Fedilab, Librem Social supports the pushing out of marginalized groups

>It's a *privilege* to not have to participate in politics. I would love to sit on the sideline and not have to do anything politically motivated, but my literal life is on the line thanks to the fascists trying to ban my existence as a trans woman.
Why am I not surprised?

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>demanding help for the poor marginalized people of and how they have to be protected better against evil hate speech and biggots.
huh... where have I heard that one before...

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U cheeky cunt.

It'd be a bigger quality of life improvement and make the whole world better as a whole if they just binned their new app and went back to the drawing board and instead iterated on version 1.7.
Newest one is a cheap cocktail of worst UI designs from the last decade, and at first I genuinely thought it was just a very elaborate and badly timed joke.

why cant those mentally ill fucks kill themselves already

Everything checks out, nothing out of the ordinary.

Shit, I meant version 0.102.3
this is what I get for not wearing my contacts

Then these supposed "oldfags" get mad at me for suggesting having fun expressing yourself in smug cuckime girl pics over and over for years causes people to want to become that cuckime girl in real life, and it's just me being a newfag and not "understanding board culture".

some people want you to believe that it is real tho. they will try really hard so some actual newfag might fall for it.

Any kind of extreme obsession is bad.
Just look at that one streamer who was obsessed with that Soylent "nutrient" shit for another example.
If you're incapable of recognizing when you're about to go too far and should take a break instead of going full retard, then you ain't gonna last long.
Because that needed break might help you reevaluate and refocus your efforts into something more constructive and efficient.

1945 was 74 years ago, nazis lost the war. Everyone identifying today as a nazi is either a neo-nazi (retards who completely discard most of the original ideas and just peddle on about race all day), LARPer or edgelord/troll, who has been born long after original events took place.
Anything other than being straight is a result of mental illness. Instead of raving about muh oppression seek professional help. Your condition might or might not be curable, but you do have to accept that something is wrong with you. It doesn't make sense biologically to be sexually interested in the same sex. It's a mutation, an error, in the development of your brain. People accepted this up until the 70s but then progress happened and now those mentally ill people get to have more and more power. There is no noble goal in their mind, only actual oppression and destruction of people who don't have same problems as them.

saged because SHIT thread

remember when Zig Forums was still about, you know, tech?

yeah me neither

This is tech in 2019. You might not like it, but this is reality, you can't run from it forever. We can all ignore it and maybe it'll go away, but that won't happen. This is SJW and discord tranny world line and a big event is needed to change it. There have been many events that have lead us to this. Assassination of Franz Ferdinand - because of navigational error he got killed - WWI starts, outcome of WWII, Cuban missile crisis - a single vote by Vasily Arkhipov averted nuclear war, other two generals voted to launch nukes, assassination of JFK, 9/11... Each of those events could/did cause a world line change.



Back to /tv/ you go.

Browsers should ban SJW-disapproved sites:

yep. You can't fight this with tech. You have to fight this with politics. Politics like

if you'd like to dial it back down to (1), you can pinpoint remarks like "my life is on the line" and say, "well, that's like, your opinion, man."
and then prepare for hysterical shrieking about how you've misgendered this lunatic

Hysterical wom(bless)men who failed at life. Sad.

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How do you even know that expression is used over there? Sounds like you browse the talmudvision board yourself.
I never went there, just picked up the expression from other anons using it here on Zig Forums and thought it was funny.

Frankly, if we analyze the situation objectively, the whining and screeching of jews and women about muh lolocaust and muh patriarchy is part of what got them the privileges they have now (among admittedly other things).

Let me just express my opinion of "marginalized groups": Fuck niggers! Fuck trannys! Fuck muzzies! Fuck homos! You are all a blight on this planet.

Certainly. Muslims are treated with kid gloves precisely because they are violent savages who don't deserve to be treated well at all. Trannies have tons of power because they just barged into the left's house and then brutally manhandled the women and cucka who were running things.
You might find some small points to admire, but you should still directly deny that these shits are genuinely "fighting for their lives". Their lies are even more disgusting than what they do to their bodies.

i just cant understand why people take social media so seriously. people always say stupid things there but its not connected to the real world in any way so anything seen there can be safely ignored.

the second statement is false because the first is true.

Because politicians pass laws based on that garbage, and most people can lose their livelihoods, get firebombed by antifags or in some countries imprisoned for saying "Fuck off, you're not chopping my sons dick off because he said he felt shy".

Oh hai friendly neighborhood fedposter. How you doing today?

Well in a sense they are. They are fighting for their lives against their mental illness.

What the fuck are you talking about? Of course it's connected to the real world you drooling retard. Don't you see those blue checkmarks are the ones running the megacorps, and the colleges, and the media stations, and the banks, and the government? Sure, most people on twatter or whatever have zero influence, but that much is true of real life too. If anything social media is more relevant than what you hear on your everyday life talking with people, because those on social media are the power hungry bastards who are going to be ruling us in a few years if they aren't already.

kys tranny