F-Droid bans Gab for being a “free speech zone” that will “tolerate all opinions”

The free and open-source software (FOSS) Android repository F-Droid has issued a statement saying that it won’t distribute any apps that promote free speech social network Gab because it’s a “free speech zone” that will “tolerate all opinions.” The decision comes after other apps and websites in the Fediverse, a decentralized collection of blogging and social networking projects, have attempted to censor Gab and goes against the very nature of FOSS.
F-Droid posted a statement about its decision to block Gab apps titled “Public Statement on Neutrality of Free Software” which ironically explains why F-Droid is going against its longstanding principle of staying neutral. The statement also strangely never mentions Gab by name, even though the entire statement is clearly about Gab, and instead refers to it as “a website.”
The statement starts by positioning Gab’s commitment to free speech and diverse opinions as a bad thing:

“To recap the situation: a website joined the fediverse only half a month ago that is well known to be a “free speech zone”, meaning it claims to tolerate all opinions. While in theory this might seem to be a good concept, it has serious consequences: things like racism, sexism, verbal abuse, violent nationalist propaganda, discrimination against gender and sexual minorities, antisemitism and a lot more things become popular on such instances.”

Further on in the statement, F-Droid says that as its ninth birthday approaches, it will be abandoning its history of staying neutral in order to censor Gab:

“F-Droid as a project soon celebrates its 9th birthday. In these 9 years, F-Droid’s mission was and is to create a place where people could download software they can trust – meaning only free, libre and open source software is available on its flagship repository. As a project, it tried to stay neutral all the time. But sometimes, staying neutral isn’t an option but instead will lead to the uprise of previously mentioned oppression and harassment against marginalized groups. We don’t want and won’t support that. F-Droid is taking a political stance here. F-Droid won’t tolerate oppression or harassment against marginalized groups. Because of this, it won’t package nor distribute apps that promote any of these things. This includes that it won’t distribute an app that promotes the usage of previously mentioned website, by either its branding, its pre-filled instance domain or any other direct promotion.”

F-Droid then goes on to say that “moderation” is necessary to prevent “oppression and harassment” from flourishing. This decision by F-Droid is the latest example of censorship that Gab has faced since joining the Fediverse. Prior to the F-Droid ban, numerous Fediverse apps have blocked connections to Gab servers and Google has also said that Gab’s app will be banned from the Google Play Store on July 19 unless it complies with an impossible list of demands.
The censorship Gab has faced from those in the Fediverse directly conflicts with the Four Essential Freedoms of Free Software which people in this community supposedly uphold. Most notably, censoring Gab goes against the first of these freedoms – “the freedom to run the program as you wish, for any purpose.”
Since Gab is the largest node in the Fediverse and recently passed 1 million users, welcoming Gab would likely have provided F-Droid and other developers in the Fediverse with a huge boost in new users. However, they seem willing to sacrifice both the freedoms of free software and potential user growth in order to censor Gab.
Despite this wave of censorship from F-Droid and others, some app developers are staying true to the freedoms of free software and supporting connections to Gab’s servers.
Gab has responded to F-Droid’s decision by branding them as cowards and announcing plans to fork F-Droid’s repository.


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Phonefags will always be phonefags. Slaves of governments, corporations and them.
How do you free yourself?
Get rid of your cellphone.

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Good, Nazis ruin everything. Whatever fork of F-Droid they do will turn into a shit flinging mess like Zig Forums.

everything would be much better if the normies started ignoring the trannyfags again

Go on, explain the term Nazi.

Great idea NEET larper. It's not like some people have to use them for work. Fucking idiot.

somehow this "fediverse" thing manages to have even more censoring than the things its supposed to replace or be an alternative to.

Broke dick white boys that want to kill minorities to suck capitalist cock.

What a good conformant slave you are.
Carrying around a tracking device in his "free" time.
Constantly being listened too and watched.

then you use it at your job and leave it at the workplace when you go home.

Lad I asked you how you believe the term etymologically evolved.

Even F-Droid is compromised? When will it end?

