Brit/pol/ #2687: Norf Surge Edition

Revealed: Ukip membership surge shifts party to far right

Army crisis as soldier numbers plunge with even QUEEN'S guards and SAS overstretched

Migrants storm UK-bound ferry at port of Calais

‘Brexit protester’ is arrested after egg is thrown at Jeremy Corbyn during a mosque visit in north London

Further appeal following murder in Harold Hill

First UK transgender prison unit to open

Egypt's top Muslim cleric brands polygamy an "injustice" for women

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xth for black metal

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thanks grauniad

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Business idea: starve norf fc until they revolt

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Xth for whatever image I clicked on

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The post below

Tbh I don't get how an OCD mute lass is scared of touching the 'push' panel on a door (for fear of dirt/bacteria) yet is fine with holding my hand, while she says she isn't up for dating

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You'd just inspire the ram raiding of chip shops and a temporary lard shortage across the whole of the north tbh



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Why did you think this was interesting enough to post twice

dont care virgin

Was right at the end of the thread lad

as a necklet, i'd much rather have the norfneck where your massive traps and chin flab hide your neck completely. soufneck is too giraffe like. I think norfneck is an evolutionary adaptation to resisting sword and mace blows.

It also refutes the need for a scarf as the thick layer of blubber pressing down on your esophagus and trachea keeps your neck warm

Business idea: get mute lass one of those voice box things

first for are tom's dad

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execute spics

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gays are evil

he tough

great my phones fucked so i dont have an alarm

just stay up all night lad

there's websites that let u use your computer as an alarm, i've used them before after my phones become rainbricked.

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nigh lads

been looking at a map of indonesia and PNG. Could've easily been made hwhite and part of Australia. smh.

Hmm I think a lesbian is attempting to seduce the girl where I have the closest thing I have to a LTR
I'm pretty furious and was not expecting to be

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Low titty retard


Idk what do you call it when you spend half your time with someone and sleep with them for a few years

I've become addicted to watching steam cleaning and car detailing videos on youtube lads. Concerned to say the least. There's some good pressure washing ones too.

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That is definitely peculiar behavior tbh

Assert your dominance and rape the lezzer.

the most powerful man on earth sucks toes

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trump is a waste

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Ron Weasley is looking rough



Where did this Norf F.C memi come from? I'm from a working class community in Yorkshire and it hits so close to home I fucking love it.

But they're 'bff's'
I'm just thinking 100% they'll fuck and I'll get big boy mad

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iirc, it started during the world cup last year. I'm not sure on this but that's the first i saw. It might have come from /spee/ or it might have come from here.

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any lads want me to read more clark ashton smith?

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I just found out my grandfather's grandfather was born in England.

join the muh heritage family lass

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made a new donut video for 22st

I looked up my last name which I already knew was English. I didn't know shit about my family outside of my grandpa. A lady does a blog on my last name and she found my grandpa and his ancestors.

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my english ancestor was sent over on the america ships for poaching in devon and my other b. islander ancestors came up into leaf in 1770s to work in the beaver trade on the great lakes in sault ste. marie. they were from scotland and england and then my taig ancestors came here down the erie canal after the US civil war

That's cool as shit. My grandpa's grandpa was born in England but died in the northwest US. His great grandpa did the same. Apparently he brought his son here for some reason. My grandpa's dad was a mechanic during the depression.

intradesting try the mormon geneology sites especially since you are in the PNW

My great-great Grandfather was the postman for the same village for over 50 years tbh, got a commendation from the King for it.

I'll check it out thanks. Mormans are ok in my book but I'm Catholic thanks to my grandma. From what I hear, they run really good genealogy. Rumor is, they do it so they can pray for the salvation of everyone. Which is weird when you take into account some of their other supposed beliefs.

Anyway yeah. I thought it was cool as shit I have a kind of tangential link to England. Explains a lot tbh as far as my tastes go. I have no idea what region though. I hope someday I can go there.

my great grandfather got blown to bits in WW1 i think


Is Washington state lad in?

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cold tonight lads

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I think my grandfathers uncles were mostly wiped out or injured in the war, my Ukrainian great-grandfather died in the Polish-Soviet war (I think).


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Read the filename

lad what?

This does not clear things up

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It's the "greater" English empire as in all things essentially controlled by England.

Iran is essentially British.

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Still don't get it lad ngl


Might make my own autist map hang on

I know of it but we didn't change the culture in any real way

Iran is literally one of the handful of countries that's never been colonised by Europe. They consider England to be a part of the great satan controlled by burgerscoobs. ur map is pish.

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Mars is essentially British.


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Alrite finished work we're goin home lids

There we go.

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Maybe let the Finns have the forests and lakes and just keep the coastal regions


Oh yeah, Estonian elections happened, EKRE came 3rd with 17%, bit under the expected but still over double the numbers as last election.

It's a federation, they still technically have their country but with partial rule from the NF parliament which is built on a partly raised doggerland which I could not be bothered to draw for a joke map made at 3:30am.

Another polar vortex in America

he told me he's reading the thread now so you can post it

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who's that?

le brexit girl i think

15 year old brexit supporter lass (who might be a paid shill and not actually 15) people are waifufagging over.

America please stop

A pro brexit girl that was lucky enough to find herself in the presence of the Stepfather in one of his videos.

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