Do you belive long term usage of computer, more then 12 hours per day over many years could dammage your memory?

Do you belive long term usage of computer, more then 12 hours per day over many years could dammage your memory?

i noticed recently that i tend to forget things i was thinking about after couple minutes, i just have to think about something else and the previous idea dissapear.

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Thank you.

Probably yes. I watched a program about it in TV. People spending over 10 h per day on the Internet, especially on social media had certain parts of brain smaller. Condition for this was probably not having any other contact with the surrounding world and being addicted to the Internet. Can't give you the source though, sorry. The parts affected were mostly connected to social interactions, orientation in space, etc.
You should try making different things, go for a walk, change your OS/DE/WM. Try doing something you don't usually do.
There's also a chance that you are starting to have dementia, altzheimer, etc. The cause may be genetical or environmental (or both). You can also try changing your diet.

the harder you try to control your board the more users will slip through your fingers.

I'm not sure, what was the question again?


I wouldn't characterise it as 'damaging [my] memory', being a zoomer I've grown up using the internet almost constantly.
I forget things that aren't important to me or that is rarely used very easily because I can simply look it up, what I have instead is a huge memory of information about how things relate to each other. Often instead of actually remembering something I did I think about my behaviours and decide the most likely scenario was.

I don't recall ever reading anything about that.

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eyes yes. memory definitely not

Zoomer here, I hate the fact idiots like you are the majority in this generation

It must be brutal for your when (((google))) tweaks their search algorithm and your offloaded mind is detached from existence.

Soon zoomers won't even be able to read textbooks, they'll only learn from youtube videos of niggers teaching concepts while performing a prank.

It certainly does.

Probably, and not just in that extreme.
Back in ye olden days, people learned the entire bible+the entire Illiad word for word. That just isn't done anymore because access to information is so much easier. And it's only getting easier.
Hell, I rarely actually memorize anything, haven't been doing it in years. I'm always in front of a computer connected to the Internet anyways, so what's the point?
Instead I have a very, very large collection of links and local backups of everything I found interesting in the last two decades or so. I can find anything in there pretty quickly, so what is the point of memory. Processing speed > memory.

I can't wait until our lord and savior Elon Musk finally gives us the tech to hook our brain up directly with a harddrive and the Internet.

>It must be brutal for your when (((google))) tweaks their search algorithm and your offloaded mind is detached from existence.
You get used to it, after about 2012 is when I had the most difficulty but after a while you just adapt to the new algorithm and learn how to phrase things for it.

People still read textbooks?

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Don't worry about it Leroy, books are a white man's thing, weird huh. Just stick to youtube and enjoying time with your friends. Fourier analysis isn't going to help you on the basketball court anyways.

Why would I ever go to a textbook to read about something as well known as fourier? We have internet now gramps.

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You've got brain rot because you don't use your brain. Try remembering shit ffs.

That's a pretty accurate depiction of zoomers.


And people say this is a dark age.

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Look into getting diagnosed for ADHD OP.

Imagine thinking a PhD is actually worth anything

It's about 'knowing how to know anything', actually knowing everything is just a waste of time.

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Citation needed. Additionally, what's the point in earning more income if you're spending it all on your student loan?

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I think it's obvious the answer to OP's question is yes, since it seems everyone has forgotten what this shit thread is about.

I've noticed the same thing happens to me when i try juggling several thought-paths at once while multitasking, so I assume it's a form of overloading. The interesting thing is that though that the pointer to it is gone, but easily recoverable if I go back to whatever it was that triggered it in the first place, that way I'm usually able to recover whatever I was thinking about.

But to answer your question, yes I think extended internet use is detrimental to mental health. Especially to attention span.

I put up an somewhat faster arm sbc with a small screen and basic gentoo install with most stuff in the framebuffer and some simple X11 apps. No browsing because it's painful on that machine. I've learned Haskell on that machine. The internet is cancer to my attention span.

Lmao, I fund my own research you arrogant dumbass.

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I have heard that the brain evolved to only handle 1 thing at a time (new research indicates that you can technically do 1 physical thing and 1 mental thing at once), and any more further things done in conjunction are done half hapzardly as a result (but maybe these studies were (((funded))) to say that...)

How much time did it take for you to compile what you put in it?

Poojeets do have PhDs yet they google stuff and use stack overflow. But, they are poojets.

I'm triggered because university is a time and money blackhole full of degenerates and people keep encouraging it.

I think they're still salvageable for STEM, but you have to pick wisely. Many American colleges are garbage though.

Funny enough I have bought (and pirated) more textbooks outside of my university years than when I was there.

Yes. Though in my case it was not memory damage but simply information overload, being bombarded during my waking hours with a relentless stream of trivial, unimportant crap. For that reason I made the commitment to spend less time on the internet and invest that time in reading books with information in them that I actually care to remember. After about a week my ability to focus and remember things improved noticeably.

I would say that information overload destroys the connection between hypothalamus and long term memory and shrinks short term memory.
Not only having a thousand of infos blasted at you every second, making you not focus on one thing at the time (ie destroying your short term memory until you have the memory of goldfish) it's shame how most of this information is HIGHLY IMPORTANT to your brain, or you perceive it that way. What do I mean? Porn, politics, high info tech news and stuff like that. All is extremely important to you and has impactful importance. It is shameful how, when you blast your brain with this info 24/7 then your brain gets desensitized about what is important and what is not and the threshold for importance of info is higher meaning you will make things harder get into long term memory.

A double whammy truly.

Not long, a day or two. Had help from a much faster PC though, cross-compiling. Later on updates I did without cross-compiling though. Just have them happen every few weeks or so in the background, don't really notice them. It's not fast but it always eventually gets there. Then again, I don't have huge packages on that system. If I did I'd cross-compile them. Small packages compile fairly quickly. gcc or so can take a while but as said, it can. It's not really a problem. I also started doing pixel art on that thing. Grafx2 runs via SDL in framebuffer without any X or Wayland no problem. Reminds me of computing back in the day where you'd always had your focus on one program. Somehow it's much nicer this way, feels more focused.

There have been some studies that find links between active smart phone use and poor memory. If I recall, one found the effect wasn't permanent, though that is moot if you never stop using the thing.