Have fun in your cucked fork

Reminder F-Droid allows apps that use the Tor network, I2P and Zeronet but somehow Gab is the real wild west

The official abrivation for national socialism was NS. Nazi was already a swearword derived from Ignatz. (Supposed to be the name of a backwards peasant)
So calling someone a nazi when you believe in empowering the peasant is not very socialist of you.
They aren't. Communism is globalist and strives for a world revolution. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/World_revolution
I'm not sure why you're referring to it or why it's supposed to affect the standing of national socialism.

Wrong. Nazis are third position (which means they can't be commies) and they were created as an opposition to commies (and the jews who were shilling communism to the broke and sad people of krautland). They are socialists but not the Marxist kind.

Still, i wish these suckers fun in their cucked fork.

Yeah freetardism and communism go hand in hand, so this doesn't surprise me.

Sounds more like /trannypol/ tbh.

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Damn straight, better not get to uppity, feds are watching your ass since churchchrist

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So more like the Scandinavian or Japanese kind? Lots of theoretical gibs, but a high-trust, cohesive society that would be ashamed to live as parasites on one another?

The nice thing about f-droid is that you can add other repos, so even if you get banned you can just host your own repo this is still really fucking gay and we should purge the trannies from FLOSS

That looks very problematic and ought to be patched in a near future

Any way to provide a comment back to them letting them know I will be uninstalling their software from my devices if they insist on becoming a SJW platform instead of a FOSS one?

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Is there currently an alternative to F-Droid? I don't trust that some day they won't push an update that spies on me and reports me to the Silicon valley police if the software detects I said naughty words.

Freetardism is a cancer to modern technology with their hypocricy and warped views

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Yup, they are making it clear that kiddie porn is OK, disagreeing with the pathetic tranny that showed up in their forums demanding the removal of any app that doesn't block Gab isn't.

They have made their choice. When Gab follows through on their threat to fork, delete F-Droid and install theirs. Send a message.

Free software != an organization such as F-Droid.
Free software /does/ help you avoid such organizations if you disagree with their propaganda.
If you'd like help I'm sure there are plenty of folks here who'd be willing to give you a hand.

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They still let Fedilab and Librem Social up, so it's not like Gab is 100% banned. Still very worrying for things to come.
This wouldn't have happened if the Holotranny didn't cause a shitstorm on the F-Droid forums. If you check the thread they literally move their goalpost a bunch of times and insult everyone. They only did this to cease the tranny bickering.

This is how it is done. We need to get the word out on XDA and other phonefag forums as well: F-Droid has abandoned its principles and is no longer free; if you value your freedom, then it is time to abandon F-Droid.

What sickens me the most is that yet another free software project is ruined because of one shrieking tranny. There are simply no words to describe how much I hate these people.

Yup. Because if we know anything, it is that once an organization is converged it never recovers. It will get worse, and as it spends more and more time on social justice the original purpose will languish. Quality WILL suffer.

Instead of nostalgia for the dead, we need to accept that this is a done deal, fork em and move on.


not a big deal.
the point of gab moving to mastodon was so apps not directly made for it will work fine - it's not like f-droid is ordering developers to directly block gab in their apps.


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It's not a direct block but it is putting pressure onto developers to block them lest they get their apps taken down and unpersoned from the FOSS community.

This man has severe brain damage.

Yet. That was the original demand from the freak. This is the the "reasonable compromise." It won't be acceptable of course, it never is.

And once everyone realizes the Rubicon has been crossed, that Internet client application with mandated domain block lists are now an acceptable thing, the cries to implement the same list in every Internet client as a condition to be included in a repository will begin. It won't stop with F-Droid either. Anyone want to bet on whether an organization as full of poz as Debian will hold out longer than a month?

Google and Firefox will start getting demands to "deplatform hate." We couldn't block child porn, terrorists, etc. Free speech absolutism was the thing then. Now we have F-Droid explicitly denouncing Free Speech. They are only joining the crowd, not leading it.

Stop it user, my dick can only get so hard.

