Eelo OS > Lineage is getting some competition in the Android Fork Market

Some kind of French Company trying to outclass Jewgle and value Privacy. Though they're obviously ripping Apple off, anything that's trying to make a Jewgle-free smartphone is already close to a win in my opinion.

Can anybody in this kind and caring community point out why it's a horrible idea to get it, or would you like to elaborate and name me a better alternative for the Incompatible Replicant or the Unfinished Post Market OS?

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It supports my phone, I've been having issues with MicroG so I might check this out is it botnet?

No address, no names

lol, no thanks

sure fucked up those quotes, anyways

it's also just a shitty reskin of lineageos with god knows what built into it.

I like people like you on this board who always somehow manage to find the hypocrisy in their statements.

Ironically enough, that’s still even less than what Android and Apple do. So I might consider it anyway IF and only IF they make those things completely optional. It’s not a Chinese Company, so you only lose here if it’s useless without an account. It’s not like the others are any better...

Look before you leap man...

Not really, at least it’s not even 0.1% the botnet Jewgle is.

Only knock it after you try it.

and you? You read through all that? You checked all the code out and can guarantee me there's no harmful code in there? You can guarantee me the online services they run on their servers aren't actually modified from what's posted to their gitlab? Get real man.

Ask yourself what their business model is. Where do they get their money from? How is their project sustainable? Why do they offer an online service (which costs extra for them) that gets all information about everything a person does with "their" "OS" (which still is just lineageos with microg) What's the reason for it's existence? Why? Who are these people?

Uncritical nigger cattle like you are responsible for the shit we're in nowadays.

If you care about privacy and security then you should get a Pixel and install Graphene OS on it. There are no alternatives.

The only thing you need to know is what's inside the code. That's your own problem if you decide to make use of it. If you don't care, then it doesn't matter at all.

selling referb phones

The founder is the guy who started Mandrake Linux. It's not like he appeared out of no where.

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What you want is an RTOS with proof verified code.

There, I saved you years of anguish mulling over garbage.

It boggles my mind why the fuck do you need an 'account/identity' in the 'privacy-oriented' OS in the first place?

Same here.
From their gitlab page:
Also their support forum is infested by antifa.

If you care about privacy on cell phones then you are wasting your time. Cell phones inherently violate your privacy. They are portable tracking devices with games and diversions that reel in the niggercattle/indians on the globohomo fish-hook. If you need a telephone I'd get a landline if possible but here in the USA they get more and more expensive as time goes on and telcos shill cellphones. Perhaps a more economical option is to buy a prepaid phone at a gas station using cash and remove the battery when not in use. Is it possible to get a VOIP phone dialer program on one's own PC for making and receiving calls?

I was thinking to try MicroG
What issues were you having?

Here in San Diego, they just discontinued the landlines over copper wire. Everything is IP based now. It really sucks because copper lines provided the clearest, lowest latency connection. But the telcos say that not enough people are interested in subscribing to them to justify maintaining the infrastructure.

I was using the Lineage with MicroG build for pme, but my device stopped getting updates and after awhile I noticed my GPS wasn't working anymore. It worked just fine before, and I don't use it often so I'm not sure exactly when it started. there's an unofficial build of lineage for my phone, but it doesn't include MicroG and installing it separately sounds like a pain.

Dedicated copper lines are an expensive allocation of the resources. Two copper lines between two nodes are two lines that are exclusively dedicated to the two nodes. Having a packet based signalling system means the communication channel can be multiplexed between numerous connections instead of having a maximum of one connection to one node. Those dedicated phone lines have low bandwidth for the voices. Packet based signalling means that the system can afford to increase the bandwidth dedicated to voice meaning a higher clarity voices.

And of course my phone is not supported. God, I hate that fucking piece of shit, I would throw it against a wall if it hadn't been so expensive.

Because idiots still want to share what they had for lunch with the whole world. It's a hook for social media addicts.

The GPS rollover happened in April, 2019, and old devices will need to be updated for it.

Yes. Search for it. These exist even for android.

You speak like a pajeet.

Any firmware developer worth their salt will have accounted for the rollover 5 patches before it happened

I tried to post this last week but TOR posting was impossible


Good link.

>Mr. Guval wrote a statement after we published this article: Leaving Apple & Google: How is /e/ actually Google-free?
The response reeks of shilling but does provide hope. They have added bug trackers for these points, many not yet complete.

Yes. I had a fucking mistake when I entered into a page under construction (of huawei)
There were tar.gz source codes of the router that I had but I had no data at the time and couldn't download the source codes.
If I did I'd have unlocked the LTE router and we'd all have a free as in pirate VoLTE instead. Otherwise just keep on lurking. I'm sure there's already projects that delve deep into reversing the LTE. 3G was already a success and galaxy S4 is still under development (though they already finished it).

It's good work and all but the flaw is these devices are likely to be treble.
What it means, you're less likely to brick the thing that drives charging, display, or have bugs with components like camera but the fact is treble devices retain their OEM's botnets. Qualcomm for example all its features are retained but you'll be fazed with backdoors that are baseband/ril/camera/mic level. I even tried to dig deep and found a log database about my cell IDs. Creepy but true.