Brit/pol/ #2686: Batten Gang Edition

Army crisis as soldier numbers plunge with even QUEEN'S guards and SAS overstretched

Migrants storm UK-bound ferry at port of Calais

London stabbing horror strikes again as man knifed hours after Jodie Chesney murdered

Oxford-educated rapper 'smashes female weightlifting records while identifying as a woman' in row over transgender athletes

Beer festival threatened with the axe because it didn't have a licence to sell ale survives by asking customers not to get too drunk

Google refuses to remove Saudi government app that lets men monitor women and control where they can go

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Batten down the hatches.

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it's in the OP smh tbh lad

Xth for Morrissey

They only were able to do that due to war time powers, they would be fucked trying to suppress a political party in the same way now, specially with the internet and the like, they shat themselves over the response they got when they locked up Tommeh.

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Druid/pol/ here. Saw you lads had written a millenial wews fanfic and we were greatly amused by it tbh so we decided to write a continuation. Hope you lads enjoy it.

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The war was started because of the threat to international finance. If such a threat was to occur again, be in no doubt that they would start another one in order to justify political repression and maintenance of the status-quo.

*GCHQT has logged on*

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Yeah it's probably worth mentioning that while the state is more stable the people running it are all effete shabbos goyim.

He's pointing out it'd be much harder to justify. Black bagging people would go down like a lead balloon with most honest Englishmen.


Who is the owner of this fine devilsh looking figure of a woman?

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I know, but that wouldn't stop them.


It will just lead to more instability which would just be counter-productive.

This, I must know.

Again, people are under-estimating the power of our security services.

respect to all the 9/11 martyrs

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Giz us another pic lad

it was more the thighs tbh lad

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Feds need to update their reading lists.

I think you're overestimating them, this isn't the USSR we don't have endless space to send dissidents and the state doesn't have universal control of the press either. I mean there's a reason they use proxies like HnH. Even something small like 5% of the pop taxes the security services and they can actively profile Islamic terrorists, it's much harder to find someone for wrongthink.

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Homos were a mistake

we're not talking about wrongthink though, we are talking about direct political mobilisation against the Establishment. Cornered rates fight to the death if necessary lad.




There aren't any more, the fed account is here if you want to perv

lel I just stumbled across it


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Great but again I reckon you're far more likely to have HnH rounding up a Marxist chapter to attack a march or rally than you are going to get a load of pigs dragging people away for having the wrong opinions.

And again not the USSR they can fight if they like but again in our country acting like stasi isn't going to be a winner.

Where do I get a qt THICC based Ruskie gf?

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cheers lad

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Hard to find a thicc russian girl lad they all have intestinal parasites

ahh shit y'got me

import them

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h-how does that prevent them from being THICC?

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bit hairy aren't they

intestinal worms steal the thicc no (you)s for stutterers

We /goth/ now?

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catwalk models used to use tapeworms to keep their weight down. A diet of fags, lettuce, coffee and cocaine isn't good enough.

I think you mean /gook/

Freed from desire, mind and senses purified
Freed from desire, mind and senses purified
Freed from desire, mind and senses purified
Freed from desire


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someone just hit her over the head until she's braindead and she's perfect

Okay, seriously though lads

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bit of a mong face 0/10

new new laber

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edited it for weak people itt

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Feel sorry for poor old Ozzy Mozzy tbh, he could never catch a break. They even beat him up when he was old and doddery.

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come on, lads

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Blessed are they which are persecuted for righteousness' sake: for theirs is the kingdom of Heaven.

hullo steiner

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Islamo-gommunism when?

nice cope, lad.

*is reminded of powells old age torment by bbc comedians*

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Me on the right

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God I hate leftists so much.

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p-post what?

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No, it's me


He has a very Semitic looking face.

Spineless cowards

Even back then they had the "problem glasses" smh

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goodlad, almost badlad.

do you have the one where the filename is "mosley speech", and the thumbnail is him, but it's actually an especially cancerous Ricardo?

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It hurts tbh

Poor Rod
He never did get to see Ngubu and Mwengwe kick the ball about.

Peter Hitchens tier jawline holy shit



God damn that is comfy.

not sustainable tbh, that's why the farms are outside

if one of my euromillions hits off ill make it 'appen lads

Isles are better

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Smh we'd have to keep a watch and shoot any approaching raiders then


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he's a cheeky lad tbh

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Could build a smaller, secondary outer wall that encompasses the farmland too, but you start limiting yourself too much.

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We Stronghold now

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Ok now this is autism.


and then your daughter goes off to a concert on the mainland and gets allahu ackbah'd

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I hear his voice when I see his face

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