I believe it's not a big deal because I believe in forking projects. If F-droid says "Gab application considered harmful", then I can always start my own distribution project distributing Gab. I rely on F-droid's distribution service because I choose to do it, it is a service of convenience that can easily be ignored.

If Firefox decides they will implement a mandatory domain block list, then it is my responsibility to fork Firefox to meet my own demands. I choose rely on Firefox because they offer a convenient service to me. If I don't like it, then I need to take my own responsibility to fork Firefox.

As predicted, the SJWs and trannies value their safe spaces over free software. We can force them to abandon all pretensions of caring about security and FOSS by simply using free software and being loud about it.

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In theory sure. The problem is that not everyone has the manpower to maintain a decent fork of firefox or some other XYZ large application. So you just end up with a bunch of halfassed forks and the community as a whole suffers.

This is what happens when you let these trannies and sjw's in to projects. Before them no one gave a shit who used the application or who made it. The only thing that mattered was the quality of the code.

Forking everything is going to be a whole lot of not fun.

But it will quickly become clear that nothing less will solve this problem. Once a entity gets a pozload up the pooper it quickly becomes useless for its original purpose.

And I'm serious, within a year (i.e. before the 2020 race goes hot) we can expect most Internet clients distributed through the channels we know now to be pozzed up. That means as a first survival measure we are going to need alt repos for at least Debian and Fedora for clean builds of all of the typical Internet clients.

We might not be able to save everyone on Windows / Mac / iOS in time. Somebody will at least provide a couple of browsers for Windows since it isn't mandating code signing.... yet.

Once this kicks off most people are going to be shocked at how fast it snowballs, how fast the mandatory block list mushrooms. A lot of very powerful people have been waiting for an opportunity to censor the Internet back under control.

Imagine always calling people "NAZIS" without having any idea what you're talking about. For sure, you'd be an idiot, and if you worked heard at it, perhaps you could some day be a bigger moron than , but it wouldn't be easy.

And expect those smaller alt repos to be infiltrated by glowniggers because you have no way of knowing who is running them. And even if the person running it was trustworthy he wont have the time to constantly audit something as big as an OS or browser.
poz kills.

Which is why initially we will only fork the internet clients as they adopt the SPLC blocklist (because of course they will end up running it) and only patch out the poz.

With luck, most of the Internet adopts the uncensored versions and those repos get enough eyeballs to be safe. Longer term, as we have to take Firefox away from Moz (look at this new ad sponsored crap for an example of how quickly they are forgetting their original mission) things will get tricky. So yea, poz kills. At least Open Source means we don't have to start everything over with a blank text editor so it is about to prove its value big time.

Well, we all knew the "F" was for "Fucked" anyway...

Start a fork named "Tranny-Droid", that'll really piss em off!

Remainder that the tranny wanted to go after browsers so that you can't visit non-kiked websites.

But that explanation doesn't make sense. If trannies make another thread, they could close it or delete it just like they did with the first one, or even ban the offending users for posting on their repo if they have that power.
I wonder if they are blackmailing them or extorting them with something. Are they being sponsored by anyone? Do they have a job in pozz valley that they could lose? Are the trannies harassing his employer? Is there a payment processor for donations that could threaten to cut them off?

I can't believe everybody seems to cave just because some trannies show up in their git page demanding random shit. There must be something more sinister going on. So far only the GIMP developers have ever resisted their subversion.

I don't think they'll outright ban sites, at least not at first. More likely is they'll add a bad goy warning about "hate speech" or "fake news" or "fact checks" etc. when visiting any of those sites.

Oh, and Open Source minimizes the glow problem. You distribute the upstream source + a single patch file which makes it easy to audit and for the really paranoid to just download that and rebuild their own binary.

Been there, done that. It is a solved problem.

Everybody knows the drill by now. Agree with the tranny or it brings friends and they "SHUT DOWN THE HATE!" and if that doesn't work they begin to doxx people. Who wants to lose the day job over F-Droid work? But apparently they didn't need to do any of that because whoever runs F-Droid was already an "amendable authority" because they caved instantly and silenced all further debate on the subject.

