This is wrong

This is wrong. This disgusts me. It should disgust you too. They're adding the recently born to Panopticon. Kill all normies! Fuck the ZOG! Educate the masses! Go into stores to steal and destroy their stock of this! Petition your elected leaders!




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Cyberpunk 2019. Thank you Pampers corp. for bringing dystopia one step closer. It's probably even 5G enabled. Low power IoT and everything.

Btw, they apparently sent this video as a press release to News Wires. I first saw it tonight on the news from the local CW Affiliate (Sinclare), not as a regular commercial. I found the video on the internet instantly after searching, and it was hosted by the YouTube account for WFLA-TV 8 CBS Tampa Florida (Nextstar). So yes, they're shilling it hard.

Idiots being scammed for money is an eternal constant user, the only difference you see now is it involves more tech devices than before.
If you're newborn isn't sleeping in the same room as you, you're a dumb faggot - you don't need to allow the world to watch your baby with scamtech.

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*your newborn

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All of that data is being fed into some cloud server somewhere and being sold to market analysts to determine how many baby products some supply chain needs to deploy on a daily basis. We are being exploited by corporations for profit from cradle to grave.

I don't see anything wrong with that.

so the parents can be on their phone even more

Who is the cartoonist? I see this often and like the style.

But you already have that data from sales. This is just a gimmick to squeeze even more shekels from the goyim. Want that baby monitor? Our SaaS is just $15/month, you want the best for your baby goyim. Subscribe now or your baby will get an ass infection.

If they already have the data, then how does collecting it twice help them make more money?

It's not the same data. There is sales data and there is baby shit frequency data. They might for example sell this to baby food companies that would then see if adding different additives makes babies shit more, how liquid is their shit, how often do they piss, etc..

It's really disappointing that the cyberpunk future is not ruled by corporations with cool names like Wayland Yutani or Tyrell, instead it's ruled by corporations names Pampers, Disney or Facebook.

Don't tell me what to think and do, cunt.

This shit is false advertising, I wanna go back and start over.

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Why are you surpised? I wrote a sci-fi story with all those things and more while I was in college. Even my dumb ass could see it coming.

At least we're getting Wayland. Someone should make a neon DE for it called Yutani. Boom. Wayland Yutani.

Hit me up like I'm a stepford wife.

Wow cool, I bet this will make caring after a baby easier. Since you and your baby are always nearby, I assume this has no need to be connected to the internet.....

Non-ionizing radiation has been linked to cancer growth when the radiation is concentrated on one spot in ADULTS. These babies' buts ain't gonna stand a fucking chance.

It's meant to gather data to improve the company while also jewing out people of something they won't even fucking have reason to use other than looking better than what they are which is not.

This user knows. It's a cancer market - make the demand and invest in that demand, these companies probably invest in the pharma that makes cancer medication.
Also infertile babies.

made me laugh
wife is like what?

"easy to share"
oh i bet

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