Small smartphones

So I'm still using almost 10 years old android phone with 3.2" screen and I love its small size, jack, sdcard, reliatively cheap, removable batt, fits into everything. Periodically I go to "local" online shop to see what's new of this form-factor and there is close to 0. Everything below 5" is noname or retarded or outdated, everything out of stock and 5" is already too huge for me, and recently I've looked at 6" and it is ridiculously huge...

What's up with this shit? I did not subscribe to this shit, I have nothing to buy...

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I believe normies call them "Phablets". Normies want to replace real general purpose computers and real programs with (((smartphones))) and (((apps.))) A screen that's over 5" is way too big for a phone.

They used to, but now 8" smartphone in your pocket is considered the normal.

You can buy this """compact""" smartphone for (((only))) $500. What the actual fuck with those prices? It used to be $200 tops for a real compact smartphone.

Just get a plain old phone instead.

is that a sony?

normies want to show off that notch, that dual camera, etc. they don't even buy phones for good feature, it's just showing off to people they don't even know and will never see again.
now if you look at semi-boomer people who have kids you'll see they don't fall for the trend that apple set which is buying the next shit that looks something entirely different from past shit.
these people are brainless consumerist zombies that try to prove something to others they don't even intimately know but fail to see it's just a scam and they fell for it.

I have a 4.6 inch screen with full android smartphone capabilities, even the botnet. XZ1 Compact if you're curious. Got it under 300 dollars.
It is a bit too big and the sharp corners on it stab my palms until I sanded them to a rounder point.
Smartphones are still flawed in many ways, stick with plain phones and do your smart stuff on a proper computer.

it's because consumer cow loves eating grass. what's worse is they're now putting AI on board even phones that are feature phone follow. there's so much revenue in phone market and also the spyware generates more than the phone market hence some phones are as cheap as $90 but it's a wide range since some poople would buy something expensive just to make a pointless point. there's also $500+ stuff for consumer cow who just want to look different and lithium poisons the water, better invest in water stock bruh.

Gene pool would do nice w/o you

its because they are basically media players and computers too now. the average normalfag might not even know what a real computer is anymore.

this is how their algorithm works. They shift from small to big, then to big to small.A lot of manufacturing companies do this. Auto industry is a good example.

How does a Sony Xperia XZ2 Compact fair by your standards?

It's precisely 5'', and it's the smallest with "actual power" that's NOT a Chinese Data-Grabbler that I know of today...

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I own a Nexus 6 since its release and its pretty big. The screen resolution is also pretty big. I like to read PDF's completely zoomed out while being able to read everything that's on the page. It's a nice addition for my job, where I have to read manuals a lot without access to a PC. That's why I own a "phablet".

user, I have quite large hands, I don't want huge devices in my pockets.

5" is too large, and price is ridiculous. Might as well go full retard and buy 4" apple se for half the price...

And I hate apple, fuck apple and their users

If you have notebook/PC/tablet at home, there is very little reason to carry a huge oversized phablet, unless you are using it for some PDF shit.

Big devices are designed for amerifats whose lard asses have such a super-wide curvature that it doesn't matter if the phone in their pocket is fuckhuge. For normal people it feels uncomfortable and squeezes and stabs you in the pocket and the buttons get pressed accidentally.

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Also, question for phablet users... does it bend in pockets? Does that oversized shit even fit into it? Is it dangerous to sit with it? Backpockets?

Fuck are you saying, are you like, a toddler? Even they don't have issues with them in pockets

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oh so thats why they dont really have any buttons anymore

Assuming you don't wear faggot jeans they probably fit fine. The last tracking device I had was pretty large and I never had an issue with it. I'm not sure why people put them in their back pockets and sit on them always seemed retarded. I think women and soyboys do it because they're jeans are too tight to have real pockets.

The last phone I had worth using was an early android with a decent sized screen which is way smaller than what I see available now. It had a slide out keyboard and once I learned it I could type at an acceptable wpm without looking at it. When it died after a decade of use due to the screen finally giving out I was unable to find anything comparable. I bought a new tracking device and eventually sold it because I didn't like the idea of it tracking me everywhere. I ditched it for a GPS system that I only use about twice a year and went back to a real landline. The landline is pretty /comfy/ and works when the power goes out and the phone company is required to fix it within a certain number of hours if it ever goes down by law. I only use it for family and business. If I'm away from home I have no reason to take phone calls. Everyone carried a tracking device so assuming I need 911 service when away from the house I'll just use theirs or a payphone. Recently, they are started putting payphones back into public places where I live so everyone has access to 911.

This is some shitty bait that'd only get genuine responses on Reddit.

it's all about fashion. jews say the fashion now is big phones so goyim/cattle go and buy them while throwing their small phones away. jews will increase what size is fashionable, but at some peak point, they will say that small phones are fashionable, so goyim will throw away their big shit phones and buy newest small phones for $500
goyim do not buy based on needs, they ask jews what should their needs be. jews are owners of cattle

what else can you do if you need 911:
-carry a phone covered in tin foil or special metal box that blocks radio waves
-carry a phone with removed battery. when you need to call, you put battery in, turn it on, call. don't use (((modern))) memephones for that as they boot for minutes

replace jews with advertisers and it makes sense

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I wouln't mind a real terminal tbh. The big widescreen shit they make now are of no use to me. I bought a used 17-inch 1280x1024 LCD since that's the best I could find in local ads, but really I would have prefered 15-inch 4:3 screen.

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I have a very contrast rich 4:3 12" 800x600 screen. For terminal-only stuff it's magical.

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The fuck does height have to do with it? If you don't have very deep pockets or baggy loser pants, then the phone will feel uncomfortable especially when you sit down. I can't count how many times my phone has fucking shut down because sitting down in a certain way causes the power button on the side to be squeezed.

I have a solution that will perfectly fit your situation.

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