And yes, they do plan to outright block. Most Mastodon / ActivityPub clients are already doing exactly that. And the tranny freak was demanding web clients ALSO implement the blocking. Once they get one to do it they will use that to steamroll the other smaller ones then appeal to an amendable authority inside Google to censor Chrome. Firefox and Edge will quickly get with the program.

Which means the time to be preparing and building an infrastructure that can deliver browser updates to most of the Internet is NOW. $current_year moves quickly these days, this will all happen before the Conventions next summer.

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Thanks doc

The correct thing to do when a tranny won't shut up is to tell it to kill itself. Statistics say it's likely that it'll actually follow through.

They are up and unfiltered today. Do you think the tranny freak is going to take the win and leave? It already said F-Droid needed to be educated, uplifted, made more woke. No, it takes the win and then asks for more. And now that it knows it is dealing with an amendable authority it won't even wait a decent interval.

Call them Trans/Gendered Dysphorics when engaging them, it pisses them off.

"You will be made to care." #Tolerance wasn't enough, then it demanded #Representation and #Inclusion. If you aren't the loudest one in the crowd cheering it on as "stunning, brave, and beautiful", it will try to have you purged.

Nothing will ever be enough because the cognitive dissonance never goes away. They will spread their cancer to everything we let them.

Nah. Him. Call it him for maximum triggering. Better still is if somebody knows what its actual name was, call it that a few times and a meltdown is all but assured.

I don't know what those things are. I've heard about Mastodon on here but haven't bothered to find out what it is besides it being some social media stuff.
I'm talking about big projects like Firefox blocking sites, that would draw too much attention. Some literally who social media service blocking shit doesn't bring that much attention from people who don't use those services, but everybody has heard about Firefox. Also, unlike sites removing stuff from their servers, Firefox runs on your machine, and people don't like the feeling that other people are spying on them or telling them what they can use their computers for.

One of the big incentives for developing open source software is that you can show it to potential employers, though. Spending hours every day programming something for free and then not even being able to take credit for it is kinda asking too much, don't you think? Programming a package manager for Android is not as easy or entertaining as posting on imageboards.

Let's fork fdroid tbh

jesus fucking christ just fork the damn thing. the whole "sjw takin ova muh free software" just shows that you are completely clueless and are better served on some macfag subreddit.

the whole point of free software is that you are NOBODYS bitch. even if the creators turn on the community like in this case you can fork the shit.

fucking whiners always complaining never doing anything useful.

i bet you fags will attempt a fork. you will come up with a name and a furry mascot. then you will stop and cuck to the f-droid sjw like the little bitches that you are.

This. People are too indoctrinated to consider that they need to invest themselves into forking free software. All they care is that other people are doing some work against their own will. Freedom means personal responsibility which means investing your own money or time to developing the state of your software.

You can always ask for crypto donations. You don't even have to tell those to the taxman and can at the same time get neet/autismbux. The freedom is worth it, but that's just me.

Maintaining a fork takes a non-trivial amount of effort. You would know if you hadn't arrived here 2 seconds ago.
Besides, it's not that anyone actually gives a shit about downloading the censored app. You can get the apk somewhere else, who cares. It's the implications of this. If people can't include an app with lax policies in their repository without being fired from their jobs and being blacklisted by other employers, we're just a tad away from free speech becoming outright illegal, like it already is in some countries. Which is exactly what these activists are pushing for. Some of them outright admit that's one of their goals, others hide behind the "hate speech is not free speech" slogan, but we all know that's bullshit.

I could say the same thing about proprietary software.

You don't have to fork fdroid. They just removed Gab from the main repo. This means that Gab just needs to set up their own fdroid repo and then have people add it by visiting a URL or scanning a QR code.

Fuck man, I was so happy being Degoogle'ed for the past two years.
Why does politics contaminate everything? It's like a viral cancer, only a matter of time until it infects what you love. I don't even understand what this is supposed to achieve. It all comes back to self hosting again. Kinda like Pornhub does with their app. IRC is seemingly on the rise again and distribution of software goes back to author again instead of package managers. The circle starts anew.

