Meet the NSA's Head of it's New Cybersecurity Directorate

A dual citizen in charge of cybersecurity?

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Correct me if I'm worng but wouldn't having a dual citizen in charge of your nations Cybersecurity be the opposite of secure?


No. Why would it be insecure for isreal?

Is this really about technology? I think it is more about politics. It's like I would post who was chosen as a cybersecurity minister in my country, no one is interested in that, especially if any certain bill or law affecting technology hasn't passed yet.
Strange, is even it legal? In my country it would be probably considered as spying. Is the USA and Israel the same country now?


How do you know? I'd be interested in tech stories from other places.
We're on a largely English speaking site. USA has the largest English speaking population, by far, that's why everyone talks about their crap. As a non-Burger English speaker this annoys the fuck out of me and I'm trying to learn other languages so I can use the internet without having to deal with that crap and also avoid the NSA botnet.

She looks sick and unwell. They always use the worst kinds of wigs too.

Good. The more pozzed such organizations become with multi-culti-trans-pc-cuckery the more ineffective and useless the freedom grabbing fucks will become. Their goal will slowly but surely transition from intelligence to 'maintaining a culture of diversity and inclusion for all'.
This has already happening in other areas, a relevant example is the IT company Ubisoft after GamerGate. See internal pics related at the top right 2007, and 2014. NSA 2019 is Ubisoft 2007. So I give it 7 years max. By NSA 2026 will be cucked beyond useless.

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Meanwhile they move all the real work to Israel. Just like Intel has and so many other silicon valley companies.

Good. What do you think happens after commies, mutts, & niggers view Israel as the white ethnostate that took their jobs & gibs?
Ilhan Omar will seem like a Zionist in comparison.

They might think it, but they won't be able to do anything about it. A bit like a nigger in the Congo ranting about the capabilities of the US air force. They will see Israel as doing jobs that are just not in their purview. They will focus on making ends meet so they can buy the next Israeli made consumer good or complete their shitty tattoo "artwork".

America only exists to safeguard Israel. We have no value except for what we can provide to worldwide jewry.

Holy shit this world needs to be purged

No so much, since they are the law and the structure is already there
They just have to use it
How they will use it? full left madness

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You missed the poing. They can't use it due to the inherent incompetence that comes from diversity. A monkey with a pen won't author great works of literature even if the pen can write in space.
They will lower their expectations on what they can accomplish while telling themselves how amazing they are. There is much precedent in many other areas. NSA won't & can't change the effects that always accompany such diversity changes. It is as sure as the laws of physics and math.

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Furthermore, even those that sold the lie of multi-culturalism admit it was a lie and deception.
If I build a house with sand because I was lied to that sand is as strong as cement, it is only a matter of time before the structure collapses. The collapse is inevitable.

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You just criticized a Trump appointment, so prepare to have your thread deleted by the /r/t_d volmod

The scenes with Israel in World war Z are a good analogy to what would actually happen in such a scenario. It only takes one mistake for it to all come crashing down. Human history says there will be mistakes.
Even nature shows that parasites which infect hosts can can have parasites too.

>>>Zig Forums
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This, but unironically

I see where you're going with this and while I agree we shouldn't have threads dedicated to "communism vs capitalism", "MAGA vs dumpf drumpf", I would argue that surveillance, security and crypto policies are better discusse here than on >>>/nazipol/ or >>>/trannypol/.
If you bother translating or highlighting the interesting parts, I wouldn't mind knowing about cyberpolitics in small countries. (I live in snowniggerland so my country rarely shows up in the news.)

>>>/techpol/ actually exists with a total of 6 posts over the last 4 years and 4 months with pic related as it's current banner.

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*its current banner*

Honestly, I, as a burger, feel your pain. I'm tired of worrying about which way our kike overlords are fucking us, and in which hole.

