LARPers try to make a simple program

How long are you going to dodge this clear fact that should be apparent for everyone by now: you Cniles can't even make a text editor. You can't make anything. You are completely useless. Your unsafe language is dangerous and so are you.
Let's list concrete basic requirements now so you can't try to weasel yourself out for umpteenth time by combination of lies and referring to obscure/dead/historic projects:
1. Text editor must be written in C or in C++. Spelled out in simplest terms possible: source code must not contain any other language.
2. Text editor must have graphical user interface
3. Text editor must have feature parity with Microsoft Notepad, excluding following features: Page setup and Print
4. Source with build instructions must be available
5. Executable binary providing usable editor must be provided for Linux 4.0+ only, with Windows 10 and macOS builds as applaudable but not obligatory
6. You may seek anyone outside this board for help, but links to source and executable must be delivered to
7. There is no time limit for completion as software projects are never really complete. However, working and runnable version no matter how buggy is to be expected by end of October. Failure to deliver that much is failure of challenge.
8. Any attempt to weasel out of this challenge will be interpreted as surrender and silent admittance that C/C++ is useless shit language and Cniles community consists entirely of useless idiots.
That is all. Think you very smart elite C/C++ hackers can do that much with your superior programming language? Too difficult? At least try.

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Doesn't fulfill the requirements. Try again, LARPer!

You seem mad. It fulfills all requirements and I've maintained this project since 2012. It's based on Vim and runs on all OSs you listed and some you didn't.

No it doesn't

Which requirements does it not fill?

Looks like at least one useless Lisp homo is so upset she forgot just about every editor is made with C or C++, while the original Kizuna Ai text editor challenge for Lisp homos was given precisely because not a single editor made in Lisp exists. lmao make a house in your own asshole loser

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acme meets all requirements except for #3, which can be easily mediated by scripts because text editors shouldn't need to print things

here's the link for the C implementation of it:

also, i'm going to assume you're the OP from

i'd post a b8 pic but i guess i took it

It doesn't fulfill 1, 2, 5 and 6 at least.

Doesn't fulfill the requirements

user, here's a pic for recognizing something is bait and still taking it

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Editor partially written in C.

taking more bait, which ones?
it is, and it's better than any other GUI out there because of its lack of menus. it just doesn't display pictures because it doesn't need to

1, 2, 3, 5, and 6

Maybe Cniles just need very simple instructions to follow. How about this pic related? You can do it, come on little buddies.

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What's with this incredibly fucking specific context? Must be for linux why? What has the OS got to do with your ability to program? Must have printing? How many people even own a fucking printer, how are you supposed to test if it works? Can YOU test and confirm that it works?

then move them. Write an editor for windows without printing.

I don't know. Consult the archives

Why is that important? What is the meaning that it has parts written in C?

This. It is already done. It has a binary that you can build for yourself.



Oh so the context was made by some anti-lisp fag. Didn't really pay attention to that whole drama.


OP, do Qt Designer UI files count as "c++ only" or are these banned too?
And when you say "feature parity with Microsoft Notepad", does that include searching with Bing, or can we go without that one too? What about the statusbar and the ability to work with both LF and CRLF? Since I presume those were added on a later version of Notepad since I don't remember them being there before.

Read the thread. It doesn't fulfill the requirements.

I will just move the goalposts

Oh and also another question. Are you OP positing the Lisp challenge was completed in a way that there was an editor that meets your requirements here but written in Lisp? Since the challenge was aimed at Lisp users first, I think it's only fair your present your own solution in Lisp before asking C users to do the same, and so we can have a benchmark of how close the editor should match Microsoft Notepad to be considered to have "feature parity".

Aworking and runnable version no matter how buggy is to be expected by end of October. Failure to deliver that much is failure of challenge.

Why are you using Yiddish words on an English website? Are you Jewish?

Emacsen, StumpWM and Light Table. Clojure's site also has this list and I also found this list According to (((wikipedo))), Jak and Daxter and Crash Bandicoot were also programmed in a lisp called "GOAL" and it's predecessor "GOOL". Lisp was also used for scripting in The Last of Us ( and Age of Empires 2 and Halo: Combat Evolved/Halo: Custom Edition (blamscript)

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Those links aren't working for me.
This meets all the requirements.

Looks like a console app to me.

Then why just make the initial goals so specific? I thought this was an unironic challenge.

emacs, vim, nano
they can be ran on both linux and windows, which are both written in C, with the latter being 90% of the market share

Emacs is written in C. elisp only extends it. You could easily rip elisp from it and use the C-only core parts.

OP said it should have a GUI.

Try reading the thread before posting.

Try reading the OP before posting.

Try reading the OP before posting.
I've read the thread and it meets all the requirements.

It's ncurses, dude. That's not a GUI.

it doesn't. Try rereading the thread.