Politics is just the outsourcing of military power. It "infects" everything because pointing a gun at unarmed people is one of the best ways to get things you want done, and that is basically what the government does. Politics is people trying to get control of the government.

It's called intersectionality

Trannies must insert themselves into anything and everything to show dominance over the weak willed and to force them to expel the knowledgable.

Self hosting IS the cure but it fragments everything and there are already plans in place to centralise the internet


It's called paragraphs you illiterate nigger.

No you retarded faggot. There are a lot of posts in this thread that use paragraphs, but the 4 I enumerated use reddit spacing.
Kill yourself, reddit spacing apologist

Doing god's work user. Anyone who inserts unneeded spaces between their paragraphs is a guaranteed newnigger.

Freedom is about personal responsibility. Reverse engineering proprietary software isn't a matter of freedom. Getting oppressed by the government isn't a matter of personal responsibility. Being involved in the government(s) of your land is a matter of personal responsibility.

I'm not ignoring the issue of opportunity cost (as you have implied). What I'm saying is that freedom means having the freedom to voluntarily share resources with your community in order to work together towards a shared goal. I'm saying that nobody has the obligation to work to your own demand until you hire them to work to your own demand.

What are you talking about? You don't need to mentain shit.just copy each release and add your gab apk repo. You could wrize a script that basically forks each new release

Then what? Nobody will use this shit.

So what? People who want to host a Gab app distribution will be happy to host it even if nobody cares to go to their distribution.

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An anti-poz patch should require a few lines maximum (just comment out the test, or have the function return "good" for any input, etc.). Well within the ability of any pleb to audit.

A single sentence paragraph is perfectly legitimate. When every paragraph becomes a single sentence paragraph, that is a problem.

You faggots realize that you can just add your own repo to F-Droid in the settings menu right? Who gives a shit about what MtF-Droid thinks? Andrew Turboautist can just make his own repo with Gab in it instead of autistically screeching about forking.

Do you realize that F-Droid is being anti-user and anti-free speech, tranny? It's just the matter of time when more apps get systemically shoa'd. It would be a shame if the imageboard app that you are using atm got removed.

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Thanks, turtle.

The one I have to use isn't in any repos, niggerfaggot. Of course if they remove more apps (they will) fork it. I'm just saying make the best of what you currently have.

No you fucking kike, I know you like to twist words to your advantage and engage in empty rhetoric, but freedom is not "about personal responsibility". Freedom is the condition of being able to do certain things. If the CIA kidnapped me into Guantanamo, do I lack freedom because I didn't have enough "personal responsibility" in my life? No, I lack freedom because somebody took that freedom from me, no matter how "personal responsibility" I exercised in my life I could never had defeated an army of zogbots if they decided to go against me for some reason, some of which could be completely outside of my control. Personal responsibility and freedom are two completely different things, and you are only mixing them up to imply if somebody isn't free it's purely that person's fault and no moral responsibility for that person's lack of freedom could lie in any other individual, when that's obviously not true.
Reverse engineering proprietary software gives me certain freedoms, such as the freedom to understand the code and the freedom to modify the code. So yes, it is a matter of freedom.
Then you are contradicting yourself. Getting oppressed by the government is a matter of freedom. If freedom is a matter of personal responsibility then getting oppressed by the government is a matter of personal responsibility. Simple logic.
Again with the giving new meanings to words jewry. Freedom means having the freedom to do many things, not just "voluntarily share resources with your community in order to work together towards a shared goal". That's just one minuscule portion of the things somebody could have the freedom to do.
If I get thrown in prison, but the feds give me the option to "voluntarily share resources with your community in order to work together towards a shared goal" by moping the floor of the public library, does that mean I am free? No, it obviously does not you fucking kike. Redefining words won't get you anywhere here, so better step up your shilling or go away, because you are only making it obvious you have been sent here to do damage control, demoralize, and gaslight anons into believing

Ad hominem is cruise control for cool.

