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UK weather forecast latest: Storm Freya 'danger to life' warning as strong winds look set to batter Britain

Michel Barnier thinks UK has run out of time to pass Theresa May’s Brexit plan without an extension

GIBRALTAR BOOST: British status to be PROTECTED - away from clutches of Spain

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first for ekre

a new thread. everyone gets a new chance

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Popity scopp, whoopty poopy scoop


Good lad

starting now

can't believe he's dead

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Thanks lad

Yeah smdh I only just remembered that he's been dead for a year now

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Fuck 22st


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This is great

No thanks



Drug dealers are targeting students at Britain's top universities with business cards selling Buy One Get One Free deals on MDMA and cocaine

Daily reminder that unis have known about this for ages but have done fuck all about it.

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one thing is having wogs walking around, but I got shocked when I saw one driving

I think they are just allowed onto the campus without checks albeit they park near and have someone on the inside (another wog) distributing business cards.

Literally all levels of every system, in every region. Even those lads who want a political solution must accept that we're going to have to be ruthless if we're ever to fix things.

daily reminder that politics is for gay homoes

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good lad

tbh lads. If you have a child older than 16 and they suggest they want to go to university, the only sane advice would be to smash their head through a supporting wall.
An ultimatum of taking up an apprenticeship or having their head crushed into 100yr old brickwork would be the only based option out there.

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You think you can stop your child from doing what it wants?

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nah m9 you are doing it wrong they will rebel. show them how college works, take them there, show them how expensive it is and compare it with other jobs that are less intensive

You have no idea how much I can kick up a fuss lad. And multiply that by ten if it was my own kid.

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Good lad

what if they telekinetically hold you in place, lad? Can't do shit then




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They would have to take up a trade or go homeless if they go down the degenerate route into uni unless it is something that specifically requires uni study to get along in life eg Marine biology, mechanical engineering, robotics, AI, etc. None of this gender study bullshite And I would make him/her explicitly known that what will happen if they decide to go down the shit route and I won't be on the end of a phone to help them.
I will only help them out if they really want to make an effort in life.

going to have two danishes soon tbh

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>remember that third year of middle school at the end of the year school play where the girls in one of the classes did a strip tease for the teachers with the parents in the room and the dads of some of them walked out
I didn't understand at the time, but damn
Guess the ethnicity of the music teacher who got them up to it

Turned out alright in the end.

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was he a nonce, lad? Had one of those at my school.

Nah. Nothing like that. Basically i had trouble with some lads and he took their story over mine then it got out of hand and I got expelled.

in a year or less i'm buying a caravan stocking up and riding across every corner of england

just another year of toil before im free

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Gotta get that white guilt. Also watched that ghandi film, I think it was in religious class.

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smh, didn't make your case look any better I guess

but what happens when you run out of money and fuel?


Probably didn't but after having to deal with 5 v's 1 then having the head of year against you after multiple complaints against them without result would end up smacking some cunt in a tie in the end.

can't escape yankification

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Turns out endless moaning has the opposite effect on people.

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i almost exclusively eat canned foods already I'll hopefully have £20,000 I think I can live long enough on that.

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bong or yank, lad?

Can someone explain to me why they don't teach kids about the masturbation machines, pools of acid, the Holocauster™, rooms full of rotating knives and the Nazi dog rape unit

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Bong, I still remember the first black cunt I saw. Now they're everywhere.

I wish it was 1994 again.

bit naughty, lad. Hope you reprimanded them.

Ah yes keeeeek. All of sociology was just white guilt on top of white guilt. Slavery, civil rights, apartheid, Gandhi, racism. Man what a completely wasted subject.

can't make it very long on that at all, lad

too brutal I guess.

Because schooling is about legit facts and not 80yr old hyperbole

extremely rude tbh

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Is that horse sosij? I thought Brits didn't eat horse

i'll go to food banks, hunt, take deposits to fix roofs and then skip town. I'll be fine

w e w

its black pudding you nonce

whats the black shite on the toast even supposed to be?


blackberry jam?

cancer causing chemicals according to the media

Oh, I see it now. kek

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whats horse sosig like is it made from horse blood?

"If you have a boot human face stamp Orwell" ~ 1994

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all english food is comfort food tbh

Meat, traditionally also of other edible parts inside the animal. It was ground together then put in an intestine with salt and other spice (Nick Lemongrass, Harrisa Not Herbs, Gerry Garlic, Shallots Magazine)s and herbs. I ate almost exclusively horse on my school meal from year 1 through 7

few experience freedom before they die

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sounds nice luv black puddings me

Once had crocodile fillet.
Nice tbf. Wish I could get it more often

is that duck dick?

taste like anything else?

yeah crocodile tastes like light chicken

tastes like chicken.

nah it's mystery meat and mystery meat derivatives, Tarquin

everything tastes like chicken tbh, apart from long pork

yeah that's what I've heard but I didn't want to put that idea in his head bth



such cancer

i like crocodile tbh
its a very lean meat and you can eat lots of it without feeling too sick unlike greasy chicken

I bet this was produced by someone with a dual passport.

sounds class, like my lean meats tbh, and I've never minded reptile

i only had my nans huntsmans stew a couple of times but I still miss it.

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remember lads nigger music is popular because it good, not because it is shoved in our faces all the time

why do they continually push fighting for ZOG as cool?
its not gonna work
anything left of center thinks the army are just statist baby killers
and anything right of tory knows the military are just working class lads being paid a pittance to fight and die for the economic security of the elites

And then you leave your car and enter a public place.

4chan gif boards have had sound for at least 5 years tbh

yeah I don't often leave my house.

What do you mean?

wew just discovered /r/MensLib/
I mean I know reddit is cucked but thats a whole new level of cuck

swear I got fucking restless leg syndrom lads

lmao i love the weekly "why am I a virgin loser when Im a socialist who calls people incel on twitter?????"

go for a walk lid