It breaks my heart. It seems like anything short of an EMP would just be pissing in the wind.
Technology is too prevalent for practically everyone to not have a profile on them just from the information the willingly post online. And for those who are more reserved , hesitant, and/or aware, live in a world were anyone who has a cell phone is a mobile spycam and microphone.
Julian Assange put it very well in an interview regarding parents posting pictures and names of their children on the internet:

Regarding who is now in charge of cybersecuirty, if there is now any vector in our defense that is vulnerable (if not outright compromised) it is cybersecurity. And to quote Assange again from the same interview:
The next World War may very well be a World Cyber War and our nations cybersecurity is in the hands of some Israeli citizen whose American citizenship is "likely" only in service of her homeland and people: Israel.
You cannot serve to masters. One will always come before the other. And we are not "the one" to these people, we are "the other".

So? Jews have been controlling the US since WW2, they may just as well annex it to Israel nobody would see the difference nor bat an eye.

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Too much redpill to handle.

what if somebody raped her to death or holocausted her? does someone here plan that?

you don't plan a holocaust.
it's something that's just declared to have happened after the fact, provided you lose a war and the victors have sufficiently dishonored themselves with their behavior prior to and during the war.


Try the civil war.
This is the Big Picture, and the only structural cipher to the geopolitical puzzle that matters right now.

Imagine thinking you won the Cold War only to appoint the same Chabad goons you allowed to backdoor your shit into operational an strategic impotence on the command & control level on 9/11. This appointment is a farce. 'Russiagate' isn't Russian. Admiral Mike Rogers must be fuming, if he wasn't a Benedict Arnold himself as well.

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Do we even know she has dual citizenship, or do you retards just assume every Jew is an Israeli citizen?

It's a very good assumption to make, given how the US government has been taken over by jews. If anything the burden of proof should be in the other direction: to prove without a doubt that she isn't another subversive agent.

It's pretty a pretty stupid assumption, especially since the Jewish takeover is also an assumption with no actual evidence.

Literally a jew.

Yes, she's a Jewess. Again, so what? I'm more worried about the fact that the NSA exists in its current state at all than about the fact that she is Jewish.

user isn't saying she's "literally a jew".

He's saying (((you are))).


Damnit. I want a real American to spy on me, fly me to a black site and tazer my balls until I talk, not some fucking jew.

Jews can get citizenship with simple paperwork so it doesn't really matter.

If you're retarded.
Yep, it's retarded.

>[...] they setup shop in

Federal Reserve and ADL both established in 1913, that's when the real shit started (before then they had some influence but not outright control over monetary policy). JFK tried to turn it around but got shot. Look up Dimona too. Now the jews constantly kvetch about Iran having nuclear facilities, even though they illegally set theirs up. Of course you could also look into events like the USS Liberty sinking (and massacre of all survivors) which got no response from the US, even though it was an outright act of war. If the jews weren't in control by then, the US would have declared war on Israel. No other country has managed to get away with the kind of shit they have, and it's only because they have taken control of western governments, and of course the media and central banking. Andrew Jackson once btfo the bankers, and it needs to happen again. If the chinese or russians had taken control of US government, media, and banking, everyone would be up in arms about it. But not when it's the jews? However, their holohoax myth is wearing thin. Hence their push for censorship on Internet and their attempts to stir up racial tensions (distraction technique), despite the fact they're the ones who brought the slaves to america.

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Listen to this guy, he knows what he's talking about. Haven't seen a post so redpilled in Zig Forums in a long time.

1591 suicide youtube stream in 20 minutes gg/Xq2uYaa

Ask him if he supports neoliberalism. A lot of rich elites want to keep their illegal gains.

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Those days are over, pal. If you're using technology in 2019, the jews are in it. Unless you took some extreme measures, such as using ancient, weird, and/or tiny hardware and making your own OS on it. And either way your post is going on a cloudflare, so they're involved anyway. And if you haven't thought about it yet, you should ponder what the implications are that CF is sucking up so much of the web.

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Or you could ignore all this and focus on the technology and move all the political discussion to Zig Forums

I didn't even make the thread, so why are you getting on my case? It sounds more like you have a problem with people talking freely. If you don't like the thread, hide it and move on.

I have a problem with people being off topic. There are forums dedicated to specific topic. This is supposed to be the technology forum.

Whatever, cunt. I'd advise you to subscribe to pewdiepie if you know what's good for you.

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