Ocasio-Cortez thread

I really just wanna know if she's a CIA plant like I've seen allusions to tbh

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She sure has a lot of PR photos taken of her.

Shes a helpful ally in congress for the time being since we still have capitalism. Id rather have her in there then another corporate democrat like Pelosi or Schumer, unless she turns out to be one herself which is a likely scenario.

She’s a milf. Nothing more nothing less.

I'd hit it tbh.

She's not even 30 and has no kids. You need to grow up kid.

Not m and not ilf

She's just your average socdem. A step in the right direction, actually funded by small donors, but ultimately insufficiently left.

All in all, she's far better than your average democunt.

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She isn't exactly but she is over the typically desired age and looks a bit older than she actually is too

I mean yeah that's a given since you're under 30…

She looks the mid 20s to early 30s that she is and the typically desired range only exists in hebe-kun's head. Niggas will smash a 50+ cougar if she look good.

She sucked McCains dick. If you want to argue that she's playing nice to climb even higher, then don't bother. If you have a clear message, then stick to it. The goal is to normalize an ideology and hammer it every single time. Not playing backdoor clandestine games. "I'm going to act against you publicly, but I'm really on your side. I just need more power…"

Sanders is also controlled opposition.

I'd like an opinion of Jill Stein though..

Greens are genuine imo but ineffectual and nobody knows/cares about them. Jill Stein is alright but not presidential campaign material tbh. Ajamu Baraka otoh is too real and based and would scare the shit outta a lot of people if he got a platform.

The fact that she calls basic social democratic policies common in every other western country "democratic socialism" should tell you something

She's a hack

AOC is a very strange case because her conception of socialism is an extremely dumbed-down and Americanized idea that basically considers government spending and welfare "socialism." That's not so odd, but what IS odd is how the media gave her massive coverage - she was interviewed on the Jimmy Kimmel Show, in Vogue Magazine, and on Chuck Todd's program. Probably some more. Not only that, but she has repeatedly endorsed establishment Democrats much to the chagrin of progressives and others on the left. Last but not least, when McCain died she wrote a very nice message about him which seemed really weird considering how McCain was an uber-warhawk and neocon…

Is she a CIA plant? I don't know. But she comes across as 110% phony.

She does not, in in candid photos she has the facial wrinkles of someone in the mid 30s at best. She either lost a lot of weight, borderline starved herself growing up, or didn't take care of her skin.
She has werid old lady arm pits too. I've noticed women aging quicker over all lately. It was rare to see a young woman balding 10 years ago, now I'll see one once every 2 months.

You're reading too much onto this. Her behavior is completely consistent with Chapo Trap house "woke" socialist read liberals. She's Obama in all but name and she
Could still be a CIA plant, but believe me young milenial liberals are genuinely this stupid.

Just a wilf, user.

WSWS thinks all the Dems with connections to the armed services and Pentagon are the plants. AOC will most likely be played as a useful idiot.
I suppose I don't say this often enough, but if things get rough enough after the next crash, and there's real signs of social unrest and revolution, the progressives in office will be the ones to propose the band-aids, like a UBI, or Medicare for all, or a Green New Deal, and they'll all be just enough to calm to masses and keep them in a subservient class that goes back to work, back to spending and sitting on their thumbs waiting for climate disaster.

Soc-dems are liberals, well meaning, but they're used to put out the fire of revolution which we need to fan.

She is a cutie. Wouldn't mind a three-way with her and Camila

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If the media complex shines all of their cameras on someone, that's someone they want you to see and someone else they don't want you to see. Figure out who it is they don't want you to see.

Excuse me, hon. It's classist to police my knowledge of politics.
t. AOC

Gross spic


Lmfao she's nowhere near milf age, you stupid zoomer


you're going to look like shit when you actually hit your 30s

Her nudes from college will leak before the end of the Year.

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Zig Forums on male politicians

Zig Forums on female politicians

begone idpoler

A study done by Hall, Hirschman and Oliver in 1995 begs to differ with you.

This thread isn't even worth threadshitting though because AOC is just another stupid liberal. She looks like the 15-year-old version of her was really hot.

not an argument

How didn't I ever notice this!?

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Well, it's not HEBE-kun… (1 in 3, btw, one subtype)

Pretty sure it's a large part of the purpouse of her candidacy, just like the whole "roy moore's candidacy establishes that citizens will stand up to intolerance at the polls" trick.

