investment in advanced manufacturing in the UK.

Ian McKellen says alleged abuse by Kevin Spacey and Bryan Singer occurred because they were “in the closet”
"If they had been able to be open about themselves and their desires, they wouldn’t have started abusing people in the way they’ve been accused."
gandalf defends shagging of young hobbits

Rotherham Peer Lord Ahmed Charged with Historic Child Sex Offences
Lord Ahmed of Rotherham has been charged with three counts of historic sexual offences against children under the age of 13.

Abhinandan: Captured Indian pilot handed back by Pakistan
Pakistan has freed an Indian fighter pilot captured after his plane was shot down in Pakistan-administered Kashmir.'

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give me a pity you lads


The thread number is wrong but the links are fresh and mods can just edit to be correct lads

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You got that stuff about the Turks torturing arelads in WWI lad?

too tired to give him a goodlad tbh. You're a goodlad, lad. just can't click your digits and give you a (You).

Iran Says Britain ‘Wrong and Irresponsible’ for Outlawing Hezbollah
(AFP) — Iran condemned Britain´s decision to outlaw the political wing of Lebanon’s Hezbollah movement on Saturday, describing it as “wrong and irresponsible.”
I agree, corbyn save us tbh

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Here. It's not on the page for the actual battle/siege where the lads were captured for some reason, but here on this guys page.

ta' lad
really makes you think

The hell is this?

are you ugly?

what does like vs match mean?

Just like how they got rid of the page on the hundreds of thousands of scoobydooish wehrmacht soldiers in Nazi Germany because we kept linking it to normies, kek.

Remember when the scoobydoos used the Armenian massacres to advance Zionism?

lost some weight recently so 6/10

Apparently a like is someone thats swiped right on me, a match is when we both swipe right on each other and can message each other, its behind a £7 a month paywall. Fucking scoobydoos.

weird how muslims and scoobydoos have so much bad blood between em but then they can work together so easily at times

Pretty sure the thing telling you you've got likes is just to get you back to swiping so you see the ads. You even need to pay for tinder+ to get to see who liked you. Had the app for a while, got about 5 or 6 matches, only ever met one in person and we couldn't be together because she's going to a different country.

*chins you out*

Will post munters throughout the evening tbh.

I have the advantage of all the women around here being fat and poor so the standards are lower.


so a like means you don't like them back?

Matthew Henry comments on Luke 23:12, where Herod and Pilate become friends by conspiring against Jesus:

"[T]he friendships of wicked men are often formed by union in wickedness. They agree in little, except in enmity to God, and contempt of Christ."

I could heem any one of you lads

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I can't see who likes me without paying Amanda Ginsburg money, chances are I've not gotten to them yet though its possible I didn't swipe right on some of them, 20% seems to be chinese and blacks. Interestingly enough the main dating apps are all owned by the same scoobydoo.

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What would Israel do if Africa was knocking on its door?

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god that is retarded

Same as what they are already doing, kicking them out.

Its pay to win lad.

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Interesting how no open source variant of these social media things have arisen.


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If they ever get anywhere they get bought out.

He's increasingly looking like a crazed homeless man tbh. The type of person I imagine Tom Waits sings about on Raindogs.

Makes sense

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thought gay lads were meant to have good fashion sense

pick one lad

he should spend some of his patreon bennies on orthodontic treatment smh

I'm willing to bet all these apps were created by autists in the first place, and had autists as their initial userbase.

oh god the state of things. I guess you shouldn't feel insecure about what you look like

Unironically good lads.

remnids me of pic related kek

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Wait what the FUCK. Did Woes grow 2 feet? I always though Marky Mark was tall.

Is that Oxford?

Its done my confidence some good, I just want a white gf that isn't fatter than me or looks like an orc.


yeah I have nothing but love for them for turning people on to the movement, good lads.

wtf the absolute state

tbh i cant decide whether i feel sympathy for the lad, he seemed to have been well liked by his men and a standup lad. but then shite like being distraught about how he won't inherit a barony while his men are being tortured to death, as he lives in a nice summer cottage, tarnish him in my eyes.
Mark Manlett

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wait look at Wew's shoes ahahahah

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we were right all along

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Pakistani shell hit house in Kashmir’s Poonch, mother and 2 children killed

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Sad to hear it, but then again, India allows abortion, now doesn't it? Even Pakistan is better than that.

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Dunno who the trannies think they're kidding

When will india do something about these outrages?

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Is he fucking wearing cargo pants?


I really hate him, he must have dyspraxia or something, he has a certain phenotype

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Not sure about this, but isn't that just how a lot of black women look?

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Why do they all dress like fucking retards?

because they are retards

Watching it again lads

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Even Collet dresses like a spastic

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Only "pinkie" is a tranny I think, most blacks are like but its still nasty

Because aesthetics come from strong, sincerely-held beliefs.

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Lad people who dont have simple dress sense need fucking shooting

dafties took the mummy pill

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ok wow read the full article it makes him sound like a complete ass

kek. wonder what the foreigners thought

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It's also about the facial expressions. I remember hearing about some study that said the following:

When men smile as a greeting, you lose respect for them, whereas if women do it, you like them.

Men should be grave and sincere.

to paraphrase Flashman, a man with a 6 inch bone through his nose is unlikely to be impressed by a pair of high heels

This tbh, just wear jeans and a t shirt with a jacket, sorted. Even autists like me realise that is the way to go. Not style my hair like Oscar Wilde and dress like a nonce about to be approached by Norf F.C fans. Even Phil has style

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Shirt, shoes, decent jeans or trousers.
It's not hard.

i love that quote i need to read flashman

oh wow

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it's great lad

Cuck needs to be wordfiltered to Charles Townshend tbh

Those lads endured hell, they are all heroes. God judge Turkey.

lmao look at this dude. Nazis are so fucking goofy

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The Kurds are breeding at a faster rate than the Turks right now, and the former are very angry at the latter for denying them independence. Things are looking bad for Ataturk's project.

Don't forget to complete your look with kino boots

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They'd be more of a rebel by acting normal, that sort of shite is run of the mill these days tbf.

what is your nazi symbol, lad?

Yeah kek I love to tease Turks about this when they try to insult the west. Based Kurds, let's weaponise them.

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Is this Homestuck or something?

smh don't give them ideas

we posting nationalist fashion now?

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