Who will write the script, you? Who will make sure to run it every time a new version of the app comes up? Who will test the app works on every new version? Who will maintain the server to host it when it gets blacklisted from github? Will you do that every time a new site or app is banned?

Also this. People who want to access something will find a way or another. The problem is people who don't even know certain opinion exists.
Right now people go through their lives only being exposed to opinions that are allowed by the rich people on schools (through ownership, public or private donations), TV, newspapers and now the Internet by owning the sites, buying them or being the employers of those running the sites.
You know what's kind of ironic? How these self-described marxists don't stop and ask themselves
It's almost like they don't think for themselves or something.

I truly disarmed you eh?
Where can I get more witty responses like that though, reddit?

How many forks must be made? How many repos must be added? These faggots just come for anything they haven't pozzed and attempt to shut it down. If you add a repo they'll be demanding repo block lists in the application next. If you fork the software they'll harass you directly and if that fails they'll seek to have you delisted from all search engines and major platforms. I don't think a lot of you realize how far this cancer has spread.

Every time they force us to fork something it just further splits the community because the majority of people providing good code simply do not care about the politics at all or anything that doesn't directly effect them. They're too concerned about maintaining their own project to notice what is happening. They don't move with the community to the new fork until many years later. That's the entire point of the cancer: they seek to split the community and control it. It's divide and conquer and since the companies that preach and promote this shit are the usual suspects like Jewgle, Twitter, and Microsoft I'm 100% sure they're sending in these trannys themselves to ruin any FOSS competition. They've been openly admitting to doing it with GNU/Linux for years what makes you think they aren't doing it with social media as well? Social media is their cash cow at the moment.

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Well said




go back to reddit upvotenigger

this. phone posters have consented to be monitorred and control. if you give up the right mouse button you are a shemp.

Don't uninstall it. Keep downloading random shit from fdroid servers. They're not monetized outside of donations. Having less users who don't give them money is GOOD for them.

Compile apps yourself or at least download apks from github.

As many as needed. Repeat again and again.

I'm not telling you not to fork. I'm telling you that you can't run away from them. They'll seek out any project that doesn't support their version of rightthink. Any resistance to their poz is called racist/sexist/bad and run off of every platform.

What we need are platforms that have no central control and can't be censored at all. P2P repos with encryption.

Forking is the greatest strength of FOSS but it can also be the greatest weakness. Every fork splits the community and man power. That's what these people are exploiting. They lay in wait until a piece of software is well developed and widely used then they show up demanding the community follow their set of rules and weasel their way into positions of power/control. It's the same problem I see with forums, imageboards, IRC, and any place that requires minimal moderation. People that contribute nothing end up in positions of power and ruin the community. The people that contribute move on to greener pastures only to see the same thing happen again if it becomes popular. At some point those people get burned out and leave forever.

I agree this can happen. Freedom means people will attack people who love freedom for the purpose of controlling them of their freedom. People who believe that freedom is highly important will need to take much more effort than the people who shut down freedom. If there is only a minority of people who believe that freedom is important, then it is not difficult to demoralize these small numbers of people. So therefore if we are to survive their perpetual attacks on freedom, we personally need a high level of tenacity. We will also need to teach people about the meaning of freedom and encourage them to consider it a high value that's worth fighting for.

Use clover unless there's a better one I'm not aware of



that's dunecoon and jews
funny bit is that only whites are men, rest are a bunch of pretenders that lose their shit at being called boys, because their claim to be men is that weak
that want to do the same
that would be faggotry, which is a leftie trait, and that they are engaging in since quite some time, a simple look at the hilarity of DNC donors, or the average consumerist subhuman that form the left are proofs enough for that.

so, all these projections, and you seem to hate it.
how do you fucks call that again?

It literally doesn't. All changes are in the open and every project can benefit from forks. The original project can still take code from forks, and forks can take new code from it.

Kuroba. It's a Clover fork made because the main dev stopped working on Clover.