Cute toon, btw.

This is good. This is a normal part of the human experience, and therefore, should be encouraged and celebrated.
(and actually, there's actual discussion)
It becomes worrisome when the disparity suggests a somewhat-limited userbase demographic. For optomism's purpouses, I'm going to pretend we're all a bunch of twelve-year-old lesbians, but in reality, it suggests an only-moderately-pubescent straight male populace.
This… makes me wonder where everyone else is. There's enough policy discussion between the would/would not stick it in her pooper debate that I figure everything else is fine.

AOC is for Alexandria Of Color btw

Roy Moore's candidacy established that the Democrats had to blatantly rig an election to defeat a guy who was accused of going after teenage girls as a DA, which was legal at the time it supposedly (probably) happened. This means the Dems and the Reps are both really weak and lots of people in Alabama and elsewhere don't actually care about this liberal as fuck Chris Hansen hysteria bullshit because any redpilled man would have done the same thing as Roy Moore if the feminazis hadn't written the laws. AOC's candidacy only establishes that Americans can't tell the difference between socialism and the government doing stuff, which anyone paying a pittance of attention already knew.

No, they don't.


Well no, why would she be? She's just a regular socdem, actually exceptionally leftist for American standards so probably she shouldn't be rejected alltogether, but she clearly isn't an example of consistent and serious leftist politics.


she's a Soc Dem so ofc.

wants to bring Socialism through reforms. that doesn't work you dumb slut.


t. moralfag

Is she the waifu of leftpol?

Beaner slag

Makes sense to me

No, we like older women.

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don't speak for me ancum

of course it does. who cares about western morals anyways? cops are cucks, its ok to fuck young girls and if you like loli or whatever its none of my beeswax, cops who arrest men who like young girls deserve to be raped themselves.

She looks like shit and about 10 years older than she is. Maybe mistaken but wasn’t she a bartender. If that’s the case then it explains her advanced age because most bartenders are alcoholics, and alcohol wreaks havoc on your skin.

Warhammer is such shallow edgy garbage and the people who like it are the worst kind of cringe.

If you use it in any serious sense, you unironically have full-blown autism and should stop before you become ahuviya harel.

"muh autism"

"muh edge"


An actual plant by an alphabet agency? Nah, she's a genuine socdem who has just reached the logical limits of a socdem attempting to work within capitalism, in particular trying to do so from within the bounds of the Democratic party.

Does anyone still remember the days when Warhammer didn't take itself totally seriously and kinda satirized grimdarkness?

Not sure who you're talking about specificially, but Bernie has been pretty clearly hiding his powerlevel when people try to trap him on shit like praising Cuba. AOC otoh has feigned ignorance and insulted socialists for criticizing her misuse of the word socialism.

If you want Zig Forums not liking a male succdem, look here

Yes. Sadly, neither the modern playerbase, nor most of the modern writers running the asylum at GeeDubs do.

Bernie was unquestionably hard left, possibly even full ML, in his youth. I'm uncertain as to whether he's now hiding his power level, browbeaten, or has simply mellowed with age.

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Not sure how to feel about this. I'd rather not have to convert to Islam because porn and weed are banned and anime is a capital offense. What do?

I’d pound her round brown

the people who like warhammer and don't appreciate it's anti-fash anti-war messages are absolutely retarded

c'mon now, user. You cannot seriously believe that the autists at Game Workshop really created edgy little plastic armies to put out such a political message, do you ?

You probably do not remember the way Warhammer was back in the day. The entire thing was packed with irony and humor.

When the majority of both fans and later rights holdersauthors take something like Rambo or Alien 100% at face value, does that signify a humiliating defeat, or a smug success, for the original author?

i.e., that they were willing to stand up to intolerance at the polls.
The rigging is elsewhere. Vote against him, you're standing up to intolerance at the polls because of his record. Vote for him, you're standing up to intolerance at the polls because sexual orientation is no barrier, everyone is welcome. It's a caged response.
Now, you get to vote for or against the AOC.

Or, you could just bring a bag, pick it up, drop it in the trash like a normal person.

fuck this commie goblin

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Well, he recently introduced legislation to mandate that the federal government finance workers' takeover of the businesses they work at.

It creates kind of an interesting view of the midterms. Factually, there WAS a huge "blue wave," AND the right wing of the Democrat party (except Clinton and Pelosi, sadly) got thrown out on their ass. Meanwhile, Warren and a few others are cosponsoring, well, state socialism in the economic sphere.