Ohh, nvm. I see what you're doing, it's satire. Ok.
It is written in C and includes Python for Plugins, so they don't have to be compiled for every system and can be distributed easily.
However I think those faggots could have just included the 0.5MB LuaJIT instead of the 25MB Python interpreter.

doesn't fulfill the requirements

There are the original threads in case anyone gets frustrated by navigation links not working in the archives

Which does it not fulfill?

He already said he's going to claim it doesn't fulfill the requirements no matter what.


Nigger, are you too stupid to read. Let me break it down for you:
The only required binary is one that runs on Linux 4.0+.
gEdit does fulfill that.

You have to specify if the binary can rely on pre-existing libraries on the system or needs to be statically compiled.

Nigger, you are too stupid to read. Let me break it down for you:
Provided you have a usable editor you must provide a binary for Linux 4.0+.

Because if it's the first you can get it here
1. Text editor must be written in C or in C++. Spelled out in simplest terms possible: source code must not contain any other language.

Nigger, you can remove the plugin system.

4. Source with build instructions must be available
On both pages you can download the source code.


Source instructions are included.

The program contains the python interpreter shit, written in C, but no source code written in python.

It does. see
Also I just ran Gedit. Where is the Time/Date feature Notepad has?

I take that back. It does contain some.

But only because some plugins are included by default

Then remove them. The requirements are clear. Onle C/C++ allowed and you must provide links to source with build instructions and binary for Linux 4.0+.

No they aren't You didn't specify whether the binary needs to be static, or whether the libraries need to be 100% C code too.

Not my problem
This should fulfill all requirements. It doesn't have plugins, so there shouldn't be any other programming languages included.

C++ rules!

Then feel free to claim C LARPers haven't been able to present a text editor that meets self-contradicting criteria, who cares lol.

No need to give up just yet. You have until the end of october.

It requires Xorg to run, the source for which includes non-C code (bash scripts and make files). Checkmate, C LARPers.

If the requirements are self-contradicting, they will be impossible to meet, now or two trillion years from now.
Which considering your ridiculous interpretation of them, they probably are, because the Linux kernel itself contains non-C files in it's source tree (make files and such)

fug. I thought it had none.

Nice try but it uses Qt and thus can use Wayland with 0 Xorg depencies.

I didn't make them. Not my problem.

Wayland's source contains non *.c(pp) files too. In fact the kernel itself does, so with OP's retarded interpretation of the rules they are self contradicting.

That's data and build scripts not programming languages.
Just need to find a text editor that doesn't have extensions. (If you went back in time you could get a binary of the programs meeting all requirements because extensions weren't added at that point)

The problem is you aren't interpreting them in good faith. Just because a project contains some non C files in its source it doesn't mean it isn't written in C if the other languages aren't required to be executed at runtime for it to work.

That doesn't matter since OP is a Jew who's main shilling tool is twisting words to his own advantage, meanwhile the objections in the original threads were reasonable, such as "Emacs needs runtime C components to work" or "that editor can't even save files to disk lol" not "hurr durr non C files".

qtcreator, kate. Pretty much all editors are written in c/c++ and only use other languages for optional plugins. Now tell me one "modern" text editor that isnt 99% c/c++ (electron)

How about you write one?

cry more

quality thread by the avatarfag again

Who are you quoting? is getting pretty cool and it's Nim.

This. No matter how much OP twists the facts, all useful text editors (or pretty much any kind of software at all) are written in C/C++ or even fucking javascript, but not lisp.


A text editor written in C with a bunch of addons and macros written in elisp.

This thread is such a lisp-homo cope I can't decide if it's more sad or fun.

First, this is buttmad carbon copy of a "challenge" lisphomos couldn't do themselves but pretend they did, all the way down to using Kizuna Ai.
Second, it's a desperate board slide to distract from third lisphomo ridicule thread, it's been a year since first thread and still lispfags could deliver nothing.
Third, there are shittons of editors including complete IDEs made with C and C++ that are in common use so there really is nothing to prove.
Fourth, lispfags still don't understand is that if they go around claiming vast superiority of Lisp as a programming language but have absolutely nothing to show for that claim they eventually get a simple question about glaringly missing basic software made with their meme language.
Fifth, lispfags still don't understand it was never the utter lack of demonstrable software that made them a goddamn laughing stock all the way in (at least) halfchan, hackernews, twitter and reddit, it was their own response to that simple question.

I think I may have single-handedly destroyed Lisp. pic related

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We are still waiting for a simple text editor written in C.

The text editor is written in C. The web browser, calendar organizer, psychologist and whatever other bullshit comes included with Emacs (all of them shitty clones of their standalone equivalents) are written in elisp.

MS Notepad

Then why don't you remove the LISP code and post it here as a text editor that fulfills the requirements?

post source code
We can go all day, lispfag.


Now LISPfag has no excuses.



Both are right there under downloads you absolute fucking nigger

The source with build instructions is available.
The links were delivered to


Is this your final stand? That you can't navigage a simple website?

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Of course not.

4. Where it says DOWNLOAD nigger
6. link to source code is on the page links to binaries for different distros are also right there.