Now, if only they mandate the Fed to finance and back residents' takeover of their city from its former government.

Alexandria of Colour is not even a real socdem, just idpol bait for woke progressives.

Don't be silly, Ocasio-Cortez looks nothing like a plant.

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Fuck we live in such a fucked timeline. There are no significant movements that haven't been infiltrated and fucked in the ass by all sorts of psyop shit. I just want to see the world burn at this point

This, at least have the goddamn respect to call her a "CIA person" OP.

rofl what? Which planet do you live on? Only two super porkies were even primaried by liberal challengers.

You people are the one idpoling by making appearance a matter or concern of a politician.

We're not making it matter though. We're shitposting on a leftist board on an anime themed cryptofascist website.

Not even that. We're shitposting on a splinter of a leftist splinter of a fascist board on an anime themed splinter of an english splinter site. We're diaspora ten times over.

Are you trying to turn this into a meme?

Yes, you are. Go back to tumblr

Why don't YOU go back to tumblr and blog about rape culture and how western women are OH SO MISTREATED boohoo

she said not to focus on theory because workers wouldnt understand it, i dont fuck with that

But ancom-kun, if liberals agree with a form of bigotry, that makes it not bigotry. It instead becomes a righteous crusade to protect the exploited, even if and especially if the "exploited" never asked for this "protection" and want the people offering it to mind their own goddamn business.

Yes, which is why Roy Moore's candidacy was needed to show that voters will stand up to bigotry at the polls. Now, on the other hand, you're being asked to vote either for socialism, at least as a brand name, or against the AOC.
(and I think you might mean "neoconfederates" rather than "liberals." there's a huge taint of "my wyte wymmyns purity" and "satan." fucked up little anglo gang, who, historically, actually kind of are literally hitler, what with that eugenics bit and the close ties)

(and I think you might mean "neoconfederates" rather than "liberals." there's a huge taint of "my wyte wymmyns purity" and "satan." fucked up little anglo gang, who, historically, actually kind of are literally hitler, what with that eugenics bit and the close ties)

"muh inbred hicks"

this. its time to stop.

btw, most hillbillies are Celtic, not Anglo. live it. love it. learn it.

No, "white women's purity" and "because satan" are still very much tied, and the gang itself is pretty well documented as being violent towards celtic/germanic/scanadanavian peoples, and very much "white, anglo-saxon, christian."
It's all open documents. If YOU want to feel that this impugns you, maybe you should check yourself. If you feel it doesn't describe you, maybe you're not a criminal gang member prone to riding with that set. "It didn't happen," however, is not an option.


socdem with brainlet ideas on what socialism and capitalism are
Complete trash.

People with no interest in ending capitalism aren't our allies, they're useful pawns at best.

JUST fuck off to reddit if you seriously support this radlib bitch.

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Having a vagina is one of the most progressive things you can do.

This was literally 90% of Hillary Clinton's campaign

Which is why she lost. Bernie would’ve won.

No theyre not brainlet. Theyre of ulster scots descent aka northern irish. Scots is a germanic language. Ulster scots is a dialect of scots that went extinct basically they moved from scotland to northern ireland from the 1500s. Only highland scots speak a celtic language (gaelic).

Scots is the most fascinating thing. Unlike German and other languages, English doesn't really have significant regional varieties (only minor phonological differences) so hearing Scots for a native English speaking is a surreal experience; you understand half to 75% of things but feel really confused in general. Irrelevant to this thread but pretty cool that English has largely maintained a solidarity of phonology in the face of, probs due to HALLYWOUD but I'm quite impressed in any case

she's a socdem rep in a safe D district, why does the GOP think she's public enemy #1 or some shit

my dad who watches fox thinks she's a figurehead for antifa (lol) and will bring forth a venezuelan style revolution.

Because American politics is mostly theatre.

She's a crack in the wall of the inevitable leftism dam burst that is coming. Even if she's still just a reformist, the dam can't hold on for much longer.
People like your father should be more afraid of the systems failure of capitalism.

*She's a band aid holding back the inevitable leftism dam burst that's coming.

Hit or miss
I guess they never miss
You got a boyfriend
I bet he doesn't kiss ya

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I want to have sex with her.

This is a good description

I suppose.
If she somehow became the Roosevelt for the Green New Deal and saved capitalism for a few years more, that would be a band-aid